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Gifts A New Twin Mom Really Wants

Gifts A New Twin Mom Really Wants

Last updated on November 4th, 2021 at 04:46 pm

Is it a little tough to buy gifts for your new friend who just had twins? What are the gifts a new twin mom REALLY wants? Maybe you don’t know what they need or want, and even if you did, there’s no way they’re going to use all that stuff! With two babies in tow, space is at such a premium. So here are some ideas of things she *really* needs: something that will make her life easier. Some suggestions for great gifts for moms are to give car seat protectors, a diaper bag with lots of pockets and compartments; an Amazon Prime membership (to get free shipping on anything on Amazon), Netflix or other streaming service; help with meals or babysitting; paper plates and cups – these items will make meal clean up in the early weeks a breeze!

We surveyed our community of twin moms who’ve been there and the overwhelming majority of them preferred gifts that centered on specific things. Rest, food, comfort, fun. Let’s look at some of the best ideas we came up with and some links to make your shopping easy peasy while you hunt for the perfect gift.

a woman taking a nap

Getting some rest

Rest is an elusive term when referring to new twin moms, isn’t it? Well, mostly yes, but it doesn’t have to be, does it? Here are a few things you can do to help the new twin mom you love get a little rest in her busy day (or night). rest really is a nice gift when you put it that way. 

Free babysitting! Create a handmade gift certificate, redeemable for 4 or more hours of babysitting. Enlist a friend or family member to help you babysit so the parents can get some much needed Z’s, take a long shower, drink a whole hot cup of coffee in one sitting, or have some quality alone time doing whatever they want. Or if the family has older kids, offer to take the kids out of the house for a day of fun.

Hire a housekeeping service. Haven’t we all seen that meme that asks if you would rather have a housekeep, chauffeur, driver, of chef? I ALWAYS choose housekeeper. It seems that the daily tasks take so long that the big chores never get done when you have newborn twins! Coordinate a time that’s best for the family so they won’t be home when the service is there and they can arrive home to a fresh clean house.

Do their laundry. Wash, fold, and put it all away for them. In between loads, help out with washing dishes, vacuum, tidy up the place, and help out with childcare if she needs it. Be the best helper you can be! Don’t wait around and ask what you can do while waiting for the washer to ding, find a cup and wash it, put away those diapers she keeps meaning to get to but hasn’t yet!

A night nanny. When the babies are really little there is very little sleep going on for the parents. Hiring a night nanny will give the best gift ever for a solid 8 hours. In urban areas this service usually runs $18+ an hour (figure around $150-$300 for 1 night). Encourage other friends and family members to chip in and give them more than just 1 night. Hand over one big check to mom so she can make payments to the nanny directly. Good referrals for a night nanny are a nice touch — ask the local Moms of Multiples club and her OB’s office for recommendations.

I recommend you contact the grandparents before giving this gift to make sure it’s something the twin parents would enjoy. Some mothers exclusively breastfeed and some twins come home with special medical equipment that requires training, so having a night nanny might be more trouble than it’s worth.

first year with twins

Stressing out with your infant twins? Let us help! Learn what to expect in the first year with twins, including tips, tricks, and advice from real twin parents who have been there. Click here to learn more… and while you’re at it, check out our twin parent coaching services and Twiniversity shop!

Hot meals for a new twin mom

Food! Food! And more food! It is absolutely necessary to maintain physical and mental health. And yet, somehow, it is one of the first things new twin moms learn to do without. If i had a nickel for every meal I skipped in the first few months of twin parenting…..Sigh. Here are some ways you can help ensure she’s eating well and taking care of herself in the most basic way.

Good eats. A hand-delivered frozen casserole, a gift card to Boston Market or Panera, or a gift card to a local restaurant that does take-out for nights when they just can’t deal with cooking (GrubHub or are great, too) Hot meals are in demand for new parents of twins. This may seem like a strange gift but BELIEVE ME, it is worth GOLD to a new twin mom. A big casserole means not having to worry about preparing food for several meals in a row!

A nice touch is to bring the hot meal to their house, ready to go, and let the parents sit alone in the dining room or kitchen to enjoy their meal while you watch their kids. Even 30-60 minutes of a nice quiet meal can completely refresh them. Then bring the dishes to the kitchen and wash them!

Want to really go all out? Coordinate her friends and family in secret to commit to a Meal Train. This free online service will allow her contacts to sign up for a date and time to bring a hot meal (or have it delivered) and she doesn’t have to do a thing! You can fill out the Meal Train page with tips on local delivery places, the family’s favorite foods, and suggest specific dates and times for people to choose from. Present this to her in a nice card with details on the website so she can check it out and see when her meals will arrive! This is a really thoughtful gift and will probably leave your twin mom in tears… of joy!

a new twin mom and man laughing while holding coffee, sitting next to each other

Getting out of the house and having some fun!

