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What Can I Do For My Twins’ Eczema Flare Up?

What Can I Do For My Twins’ Eczema Flare Up?

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Last updated on March 8th, 2024 at 09:33 am

A MoM recently asked:

My 5-month-old boys have cradle cap and eczema. At night they itch so much that they scratch their skin raw. Since this happened, I breastfeed them to sleep and hold them while asleep to stop the scratching. I know these are not good ideas but these were the only way that they would stop scratching. This became a habit and now, we can’t put them down to sleep on the crib. Their eczema is still unresolved, we currently use swaddle and scratch sleeves but they still try to scratch themselves. What measures did you do for the itch? How did you get your twins to sleep during an eczema flare up?

Here’s What Our Twinviersity Fans Had to Say:

Coconut oil is the only thing that works for us. I’ve had horrible eczema since I was little, and unfortunately our boys have it also. We smother them in it after every bath and it works wonders! We also add a little baking soda to their bath water.

∼ MM

My twins are 3 and a half now, but my 6 month old singleton is having exactly the same issue. We weren’t seeing any improvements with oatmeal based eczema creams or washes, in fact sometimes it looked even worse, so we switched to Cera Ve Soothing Body Wash, and use the Sensitive Skin Badger Balm all over the eczema, and coconut oil all over his head for the cradle cap-both two-three times a day. His skin and scalp look better than they ever have, but he occasionally still scratches up his arms, so I make sure he’s well moisturized before bed, and put him in a long sleeved onesie. The air conditioning sometimes makes it worse, so a humidifier has also helped.

∼ JK

One of my twins also has eczema and had cradle cap when she was a few months old. Pediatrician recommended CeraVe lotion. Not the one for babies, the normal adult one. It has helped so much! We also have a prescription for 2.5% hydrocortisone for the bad spots. We also changed up the way we do laundry, Dreft or All baby detergent, extra rinse on the wash, no dryer sheets or ones made specifically for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic body wash for baths. I tried all sorts of stuff for the cradle cap, Nexus shampoo finally did the trick! Weird, but it worked and never came back!


When my third child had serious cradle cap, my pediatrician instructed to use a baby brush and just rub it while you shampoo. It does work. As for eczema, my other child was prescribed a cream. It worked, but if you don’t use it daily, it will start to itch again.


Head and Shoulders for the cradle cap. Works wonders. With the eczema, we had to figure out what was causing it. Turns out he was allergic to peanuts and I was eating them while breastfeeding.

∼ HA

When my oldest had eczema as an infant, it was because he was allergic to things I was eating. So I had to go through an elimination diet and it really did help. He was allergic to milk, eggs, wheat and tomatoes. It was rough cutting all these things out of my diet, but it was worth it for him to get better and I didn’t want to give up breastfeeding him.

∼ EB

I was told to use a metal lice comb for cradle cap – AMAZING! When you bathe your babes, run the comb through their hair several times. Their scalp will be softer when wet. I used Aquaphor on my eczema baby and put it everywhere, including scalp.


We have used Bella B Cradle Cap shampoo since infants and still using at 3 1/2 years old even though they don’t have it any more. We all have eczema and use TruKid Bubble Podz in the bath and TruKid Easy Eczema Cream while they are wet. Also use Stelatopia cream from Mustela. And make sure to use tepid water, not hot. Hand soaps and bars are fragrance and dye free and laundry detergent is All Free and Clear.

∼ SP

We use Aveeno body wash and 1/2% hydrocortisone as lotion as per our pediatric dermatologist. All cloths including family is washed in Dreft to help with eczema.


Allergy testing is important too. My daughter is allergic to almost every type of perfume and detergent out there, so asking visitors to keep a blanket between her and them help when she was a baby. Now that she is a toddler I have had to ask those around her most to switch brands of laundry detergent and refrain from lotions and perfumes before visits.

∼ DW

My singleton had really bad eczema and nothing seemed to help at all until I tried Touch of Mink, their mink oil and Extreme XD lotion. I use their body soap, lotion and oil on her when she has a flare up. I was amazed how it cleared up in just a few days!

∼ AC

I give one of my twins breast milk baths and it has made a huge difference. I also use Aveeno bath soap and lotion. My pediatrician gave my twin a prescribed lotion that made that cradle go away. My baby did loose all his hair but he is doing so much better now.


See an allergist, he probably is allergic to something in your diet since you breastfed. You can try to eliminate somethings from your diet such as dairy, eggs, peanuts, etc.

∼ CE

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