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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

What was Your Reaction to “Having Twins”?

What was Your Reaction to “Having Twins”?

Congratulations you’re having twins! This is a very special time, where you probably overcome with joy and excitement…..or tears, disbelief and lots of profanity. Either way, you are not alone. 

We recently asked our Twiniversity community, “What was your reaction to finding out you were having twins?” Be prepared to laugh, smile and if you are currently pregnant, leaking from both the North and South is very possible (HORMONES!). 

man pointing to a ultrasound of twins, shocked is his reaction to finding out it is twins
Finding out you are having twins can be the biggest shock of your life!

Read How our Twiniversity community of MoMs reacted to having twins:

  • BEST. NEWS. EVER. Twins were a lifelong dream of mine. 💞💙-jillkerrytoolan
  • Was glad i was already lying down when they told me! –god85
  • At first I was wondering why the heck she was talking about the alphabet…..lmbo. #iykyklovelee_cynthia
  • Shock and joy and then disappointment with the knowledge that I would have to get a minivan 😂. Which I now love by the way. –happytoddlerplaytime
  • I wanted twins my whole life, so this was the most incredible news! –tiffanygarrigan
  • So many curse words. Lots of tears. Couldn’t really process for several days. Already had a 1.5 year old at home and was finally coming out of postpartum anxiety and ready for #2. To get 2 and 3 was never in our plan, so it was a hard mental adjustment (and financial, logistical, etc etc 😂) They’re almost 5 now, and I still sometimes can’t believe it! But it’s a pretty amazing parenting experience 💕 –lesleym41
  • My husband asked to make sure there wasn’t a baby c, he was shocked.  I got the twins I wanted and grateful they weren’t triplets! –tiffanygarrigan
  • I said, “what?” Twice and then OMG OMG OMG for about 5 minutes. I was 20 weeks already 😅 –hey_lysia
  • I told my husband I thought it might be two bc I have felt sooo bad with this pregnancy. He told me I was being dramatic 🙄 At our first visit, almost as soon at the tech started the ultrasound, I said omg there are two sacs!!! Who’s dramatic now? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Seriously though, we were both in shock, I suspected it but I was not ready for the reality of it! We are very excited now that we’ve had some time to come around to the idea! ❤️❤️❤️ –ksheriff1
  • Scared and crying. I already had a 1.5 y/o. We don’t live close to any help and even just the first one on my own was SO difficult. –hei_hales
  • Well it was after we had triplets so… it was comical. –supawoman6
  • Tech: “how many babies do you see?” Me: “…it’s not more than two is it? 😬”I am a twin and my twin joked it would be twins when she found out. (+My mother has triple siblings.) I say noooo way. Wouldn’t have wished for it. We quickly were amused and excited. Pregnancy was unplanned, went well, labor was the way I wanted – I know that isn’t the case for so many and I feel so lucky to have them. It’s the absolute hardest thing but I’m obsessed with them both. –katepulley
  • A lot of swearing and a LOT of tears when they said “spontaneous twins!” Most days I’m still in disbelief…and they are almost 5. 😂 –daniela_0818
  • I suffered multiple losses before having my twins so was extremely nervous on the morning of my first ultrasound scan thinking that there wouldn’t be a heartbeat again. So when the sonographer said “Congratulations, there’s two heartbeats” I burst into tears. It was pure relief. And then I thought to myself now I understand why I’ve been feeling so sick and exhausted all the time. –life_with_our_miracle_babies
  • “No.” Followed about 2 min later after the ultrasound tech walked us through that they’re didi twins, the walls, etc “are you SURE?” To which I got “mam, I’ve been doing this daily for over a decade. Yes, you’re having twins.” It, unfortunately, is all on video. –amandamccarthysf
