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Twiniversity’s Top Diapering Tips

Twiniversity’s Top Diapering Tips


Last updated on September 28th, 2021 at 01:44 pm

We recently asked our Twiniversity fans “What’s your top diapering tip?”

Here’s what they had to say:

– Have the diaper open and underneath the baby already. When they get squirmy it’s all about speed! ∼ ES

– Go up a size for overnight and if you get blowouts. ∼ SE

– Always keep a few more diapers than you think you need in your diaper bag! ∼ MS

– Don’t run out of diapers. ∼ HB

– Be fast! And you can never use too many wipes. ∼ AL

– Hwne they start to be wigglers, put a small toy on their forehead to distract them. It’ll give them something to play with and you enough time to get the job done! ∼ RA

– Keep extra supplies in reaching distance! ∼ AB


– Have a diaper caddy in the living room for a quick change instead of running to babies room! ∼ TI

– Make sure you get all the little creases and nooks in their legs and around their privates because it’s very very easy to miss when tired or rushing because they’re crying.  ∼ MC

– Have a changing mat with toys for distraction and everything else you need in the car for changes. It’s so much more convenient than trying to change them in a public restroom. Keep a spare hand sanitizer and fragrant bags for the dirties in your car. We use the baby gym that they had as newborns which we lay down – it’s soft and fun and easily washable. It stays in the car permanently except for washes. ∼ AMM

– Let those booties get some AIR! It’s okay to have the diapers ready but, let that skin breathe too! ∼ ST

– Always change both baby’s diapers at the same time so you don’t forget who you changed last! ∼ JS

– Use as many wipes as you want! Also, we used the thick pre-fold cloth diapers on the changing pad to act as an extra barrier to keep things clean if there were accidents (and there were A LOT in the beginning). They can easily be rinsed out (or tossed in the wash), and you prevent immediately dirtying a new diaper. They also work as a great barrier to cover any surprise spray. ∼ KNR

– Have all of your tools (fresh diaper, 3-4 wipes, and ointment) already laying on the changing pad so you aren’t searching for them mid-change. MD

– Making sure you give lots of kisses to sweet baby bellies, legs, and arms while you have them semi-contained before they are off again. ∼ SS


– Baby boys can’t control where they pee so watch out. Pee- Pee teepees are the best to help contain it. ∼ AH

– Always have a minimum of 6 diapers in your diaper bag! More if they’re under 6 months old, and baby Vaseline is the best thing to prevent diaper rash, almost 1 year and have never had a diaper rash! ∼ MN

– Give something for the other twin to do, otherwise, they want to be very involved in the changing process. ∼ SM

– Find a song your little one likes to hear so you can distract them during the rolling phase! ∼ MM

– Use triple paste nightly to prevent diaper rash! ∼ FS

– Pull the ruffles out on the diaper, you never know when that will save you from a poop explosion. ∼ MS

– Keep a diaper station in every room you will be changing them in. ∼ AM

– When you change one twin, change the other one. ∼ KA

A big jar of diaper rash cream is easier access then a tube of it when you’ve got a squirmy baby. ∼ GS

– I use a changing pad cover on the changing pad, but I also lay a cheap cloth diaper on top of that to help keep everything clean and wipe up any messes that might require a dry cloth instead of a baby wipe. ∼ PQ


– Have multiple changing stations throughout the house, just in case! ∼ MJ

– For cloth users, you’ll need at least 12 diapers per child. For disposable users stock up when you find sales and always buy a size bigger after newborn stage. ∼ BEB

Overnight diapers work great for my twins at night! ∼ TP

– Use Amazon subscription and save! You’ll never run out of diapers and wipes. Added bonus: saves you from rude comments and personal questions from strangers at the store! ∼ KL

– If they have a diaper rash it’s best to use warm water and a washcloth instead of wipes after poop. It doesn’t hurt as bad and gets their bottoms extra clean. Be sure to dry it really well too! ∼ KN

Chuck pads for diaper changes when out and about! ∼ NT

– Buy diapers in multiple sizes (including preemie if you’re expecting twins!) My twins are about 5 lbs apart in weight, so they are always in different sizes. ∼ TLS

– When diapering twins, always make sure the one waiting to be changed is safe and secure someplace you won’t worry about while you are busy changing the first diaper. You might need a good few minutes if dealing with a mess and don’t want to be distracted or rushed! And keep everything you need in those changing spots, never run out of diapers and wipes! ∼ VE

– Have extra diapers and a plastic bag for dirty ones! ∼ AR

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