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Twin Pregnancy Symptoms: 10 Surprising Signs It Might Be Two

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms: 10 Surprising Signs It Might Be Two

Last updated on November 18th, 2021 at 12:24 pm

Pregnant? Wondering what Twin Pregnancy Symptoms could be? Could you actually be carrying two? The experts weigh in on the top 10 Twin Pregnancy Symptoms.

So you’ve recently discovered you are expecting, and now you’re beginning to wonder if you might be carrying twins. Whether twins run in your family or someone made an off-handed comment about some old wives’ tales, the possibility of a twin pregnancy and twin pregnancy symptoms keep dancing through your mind.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 most common twin pregnancy symptoms and signs. Of course, you need an ultrasound to be sure, but it can’t hurt to have some idea beforehand!

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twin pregnancy symptoms vials, syringes, band-aids, gauze, alcohol wipes
A blood test could confirm higher hCG levels

1. Higher-than-normal hCG levels

If you are making frequent visits to your obstetrician and getting your blood drawn to check on your new pregnancy, you may see your hCG levels rising much higher than with a singleton pregnancy. HCG is the hormone that is produced during pregnancy to support fetal growth and a higher number than typical could indicate a twin pregnancy. Be on the lookout for this twin pregnancy symptom!

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twin pregnancy symptoms positive pregnancy test

2. Twin pregnancy symptoms start early

Many twin mamas report feeling their typical pregnancy symptoms earlier than normal with their twin pregnancy. This is due to the rapid increase in hCG level, so it is common to feel twin pregnancy symptoms as early as 5 weeks! Don’t worry if you don’t though. It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong. Every woman and every pregnancy is different.

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twin pregnancy symptoms woman kneeling over a toilet with her head in her hand, feeling nauseous
Morning sickness is normal

3. Increased morning sickness

Increased morning sickness is one of the most commonly reported of twin pregnancy symptoms. With your suspected twin pregnancy, you might start to feel morning sickness earlier and it may be more severe than with a typical singleton pregnancy. It should be noted that you need to tell your doctor about any vomiting so they can keep an eye out for dehydration, during your pregnancy. Hydration is critical to maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

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twin pregnancy symptoms woman sleeping on her side with a hand under her cheek
Rest when you can

4. Exhaustion

It is certainly common to feel tired during pregnancy. Your body is working overtime to grow a new life! The exhaustion many expecting twin moms feel early on cannot be overstated. It seems to be far more severe during a twin pregnancy and begin even earlier than with a singleton pregnancy. Get lots of rest and relax when you can to relieve this and many of your other twin pregnancy symptoms.

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twin pregnancy symptoms open toilet in a bathroom
Running to the bathroom AGAIN?

5. Frequent urination

Are you running off to the restroom every time you turn around? This is actually one of the most common early twin pregnancy symptoms. Frequent urination is common with all pregnancy but when you are carrying twins, your body is moving even more blood in your body to accommodate your twins. This leads to the kidneys expelling more urine to your bladder, and causing you to run to the bathroom 132 times a day! Okay, so maybe it’s not quite that many times, but it might feel like it for a while. It’s a totally normal twin pregnancy symptom and shouldn’t discourage you from drinking as much as a gallon of water a day throughout your pregnancy. Hydration is the most important thing you can do to have a healthy pregnancy and alleviate some of your twin pregnancy symptoms.

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twin pregnancy symptoms Woman looking at scale in shock
Weight gain is one of the most common twin pregnancy symptoms

6. Faster weight gain

You might notice a change in your waistline earlier with twins. Many expecting twin moms noted weight gain early on among their twin pregnancy symptoms. It should come as no surprise given what your body is going through to grow 2 babies at once. Not to worry, it is totally normal to gain more weight earlier on with a twin pregnancy.

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twin pregnancy symptoms grey and black sports bra
Even a sports bra can help breast tenderness early on

7. Breast tenderness

Intense and increased breast tenderness is a commonly reported early twin pregnancy symptom. This is due to hormonal changes in your body and may start a bit earlier than typical when you are carrying twins. It may be an uncomfortable symptom, but it is often unavoidable. Take heart, it doesn’t last forever, and wearing a supportive bra can really help! Many women actually get some relief wearing a sports bra early on in twin pregnancy.

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twin pregnancy symptoms Pregnant woman sitting on couch who appears to be in discomfort in the throat and upper chest area
Heartburn can be a twin pregnancy symptom

8. Heartburn

Most people don’t think of heartburn as an early symptom, and quite often it is not. But with twins, it can be more common. If you’ve ever had heartburn in the past it, you know how uncomfortable it can be. It seems to be reported as one of the most surprising early twin pregnancy symptoms among some twin moms. Talk to your doctor about safe treatments and triggers for heartburn during your pregnancy. Heartburn is likely to be one of those twin pregnancy symptoms that sticks around throughout your twin pregnancy once it starts.

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twin pregnancy symptoms ultrasound being performed on abdomen
Fertility treatments can increase odds of twins

9. Fertility treatments

Most people know that if you are an IVF mama, there is an increased incidence of twin pregnancy. That’s why people always seem to ask twin moms if their twins were “natural”. As annoying as some twin moms find this question, there is a reason it is brought up so often (even if it is a bit nosy!). Your doctor probably went over these odds with you at your appointments prior to beginning any type of fertility treatment. This may not be one of the standard twin pregnancy symptoms exactly, but it is definitely a sign that you could be carrying twins!

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twin pregnancy symptoms medical scale
BMI affect likelihood of twins

10. Higher BMI

Studies have shown that having a BMI higher than 30 may put you in a category of women who are more likely to become pregnant with twins. Furthermore, it seems that the higher your BMI rises, the more likely you are to be carrying twins. Again, while this may not be a twin pregnancy symptom, it could be a sign of a twin pregnancy. This is especially true if you are experiencing other twin pregnancy symptoms.

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twin pregnancy symptoms woman sitting with her legs crossed while holding her pregnant belly, smiling

Whether you are having some of these twin pregnancy symptoms or none of them at all, you really need a twin ultrasound to confirm a twin pregnancy. Follow up with your doctor and take care of yourself. Twin pregnancy isn’t easy but it sure is worth it!

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