  • Well, after trying for 4 years to conceive, our dr. found 4 sacs in my uterus. Never in our dr’s history had a medicated IUi resulted in quads. 😮😳 Being our first pregnancy, and my 5’3” stature, we now needed to deal with the possibility of delivering micro premies, or health risk to me. At 7 weeks, one “dropped out” on their own, but at 9 weeks we made the difficult decision for me to undergo the unthinkable, a selective reduction to twins, so that we had a greater chance of term babies and a healthy mom. What a mind fuck that was! Day of however, I prayed to that third baby that we had to say goodbye to in 2009, and asked for that little one to find me again, when we could all grow healthily, without risk to anyone’s well being. It was very emotional. With my twin pregnancy. I was out on bed rest at 25 weeks, and my twins came at 33.3 weeks. We definitely made the right choice. Then, It was darn near immaculate conception when 2 years later we learned we “did it ourselves!” and we were pregnant again. I believe it was that third baby I asked to find me again. Declan was born on 2.12.13, and he completed our family. Not exactly answering your initial question, but that’s our story. —amyhudsonfeeney
  • I said “WHAT THE %#%* … NO WAY! My husband will never believe me” 😂 – my husband couldn’t attend due to Covid at the time. During my first appt I begged for an ultrasound so I can FaceTime my husband. He waited but I never got to call him. I was 5w5d. The ultrasound tech made all these face gestures, and quickly left the room. She came back stating the doctor left and would call me tomorrow. I left that appt so upset and cried all the way home thinking something was wrong with my baby. My husband had so many questions that I didn’t have the answers to. The next day at work I saw the doctor calling … she said, “Hi are you sitting down? “ … I said yes but I really wasn’t! She said “I just want to congratulate you again because you are having twins!” – I instantly became weak & lightheaded. 3yrs later and I still don’t remember anything else she said on that phone call 🤣🤣😭😭 – I left work because I really had to tell my husband in person lmao –iamshikaraa
  • So much gratitude! Lots of thanking God and a ton of crying! –lalena416
  • 8wk appt-1 baby, everything looks good, see you next month. 12wk appt- Doppler not picking up heartbeat, walking to ultrasound room next door preparing to hear “miscarriage”, turns out there’s 2 babies in there 😮😮 shock, disbelief, drove around alone in silence trying to process it. Spent the next month in denial. Each ultrasound it became more real which turned into anxiety that something wrong will happen. Entering 3rd trimester, excited we made it, fast forward I got 3 more Thursdays til we meet these boys! –1nonlylefty
  • Try finding out you are expecting twins with only 3 months to go… My angel babies are adopted so it was the biggest blessing ever! ❤️❤️ –beautiful_s0rta
  • Grateful because I prayed for it to happen. It was on my vision board and I’m happy that vision came to pass. –eluv.styles_health_fitness
  • I was laughing so hard the tech had to wait to continue the scan 😂 My husband predicted it, even tho we have no family history or indicators for twins! –mamamancao
  • We already had 4 and our youngest was 5! The pregnancy was a completely surprise… then to find out it was mo/di twins… Shock of our lives! 😂 They are 3 now and cannot imagine life without them❤️ –a_romanesque_refresh
  • I was 19 weeks and had no idea I was having twins! Found out at my anatomy scan- my husband was on FaceTime because of COVID restrictions. I was speechless! Scared, excited, shocked- all the emotions! –sammi_pacheco
  • “Jesus f*cking Christ on a bike.” Shaking. Laughing. Cursing. Fear and excitement and disbelief. My husband literally scratched his head. We went through unexplained infertility and had 3 losses prior. Our twins came from an IVF single embryo transfer that split (1% chance). –brightbodybaby
  • Think I blacked out and then came to, said WHAT DO I DO!? Omg omg omg and then hands over face 😂😂 –tstewitte
  • ‘I’m sorry, what?!’ 😂 just went into shock and panic researched double pushchairs 😂 –george_plus2
  • Shocked and was silent for a moment. Then cried. Went to the car to my husband who wasn’t allowed into the US bc of COVID and said, this is their first sibling photo. He cried. We have amazing photos of family and friends reactions. –kkeatables
  • I said “Are you for real?” and my husband exclaimed “You’re gonna be huge!!” Still haven’t let him live that down lol –spenceriferous
