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The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read

The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read

Best books for twins

Last updated on January 14th, 2023 at 01:07 pm

Do your twins love books? Mine sure do! But what about kids books that are ABOUT twins and about the special challenges that twins face? Check out all the best twin books for twins!

Best twin books

The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read


This is a fun story about a set of fraternal twins who do just about everything together. Learn about the ups and downs of their magical twin bond. Buy now.

The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read

A Wish For Twins

You once twinkled in the stars. Now you sparkle in our hearts.“. This story will make your heart ache in a good way for all of us that waited a long time to have a family. Written by Twin Mom, Dorothia Rohner, A Wish For Twins is destined to be a treasured gift for twins and their loved ones, and a classic for years to come.

The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read
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The Only Me

MUST READ FOR TWINS! One of our favorite twin mom friends, Marissa Bader of Lucie’s List, just launched this must read for twinnies! Stella and Paige are 7-year-old fraternal twins who don’t look alike and have very different personalities and interests. Yet even so, people constantly compare them or comment about how strange it is that they’re not more similar. This has Stella feeling frustrated. They may be twins, but that doesn’t make them the same person! Buy here on Amazon.

The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read
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We Are Twins

We Are Twins is a thick paged board book that will be easy to hold in tiny hands. Featuring different sets of twin animals, your own twinnies will be sure to pick their favorites (my fav are the puppies!). Easy to read, easy to hold, a great purchase for any set of twins. Buy here on Amazon.

The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read

Two is for Twins

There are so many things twins can do together and so many things come in pairs.  Here is a book that celebrates the joys of twindom. Perfect for twins and those that are not.  Ages 2+. Get yours here.

The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read

Twin to Twin 

A “delightfully funny, rhyming book” about a set of boy/girl twins will engage even your littlest ones for years to come. Starting out as wee infants, the siblings are soon on the move, learning to walk and talk and encountering a range of experiences. It’s twice the fun, as they play with toys, enjoy time spent outdoors, eat a meal, and share a bath. Ages Birth-5 years. Buy this book here.

The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read

2 is For Twins

This is one of the great twin books for little ones! It’s full of colorful illustrations that will draw your twins eye in right away. It is great for all types of twins, not just identical. Buy here.

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Bathtime for Twins and Playtime for Twins 

How about a great pair of books that are the perfect reading companions for our twins? They play together, bathe together, and grow up together. These books show how fun being twins are and many of us can identify the things parents do to make our twinnies unique and special in so many ways. Ages 1 – 4 years. Get Bathtime here, and Playtime here.

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Take 2: A Celebration of Twins

“Old twins, new twins, famous twins, not-at-all-alike twins, side-by-side twins, let’s play twins, not-yet twins, mirror twins — all kinds of twins! — come together in a collection of original poems.” This is the perfect book to share with all the twins in your life and all the people that love them so. Ages 4 – 8 years. Buy now.

The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read

God Gave Us Two

Not exactly a book specific to twins, this book dives into the world of sibling love and sibling rivalry as well as the bonds between parents and multiple children. It’s a sweet read and a great sequel to God Gave Us You. Get your copy here.

topsy and tim twin books

Topsy and Tim series 

The series of twin books follows adorable twins Topsy and Tim as they go on adventures such as “Topsy and Tim…Go on an Airplane… Go to the Dentist… Go Camping… (etc.)” A trusted and well-loved pair who can help guide parents and children through ‘first experiences’, Topsy and Tim books have been well known to parents and children around the UK for generations and the books have been beautifully updated with contemporary artwork. Ages 3-6 years. Buy now.

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We all know that being twins does not mean we are all identical. The Fraturtles answers all of the questions about what makes a twin fraternal and how they may not look alike they still share their whole lives together. Celebrate those fraternal boys and girls in this whimsical book. Get this book here.

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I Love You the Purplest 

Although it may not technically qualify for our twin books category, the subject of two young sons arguing to be mommy’s favorite is very familiar to most parents of twins. “Early in the evening two young brothers and their mama finish supper in the sturdy red cabin and set out to fish. While digging for worms, rowing the boat, and pulling in fish, each brother asks his mama which one is the best at each task and, as they are being tucked into bed, which one she loves the best.” Ages 3-7 years. Buy it here.

The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read

The Best Twins Ever

Hot off the presses! This sweet, new read will be great for twins with individual tastes while still enjoying a lot of the same interests. Great for celebrating twins’ differences and similarities. Buy this here.

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The Twinniest Twins

Written by a mother of twins who also does her rounds in the Mothers of Multiples Circuit (my friend picked up this gem for me at a conference). A celebration of fraternal twins who are not just 2 peas in a pod or double trouble, but individuals who need to be loved for who they are as individuals as well as being twinnies. Ages 2 – 7 years. Buy it here.

The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read

The Super Twins

If you’re looking for a new series of twin books for your 9-12-year-olds, look no further. This book is the first in a coming series based on twins who develop superpowers. The books are filled with action, adventure, and humor to keep your kids engaged all the way to the very last word. Buy it here

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No Two Alike 

A great book to teach multiples how each of them is so unique. “Follow a pair of birds on a snowflake-filled journey through a gorgeous winter landscape to explore how everything, everywhere is wonderfully unique–from branches and leaves to forests and trees to friends and loved ones.” Ages 3-7 years. Buy it here.

The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read

Twins: A Graphic Novel

Great among twin books for middle schoolers. See what happens when Francine starts to seek her own identity in middle school and how Maureen learns to cope with her twin wanting separate activities, friends, even classes in school. Buy it here.

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Little Miss Twins

A fun little read from the Mr. Men and Little Miss series. See how these Little Misses travel and have fun through Twoland! It’s a Twiniversity favorite among twin books. Buy this here.

the night before first grade twin book

The Night Before First Grade 

The night before the Big Day—-first grade! Penny is excited to start the year with her best friend right beside her in the same classroom. But when she arrives at school, she learns that there are two sections of first grade and that her best friend will be in the other section. Bravely waving goodbye to her friend, she discovers new interests in her classroom. The author writes, “I wanted to capture the panic of being split up from your best friend when you’re put into different classes, but then the joy of making new friends.” Twins can certainly relate to that! Buy now.

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Lucy and Henry are Twins

A lot of these books on fraternal twins are 2 boys or 2 girls, but there are a whole lot of boy-girl twins who need to be celebrated too. This fun toddler book talking about what makes each twin an individual and duo at the same time. Buy now.


Sweet Valley Twins Series 

A series already familiar to those of us who grew up in the ’80s, these are the “prequel” books to the classic Sweet Valley High series. They can be hard to find but a search on Amazon or eBay will turn up many of these in paperback for just pennies! There is also a “Sweet Valley Kids” series of the Sweet Valley twins for the elementary school level. Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield feel special because they’re identical twins. For twelve years they’ve dressed alike, shared a room, and do everything together. But when they start Sweet Valley Middle School, everything begins to change. Ages 9 and up. Buy now.

The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read


This is a great one for your helping to prepare your twins to start school. The heartwarming story follows inseparable twins as they begin school in different classrooms. It’s a must-read for your twins as they navigate their own first day of school. Buy now.

The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read

A Twin is to Hug

Celebrate all the magic of being a twin. This book talks about both identical and fraternal twins. Buy it here.

Personalized books are wonderful and there are even ones made especially for twins. Go check out I See Me, LLC’s line of twin books so both of your kiddos can feel extra special with their names in the titles and throughout the books.  

The Best Twin Books That Your Twins Will Love to Read
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