Getting out and having a little fun is probably a distant memory for a new mom. She can’t justify the cost and babysitting, or she’s just too tired to think straight about what she would like to do and when and where and…and….so many things to think about when planning an outing with twin babies! Take some of the guesswork out and let her feel good about getting out of the house for a bit.

Gift cards are great for a busy new twin mom

– To a local spa or salon for a facial, haircut, mani/pedi or massage. Include an envelope of cash for a tip.

– To a local live theater or movie theater for a date night with the hubby.

– Ticketmaster gift cards are perfect for lovers of live events, concerts, sports, etc.

Groupon gift cards are great for finding new local events and activities at discount prices.

Resist the temptation to buy her any clothing which might not be her size anymore, or fancy jewelry that will not be worn for a long time, and focus more on what she loves to do in her free time (when she used to have free time, that is!) If you are really dying to buy her clothes/jewelry, definitely include a gift receipt.

box filled with cotton balls, comb, brush, loofah and misc. grooming items with twine

Think outside (or inside) the box

Twin Z Nursing Pillow — Use it for tandem breastfeeding, bottle-feeding two babies at once, double tummy-time, and sitting-up support!

Subscription boxes! I mean, there is a subscription box for everything nowadays. You can get boxes with craft supplies, date night boxes, books, makeup, snacks, clothes. At this point, if you can think of it, someone has a subscription box for it!

Gift cards to stores with baby stuff! Costco, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS — stores that twin moms visit a LOT for random stuff as well as staples like diapers, wipes, formula, and new baby gear as the twins grow.

Amazon Prime membership — this $99 service means 2-day shipping for a full year for any “Prime” item on It also includes tons of free streaming TV shows, movies, and eBooks which can really help for all those late-night pumping sessions. Prime members can register for free for Amazon Mom which offers discounts for diapers, wipes, and other household essentials.

And if you really, truly love your new twin mom, you’ll do her a BIG favor and snag her a copy of What To Do When You’re Having Two. This book is sure to provide expert advice from Twiniversity founder Natalie Diaz on how to survive twins from pregnancy through your twins first year. I have read many twin parenting books and this one is on the top of my list!

Twiniversity memberships

Need some twin parent friends? Get the support you need with a Twiniversity Membership. Benefits include a monthly twin parent club meeting on Zoom, access to a private Facebook group just for twin parents, and a video library of twin parenting lessons. Visit to join today!

Check out our fan favorites for a new twin mom!

Here are a few quotes directly from the mouths of new twin moms! You’re sure to get some ideas that will bring a smile to her face here.

“An IOU for a kid-free shower time, help with meals or just offering help!” – Sheryl P.

Guilt free date nights w/ daddy!” – Lisa O.

“Someone brought me paper plates, utensils and cups in bulk so I didn’t have to worry about dishes for awhile with my older kids. That was amazing!” – Lauren C.

“I always wanted a twin nursing pillow but never got one. If she is breastfeeding I suggest that.” – Melodiejade

“Diapers! And if they are not breast feeding find out what bottles they are using because they will go through over 10 a day and the good ones are pricey. And buy them formula!!! Oh and a diaper pailon each floor of the house and a swing!!” – AmyLue D.

“I breastfed my twins and my very favorite gift was a baby scale! I kept it on the kitchen counter and every couple of days I would bathe the babes in the sink and I would weigh them just before. It was so reassuring to check their weight gain at home like that.” – Missy S.

“The gift of a twin mom-friendly outfit. One that I could feel good in but still function in. As far as help — clean for me.” – Christina E.

“Meals and cleaning help, or even just grocery shopping. Or watch the twins while I go grocery shopping.” – Reyna R.

“Meals that one could just heat up. One friend came to visit and see the twins when they were born and she helped wash the dishes and sent me to relax while she took care of the twins.” – Michelle J.

“I loved the little gifts people brought over when they came to meet my twins, but I would have been so grateful for a couple meals! Frozen lasagnas and casseroles would have been so amazing!” – Amanda M.

“Sleep, house cleaners, a personal chef…” – Jackie P.

“Go & HELP HER. I have twin boys and it’s hard to do alone. GO HELP!” – Donna K.

Twin moms are always in need of help. Especially new twin moms! It can be hard for them to find the time or energy to do everything on their own, but it’s important that they take care of themselves, too! Here are some ideas for gifts that will make life easier for a new twin mom. We hope you have a whole bunch of great ideas about how best to help the new twin mom in your life.

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