The Struggle of Raising Teenagers

raising teenagers

Nat chats with Megan Loden, Twiniversity’s COO (“Chief of Other” Stuff No One Wants to Take Care Of) and mom to 16-year-old identical twin girls, about the struggles of raising teenagers, how they are planning for two college educations at once, and how being a twin is affecting their kids’ teen experience. 

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The Struggle of Raising Teenagers
The Struggle of Raising Teenagers
The Struggle of Raising Teenagers

The Struggle of Raising Teenagers

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Megan Loden is a stay at home mom to 16-year-old identical twin girls and a 12-year-old boy. Megan, her husband, and kids live just outside of Phoenix. Her writing can also be found on Bluntmoms, sammichesandpsychmeds, scarymommy, and of course, Twiniversity.

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raising teenagers pin
Raising teenagers

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