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Twins Crib Warning! Strangling Hazard with Twin Cribs

Twins Crib Warning! Strangling Hazard with Twin Cribs

crib warning

Last updated on September 30th, 2021 at 10:11 am

A twin mom shared a very scary crib warning on social media and she was happy to let us share it. Let this be a warning to those of you who place your twins’ cribs side-by-side. If you’re considering putting your twin cribs together, read this story.

Crib Warning for Twins

I have a lot of friends that have twins or kids close in age that may have a similar set up, so I wanted to share something VERY scary that happened today. crib warning

This morning I put Caleb down for his nap. Shortly after he started to cry. After a few minutes, I went in to check on him. He had climbed out of his crib and was stuck between his crib and Libby’s crib.

His body fit through, but his head wouldn’t. He was using every ounce of energy he had to hold himself up by his little arms. If they had given out, he would’ve just been hanging there by his head. crib warning

crib warning

“What’s even more scary is that like many moms, I generally use nap time as an opportunity to shower. Had I done that today and checked on him after five minutes, he would have literally hung himself. When babyproofing, I never in a million years would have seen this as a potential danger. Please consider sharing this post in case someone you know may have a similar set up. It’s incredibly heartbreaking to think of what the outcome could have been today. I’m still totally shook up over it and don’t think the vision of him stuck there will ever leave my head.” crib warning


We reached out to Delta, makers of high quality baby cribs, to ask their professional advice on how far apart the cribs should be for safety. They advised that nothing, especially another crib, should be within 3 feet because any item within reach will pose a threat to your child. Also, generally speaking, several other factors in the nursery are safety hazards and parents can visit Delta’s Safe Sleep Resources to learn more on how to keep babies safe.

We also asked our friends at the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) to offer some guidance to our community. Here’s the statement from the JPMA:

While there are no specific guidelines on how far apart cribs should be when placed side by side or end to end, parents and caregivers should recognize that at some point children may try to climb out of the crib and the space between cribs can be an entrapment hazard.
Therefore, the spacing of cribs should be far enough apart keeping in mind that in the early years a child’s head will be wider than his/her body. This however does pose the risk of a fall hazard and parents and caregivers may need to reassess a child’s sleeping environment once he/she shows interest in climbing out of the crib. crib warning

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Twins Crib Warning! Strangling Hazard When Cribs Placed Side-by-Side

Do I need two cribs for twins?

It is highly recommended to start out with 2 cribs, even if you only use one crib for a while. Give yourself the flexibility if your twins don’t actually like sleeping together. But you can start with a double bassinet and move up to cribs later on.

Are there cribs for twins?

Some manufacturers offer twin cribs. We do not recommend that you purchase these twin cribs. The problem is that when you have a crib that is really 2 cribs put together, you don’t have the option to take them apart if you need to. We recommend you buy two separate cribs.

How long should twins share a crib?

Twins can share a crib as long as the parents and doctor feel that it is appropriate.

Should twins sleep together?

Whether or not your twins sleep together in the same crib is up to you as the parent. Talk to your doctor to assess the risks involved. Just remember that twins are individuals and they may not like sleeping in the same crib. Keep your options open.

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