  • The ultrasound tech looked at me, I said “Is there 2 in there?” She said “yep” I started laughing and praising God because I prayed for two! 🙌🏻💕 –ashleighawink
  • Dr: “Ok. There’s your baby. And there’s your second baby!” Mom and Dad: “What?!?! Nooo!! What?!?!!!!” *cue happy tears from us both* –smashleyrunner1986
  • I just ignored what the ultrasound tech and kept saying ” ohh look at the baby!! 🤣🤣 –marianneadrianza
  • I cried for three months I’m a planner and that was not in the plan. But it worked out and they are now 5. Hardest 5 years of my life –lesliedcruz09
  • Well it was the happiest news ever & I was scared and grateful –soniakrana
  • A little backstory to really understand our emotion…. In august 2019 I found out I was pregnant but shortly after lost my baby due to a miscarriage. 2 weeks later we were doing the burial ceremony and a guy was there already in front of his daughter’s grave. He prayed with us throughout the whole ceremony. After the burial, I went up to him to say thank you and to say sorry for his loss. His daughter was 3 years old when she passed and he was sharing with me her beautiful life story. Then, after he was done (mind you we all never met this man beforehand), he said “you know… I don’t know why…. But God is telling me to tell you that you will be blessed with twins…. You lost a baby, so he will give you 2.” I didn’t know what to do but laugh. I said “well, we shall see..” and he said “oh I KNOW. It is God’s will. You’ll see!” When I walked back to the car, I asked everyone if anyone knew him and no one did…. Fast forward to June 2020, my husband and I were talking about trying again. He said “let’s try for one more. But just one and that’s it!” We did not plan and I did not check my cycle or anything. Little did I know that our first try would have us blessed with twins…. Since it was COVID I went in by myself. I declined to have a sonogram at 6 weeks for the fear of not hearing a heartbeat and thinking the worst. My numbers were normal. Then at the 7th week check up, there they were… the sonography asked “how many do you see?” And I couldn’t believe it… that guy at the cemetery was right! I showed my husband the sonograms rolled up with it showing one back y first… until he rolled to the very end where he saw 2 sacs. We were both crying with our double 🌈 🌈 babies 🤍🤍 –amordeunamadre
twin pregnancy timeline week by week

If you just heard that second heartbeat for the first time, or you know it’s been two for a while, you need to read our twin pregnancy week by week timeline to help you learn what happens week by week with twins. Click here to learn more… and while you’re at it, check out our expecting twins classes and twin parent coaching services.

  • Total shock and disbelief! I’d never been pregnant, went thru IVF, made a vision board that included 7 sets of twins on Jan 1 of that year, had my first transfer, miscarried, did 2nd transfer and 3 ultrasounds later found out our embryo had split!!! They’re now 4 year old identical twins! –kristacovellpierson
  • Shock and disbelief. Never even hit me until they came home… not even when they were in the nicu after I gave birth to them did it hit me! –lisamarie117
  • I was alone because of Covid and I legit said “omg f***” and repeated that several times and apologized to the tech before calling my husband…. I love my babes. –sydneyblankb
  • “I f*cking told you so!” I had a hunch about it that I can’t explain, and was prepared for the ultrasound to disabuse me of that idea. But the second the tech pulled up the image there was absolutely zero doubt. Stunned laughter followed, then trying to contain it so that they could actually get a look and do measurements. That was at 8 wks, now at 20 wks it’s feeling real, and I’m settling into it. Still worried about how big/uncomfortable I’ll be at the end, delivery and post-partum, and how we’re going to manage finances, but I know they will be beautiful additions to our family. –joftheworld
  • Dr-there’s a second sac. Me-a sac of WHAT? Do you mean twins? I think you need to say the word twins 😂😂😂 –emmy_kuba
  • We were there along with our 2 year old. I cried… husband says “double the blessings!” which comforted me in the moment. Fast forward 24 hrs and husband is freaking out “do you know how much more expensive twins will be?!” Me: “remember double the blessings? That’s the side you’re on. You can’t change it!” 😂😭😬 –lindsid6
