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Cheap Halloween Costumes for Twins

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Twins

Last updated on September 30th, 2021 at 04:59 pm

Read about cheap Halloween costumes for twins that you’ll want to buy now before they are gone! Don’t get stuck paying big bucks last minute!

We just finished back to school shopping, I don’t know if I can muster heading back out into the wild (i.e the mall) to look for Twin Halloween Costumes. To save you some time, and money we’ve rounded up the top 10 cheap twin Halloween costumes ideas on Amazon.

First things first. Prime Members? Many of the costumes below can get to you in a matter of days if you are a Prime Member, sometimes even a matter of hours depending on where you live. If you haven’t signed up for Prime yet, you can sign up for as little as only $5.99, so go for it! Give it a try. You’ll thank me later.

I may, or may not, have a problem with ordering things. Don’t ask my husband. Free delivery and in two days? That’s my problem. Sometimes my orders are just light bulbs, but the bucks I’m saving in gas by not going to the store, and the time I’m saving make me THRILLED I’m a Prime member.

Think about how your twinnies are going to wear these costumes before you buy them. Are you going to an indoor party? Will you be trick or treating outdoors? Can your kids walk on their own or are you pushing them around in a stroller? These are all big factors when shopping, so keep them in mind.

Ok, without further ado, let me show you what I’ve found that will make your kids and neighbors chuckle and want to throw some extra Baby Ruth’s your way.

Baby Unicorn Halloween Costumes

This unicorn costume for your toddler or infant twins can wear this OVER their clothing in cold weather or over their pajamas if the party is indoors.

twin halloween costumes

Wizard of Oz Twinnies (or Trippies)

If you are looking for a theme, we’ve found SUPER SWEET Twin Halloween Costumes from the Wizard of Oz! Each costume is from a different company, so check out the price and the links below

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Twins

Baby Lion costumes start at $17.99 No one will accuse your super sweet twinnies of being cowardly, just adorable!

Baby Dorothy costumes start at $29.99 and is an OFFICIAL Dorothy costume with all the trimmings.

Scarecrow costumes start at $22.40

Twin Monster Time!

twin halloween costumes

Growl! Great costumes for babies and toddlers, this Monster Costume starts at $15.95 per twinnie monster.

Cheap Toddler Twin Halloween Costume Ideas

Twin Mermaid ALERT!!!!

twin mermaid halloween costumes

Warmer weather or inside? These mermaid costumes start at just 16.99! WHAT??? Yup! You can have twin costumes for about $35 bucks.

Halloween Costumes for Twins

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Twins

You can’t go wrong with a tiny pumpkin. Gender-neutral, can be worn outside or inside and it’s UNDER $10!!!!! The perfect Twin Halloween Costumes.

Want to make your own costumes? Here is a Twiniversity favorite and some top costume ideas.

STOP THE PRESSES!!! We can’t get over this find!

Elvis toddler halloween costume

Baby Elvis $21.59. This has to be one of my top picks this year! You’ll see a lot of Baby Sharks out there, but there won’t be another King at many parties.

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Twins

How about this sweet little police officers costume? It’s just $14.95.

Time to scrub in!

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Twins

Get this awesome set of children’s scrubs to make the perfect doctor or nurse costume! This one is just $16.99 and they come in 6 colors.

Can’t get your twins to stay in a costume long? This one is easy on, easy off, and delicious all at the same time.

Toddler pizza costume.

Toddler Pizza Costume. This may be the absolute perfect Halloween costume for Octuplets! And it’s only $11.24.


Cheap Halloween Costumes for Twins

DC Batman Toddler Costume $18.63

Teen Titans Robin $19.99

YEE HAW! It’s rodeo time! These twin cowboy costumes won’t break the bank!

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Twins

Cowboy $19.99

TWINNIES MAXIMUS! (it’s my spell for finding great twin costumes on the cheap!)

Wizard Halloween Costume

Some simple accessories and a little eyeliner lighting bolt on their foreheads, and TA-DA…instant wizard for under $7!!!! Yup….under $7.

It’s Incredible!

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Twins

Get this Incredibles costume, starting at 1$4.98!

I LITERALLY can go on for days. I’ve found so many. Here are just some quick links to other great Twin Halloween Costumes.

Firefighter $10.38

Thomas and Friends $18.24

Darth Vader $14.99

There are honestly so many more. Please BUY THEM SOON to get the lowest prices. I’ve bought costumes at the last minute for my twinnies, and trust me… you don’t want to do that. You’ll have slim pickings and you’ll pay more than you wanted to.

Happy Halloween and we hope you love these Twin Halloween Costumes!

Please note that these were the prices on 9/6/19. Prices may rise by the time you click the links and ALWAYS check the shipping times. You don’t want to miss a detail like “it will arrive on November 1st”. 🙁

And YES! They are affiliate links above. We need to get our own twins costumes after all.

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