  • “Why are you saying that?!” on repeat to the nurse who told me!😂 can’t imagine it any other way now and what a BLESSING! –lauraisacrow
  • I was praying and hoping so hard to see and hear a heartbeat and the sonographer said, “do y’all see that?” I could tell what she was talking about (2 little jelly beans ) and I started crying and laughing! Prayed for one and got two! 🥰 –nlgunter
  • Our ultrasound was at 7 in the morning, and my ultrasound technician, me, and my husband noticed two dots on the screen but no one said anything. Finally our UT said, “do you see what I see?” Safe to say, the car ride going home was in complete silence lol –monicasproule__
  • It took us two years to get pregnant so I said, “might as well be two in there” and BAM. We laughed and said “figures” 🤣😂 –meg_ducharme
  • “No, I’m not! I can’t, I have a 1 year old!!” –_lishdez
  • Four Letters . Twins happen to other people . 5 years old now and wouldn’t want it any other way –patrickjcarroll4
  • I knew already! As soon as I got pregnant and I was like wow it’s twins… The ultrasound tech and doctor said I was the calmest person ever after finding out they were pregnant with twins –ashlee__dickinson
  • Shock and then crying. My husband was alllll smiles though. We walked out of the room and the doctor was there to congratulate us/gauge our feelings, and I think she was a little surprised by how drastically different they were (I’m going guess when there are polarizing reactions, it’s usually the other way around). –thebatemanfam
  • I was telling the technician doing my ultrasound that my son thinks there’s two babies in there… She asked me if I would be excited and I told her I don’t know if I could handle it. She waited till the end to tell me and I cried… –razzijazz
  • We cried, after two years of infertility and two miscarriages we were over joyed!!!  2.5 years into the twins, still over joyed with a side of WTF 😬 😬 –sterlingmoms
  • I nervously laugh cried for the remainder of the ultrasound 😫 so much my husband asked if I was ok 😂 –mjonathans11
  • Some cussing 😂, our OB spotted the second one after our fertility Dr. told us there was only one……second one didnt have a heartbeat yet so we had to wait two long weeks to find out if we were having twins or if baby one would absorb the other 😮Felt like we were in a scifi movie 😂 –squeakszzz
What was Your Reaction to “Having Twins”?
  • I yelled “Holy shit.” Then looked at my husband and said “I knew something was different this pregnancy.” –jessowens11
  • “So be it, if God chose me then my little body was made to carry on with this beautiful experience !” –mrsalexayuso
  • I asked the ultrasound tech “are you kidding me?” And her answer was “I don’t joke about these things”…I was so shocked and flustered I forgot the ultrasound pic so I had no proof when I told my husband later that evening. Surprised to say the least 😂 –greenmarie526
  • 8 wk apt with an 8 month at home. Just got over the shock of being pregnant and getting excited about another baby. This was prime pandemic in 2020 so a little nervous. Joking with the ultrasound tech about our “early blessing” and “failure of science” (all with love). The tech got really quiet which freaked me@out thinking something was wrong. Then very shyly said “ummm there’s two” and pointed them@on the screen. My@mouth fell open and I made some@sort of noise like a laugh. Then staring at my husband uncontrollably laughed and he just hung his head in shock. We sat in silence on the ride home unable to believe it, but once it settled in we were excited. We were planning on telling our families when we saw them@over the weekend, and adding that it was twins with the ultra sound was the best. My on SIL who had boys 11 months apart could not stop laughing 😂. –mesc17
  • The tech played a reeeal fun trick and said “so here’s your baby” to which we responded “oh thank god there’s only one”. Tech then chuckled and said “nope, here’s the other”. Such a fun little joke she played!!! 🤪 –em.willms
  • The dr said you are definitely pregnant!! You are having twins!! I was Scared happy and nervous all at the same time!! I was like “oh shit” –giselam3126
  • Ultrasound tech: “well you’re not having one baby but 2” Me: “2 ? Who? Where? Not in me” then crying for a week straight –lkelley_leo
  • It was a nice surprise and birthday gift. I grew up with my siblings and cousins, (our dads are twin brothers) asking who was going to have them. I did get a little worried and a little sad I wouldn’t be able to soak all my attention on one baby esp for my first pregnancy –laurenswifter
  • Mom- (by herself) at the big 20 week appointment (because of pandemic) Ultrasound tech- they didn’t tell me it was two. Mom- 😂 ultrasound tech- here is baby A, here is baby b. Doctor – 🧐 doctor in residence – 🧐 office assistants at front desk 😂 😆 🤦🏼‍♀️ 🤷🏼‍♀️ mom- ??? Joke? Doctor- let’s take a pic for dad… they are two years old now!!! –ariestunes
  • I laughed and laughed and laughed 😌 –nessnuts

More Comments from the Twiniversity Community

  • The tech said, “well I see why you’ve been so sick, you have two in there!” After our lives flashed before our eyes, and in between hysterically laughing and crying I said “can you check to make sure there’s not three?!” –valerievangraan
  • Holy f*^k no way found out at 23 weeks no idea it was twins at all they’re now almost 16 boy girl –acbhrrs
  • I screamed WHAAATTT to the ultrasound tech and doctor. When I told my husband he just died. I literally woke up every night for 2 weeks and stared at the ceiling wondering how we would make this work. Fast forward…. the twins r 3 months old and I wouldn’t change it for the world. People that had twins told me how much fun we would have and they are right. It’s hard, really really hard sometimes but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m in love with them. ❤️❤️❤️ –jtomates
  • My husband and I were happy crying because we had dealt with infertility, but it quickly turned to nervous crying because we had an almost 2 year old!😂 –mhannon820
  • Mine are IVF miracles. I went from utter joy, thinking this will complete my family – I don’t have to go through IVF again, to absolute fear. I realise positive pregnancy tests would no longer give me comfort and I was really scared about vanishing twin syndrome. Pregnancy has been full of anxiety for me so far. I’m so desperate to deliver 2 healthy babies ❤️❤️ I’m keen to connect with other twin Mums as I’m sure I’ll have so many questions –legs.inthe.air
  • Simultaneously laughing & sobbing. I couldn’t shake the feeling it was going to be twins, but I was really hoping it wasn’t as we already had an 18mo. –handincookiejar
  • I was ecstatic 😍😍😍 –toyoc
  • Utter shock and panic … couldn’t function due to panic attacks and needed anxiety therapy for 2 months before being over the moon excited 😛 –georgiep0rgee
  • I was so happy! I had prayed for twins! My husband (at the time) nearly passed out, our parents reactions were hilarious as well. 💕 –ohsisterinc
  • Total shock! My husband paced the floors saying “twins? Don’t lie. Are you serious” for about 5 mins. We spent the rest of the day talking about how we will need two of everything 😂😂 –dimplebulet
  • So so many cuss words and shock lol –char_2124
  • Threw both my hands on my head and said “what??!” Lol –apriltwentynina
  • I was shocked and then happy❤️💙 –lori_lori_c
  • Crying tears, omg omg! A nurse came in to see if everything was ok. Found out an hour ago. What a blessing –teikolynn
  • I knew it is going to be hard pregnancy but I was happy –lilika_1989_
  • Panic and shock! Now can’t imagine anything else! ❤️ –meghan.omalley
  • Well at least it was only 2 this time… but that now maxes out the van 🤷‍♀️ –bowlespartyof7
  • I was shocked but also not that surprised, I kept saying it’s either a girl or twins because I felt so sick, and when the women said ‘there are two babies in there’ I was like I knew it!!! My son was only 8 months old at the time, so I was thinking what am I gonna do with 3 under 2! I was scared but also overjoyed at the blessing of having twins.❤️ –justolympia_
  • My husband and I didn’t talk for about 3 days. We were terrified, shocked and totally at a loss for words lol –ashligou
  • Hysterical laughing! I told the sonographer that she was lying –thisisshe13
image of sonogram of twins and positive pregnancy test
  • Lots of swearing, crying and apologizing to the ultrasound tech for swearing 😅 –superm0m8
  • “Twins? Oooh wow. Twins. Ok” I think the tech was really disappointed with my even-keel reaction. Pretty sure she was hoping for some swearing or tears or something 😆 –mrskimberpark
  • Best surprise ever! I laughed in disbelief! –photomekayla
  • I was taken into hospital for an expected miscarriage at 8 weeks pregnant, only to be told they’re were actually two heartbeats that didn’t include mine. I laughed hysterically along with the nurse and doctor whilst my husband sat in utter silence as white as a ghost. 🤣 –tash030
  • I was like excuse me WHAT??? And she checks again and says yes your are having twins congratulations…I’m sorry to the poor Doc cos I told her to F** Off and bless her heart turns the monitor around and says look. Overwhelmed and happy at the same time cried happy tears and called my mum. –sanjanadhanjal
  • Pure shock! Definitely thought the doctor was messing with us! So happy that my husband was there to hear it at the same time as me and directly, or else he wouldn’t have believed me! –laurakristineflood
  • “I thought it skipped a generation” immediately called my twin first 😂 –yvettecova

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  • Last appointment of the day, I was just praying to hear a heart beat. The tech was running late that day, we waited an hour pass our appointment time. She called my name and apologized and said it was one of those days. She said let’s begin. When she inserted the probe she casually said yep one of those days, you’re having twins! My mouth dropped open and my husband said I knew it! He grabbed my hand and said honey your hand is all clammy are you ok? And I said yes shit just got real 😆 That was five years ago but it seems like yesterday ♥️ –kariwhicker
  • Immediate tears. It was Covid- I was all alone. Just me and US tech. I was freaking out. Had not even a 1 year old at home so I was extremely overwhelmed and upset. Cried so hard the tech had to stop the US, calm me down. I went home afterwards and took a personal day from work. They are almost 2 now and I can’t imagine life without them! –laura.adkins7
  • Joking with the Ultrasound tech “so there is only 1 in there right!?!” Ummm let me show you the other baby!! 😮😮😮😮😮 –kimmiegup
  • I was convinced it was a joke then when I realized it wasn’t I cried then laughed then cried and laughed at the same time 😂 –imansaad
  • Cried for 30 minutes at my doctors office. We suffered a terrible loss 4 years prior. I was terrified to suffer another loss and it be two more. –jaxz.theepumkinqueen
  • I’m still in shock and I’m 3 months in now 🥰 –browns_bakes
  • I went in at 5 weeks due to some bleeding and the nurse says “have you got twins in your family?” And I’m like “nooooo…why?” And she says “because there’s 2 sacs in there” 🙄. My response “I knew it. Everything felt different this time around”. When I told my husband, he freaked and was pretty much in silent shock for a week, wouldn’t speak to anyone! He got over it though eventually 😂 now we’re playing the waiting game to see these 2 munchkins 😍😍 –upasya_b
  • Loooool @theuncooldad was like “I’m so tired 😪 “ and the sonographer “well, you’re going to be more tired!”. Me?… “YOU’RE JOKING? YOU MUST BE JOKING??????” 😂 —farfromfin__
  • 8wk appointment one baby one heartbeat…or so we thought. 14 week screening ultrasound…tech puts wand on my stomach and SURPRISE! Two appear. She states well I don’t have any notes about this being a multiple pregnancy. And then my look of disbelief followed by asking her at least 10 times “you’re sure there are two right?”. It definitely explained why I felt so big relative to my first pregnancy and was already wearing maternity clothes. It took a few weeks to sink in. Here we are 5 years later and so grateful for the double blessing. –mrs_rathbun
  • I told the tech to double check 3 times and on the third time I started crying and hyperventilating and they had to call the doc in 😂 I had just got divorced too🤦🏻‍♀️ –its_gaias_world
  • First I thought the ultrasound tech was joking because I was 14 weeks thinking it was only one. Then I was crying saying “what if I can’t handle 3 under 2” took forever to actually believe I was having twins. They are 3 now and it still doesn’t feel real. –allisongoodman1
  • I had a hunch before but was in denial, so at my first scan and it was confirmed, I cried 😢 –sweetheartnai
  • Relief that both of our embryos stuck, and excitement and hope for our 2 babies that we desperately wanted after almost 5 years of trying and treatments. –
  • Dr: – I can see there are two sacs. / Me: (in total shock) Excuse me?!?! 😳😳😳 –isapaivalit
  • I was over the moon happy, even though I already had a 9 month old baby at the time. My husband was silent and just looked scared. It wasn’t until I brought them home that reality smacked me in the face. Then came the tears. –cathykorngut
  • My husband was thrilled. I told the tech to stop looking. I tried my best to keep a good disposition but I was in shock. –khughes37
  • I 100% thought I was having twins! My husband almost fainted when the dr said ohhh… there’s two LOL!! –jaredandmarci

Even More Reactions to Having Twins from our Twiniversity Community

  • Asking since I was so much bigger this pregnancy if they’d bump my due date up at 21weeks. Tech “there’s a reason you feel so big and Baby A is a boy” and then I just started crying in joy. Shock came the next day realizing all we were going to need 😂 –kalyse16
  • I told the doctor “that’s not right you might wanna do that ultrasound over” 🤦🏽‍♀️ she told me that’s definitely correct 😂 –may__11th
  • I thought it was covid at first 😂 Then did a test, 3-5 weeks pregnant….never thought about twins…docs starts scan and starts moving the vaginal scan we see one baby…oh good all good 👍🏻 and then all of sudden…hold on…..yep congrats family you are having twins… –lorrainemummy87
  • OH my f**king gosh! Are you sure. Then was in shock for the rest of the appointment, was on my own so had to sunning the car after and kinda catch my breathe before I told the other half. Both excited, scared,nervous, overjoyed….. –emm.meehan
  • I kept having dreams of twins before my first ultrasound. And it was confirmed hahaha. –lynathao
  • The tech said “Do you see what I see?!” Me: what..? Tech: I see two heads! Me: wait it can have to heads? Is that normal?! Tech: no.. I mean two babies.. So yeah, I was in shock 😂 –madelenwallblom
  • Hysterical laughter followed by sobbing. Biggest shock (and low blessing) of my life! –abigailqberry
  • After saying “OH MY GOD” About 10 times (due to excitement), I instantly was terrified of being in labor with the 2 😅😅 –bvrtoloc
  • Scream cried at my husband “THIS IS YOUR FAULT” and almost in the same breath/sob “we’re gonna need a bigger car” We already had a 1.5 yo. Pure panic. –allthezboyz
  • My husband replied to the dr. “Shut the f*ck up” This would be number 4 & 5 for us. I cried scared, anxious, disbelief tears. People would ask..”what are you guys gonna do” and my reply was always “we’ll figure it out” and WE did!! They turned 5 on Tuesday and these girls are such a blessing 👭🏻. –aishamontz
  • Cried and shocked for a moment, but after that start to find the beautiful name for them. –dnafeesach
  • “Holy… shit.” My husband: “… I need to sell my truck!” Last male embryo, so our last shot at having a son after 4 rounds of IVF. Turns out the male and female we transferred stuck around and they just turned 6 months! 💙💗. –lmw518
  • Three of my best friends already had twins, so when we found out… we were in absolute SHOCK!!! We couldn’t believe it…then of course we cried happy/scared tears…yes, tears of joy & fear all in one!!! 🤣😱💕. –paola.andrea.ortiz
  • So blessed.Thank you God! A dream come true 🙌. –lolouie1
  • Crying so hard that all the staff thought I had miscarried; insisting that my tears were happy (but they were really full of fear- we had a 1.5yo and we’re 500 miles from family that could help consistently). It took me a few days to process and that is okay!! I never didn’t love them; I never didn’t want them, but I was scared. They are 17 months now and continue to be our biggest and best surprise 💗💗. –courtneyborns
  • I told the ultrasound tech “ You’re shitting me” . Then I laughed and cried at the same time all day long –laceymvillalobos
  • I basically cried for the entire duration of the ultrasound, while my husband was laughing and proudly announcing “I told you so!” –andreea_spaiuc
a woman meets her twins after having a c-section
  • Screamed, cried, and finally laughed. My husband hyperventilated. My OB and tech were so worried he was going to pass out. They kept say, “are you going down honey?” 😂. –jessicastagramms
  • “You’ve got to be f**king kidding me” followed by many many weeks of constant crying. –mollybeth85
  • “There’s two pregnancies”. Me thinking ‘what does two pregnancies mean?’ “There’s two babies…it’s twins, you’re having twins” HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT 🤣🤣. –ashley.sills2019
  • My reaction!😂🤥🥺🤣😳. –imhertsw
  • Didn’t blink for an hour and cried for two days! Mix of fear and guilt from fear as we tried for over 4 years and I knew it was twins before my ultrasound. –kath.0.leen
  • I told the ultrasound tech to shut up. And my husband couldn’t stop laughing. –ebabslong
  • Tech “here is baby A”…. me “A? Why A? What comes after A?????????” 😳. –sarahplustwins
  • We learned during a transvaginal ultrasound and I was in so much shock my legs started involuntarily shaking in the stirrups. The whole table was shaking 😂 I mean I did ask if there was just one so. –lady.jedi
  • For weeks my two year old was telling me I had two babies in my belly. I told my boss what were the odds he was right. Then I got super sick and my dr was like “well I know why you’re so sick there’s two babies. I thought there was three but the third was a shadow” I asked him if he was fucking with me and then apologized for swearing at him while he was laughing hysterically. I then called my boss and was like “It’s fucking twins” like how did their toddler brother even know 😂. –anged0305
  • I went in at 6 weeks thinking something was wrong. Ended up I was fine and the tech said “here’s the embryo and the fetal pole then (in a surprise like voice) here’s the other one!” In disbelief I said there’s 2? My boyfriend asked how that happened? lol. My heart was pounding and I couldn’t stop shaking. Neither of us have twins in the family, our spontaneous twin boys were just born October 25, 2022! –its_jes_sica
  • “No no no no no, that’s not possible. You are making a mistake. Please check again…” as we see and hear two heart beats. Me hyperventilating on the table as my husband sits next to me hysterical laughing 😬🙈🤣. –sherjb
  • ‘I’m having a litter of kittens….stunned silence’ 😂 on my own due to Covid restrictions. –1auren___
  • Disbelief. Went from didn’t thinking I would get pregnant to an ectopic pregnancy to getting pregnant again with twins 3 months post surgery. I was shaking and thought it must be a joke. –boobum_xx
  • Looked at the ultrasound screen… starting hysterically crying before my OB could even get “looks like twins” out of his mouth. He said “what’s your husband doing right now.. maybe we should call him?” And I yelled at him “HE’LL FREAK OUT WORSE THAN I AM” –motasier
  • We just had a miscarriage so I asked if there was a heartbeat. She said “ The good news is there’s a heartbeat… the other good news, there’s two” 😢❤️. –stephsgotaninsta
  • Pure and unequivocal excitement. And then fear. 🤣 –twinsandtrends
  • I insisted the ultrasound machine was broken and made them wheel in another. –nmahrer
  • I cracked a joke and said “just one in there right?” She turned her head and looked at me, I said “ohhh no” 😂 I laughed the entire ultrasound, I could not stop. We also had a 1 & 2 year old at home lol. –thebarbourbunch6
  • Found out at 16 weeks as one twin was hidden behind the other with their heartbeats in sync. I just uncontrollably cried thinking how to pay for college and not to explote before 37 weeks 💀 –mrs_melimeli
  • I ugly cried my contact lenses out 😂 –acarly13
  • Still not over the shock….6 years later 😂 haha. –bujuandbounce
  • Complete and total silence for 3 hours. Sitting right next to my hubby. –flo628
  • My husband said : what now? They don’t fit in our car ! 😒. –beatriz.olivia
  • I told my doctor to shutup and stop talking 😂. –joeydjia
  • Completely shocked, since it was at our second ultrasound we found out it was twins. I laughed so I wouldn’t cry followed by a very quiet car ride home. –jessica_nicholsfitness
  • F**k we need a bigger car! –zoka86
  • Laughed and cried hysterically at the same time 😂. –kthoennes
  • Completely in shock!!!!!! I asked my gyno several times to stop joking!!!! I even asked the receptionists if it was true!! I just couldn’t believe it. –mlnkk_
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  • I was in shock, and nervous laughing. When the tech said there were two my husband said “two.. what?” Lol! She said two babies! And the poor guy just started shaking his head in disbelief lol! We already had a 4 year old and 2 year old and just tried for baby 3, blessed with baby for as well now! –tylerlynnn
  • Laughed in disbelief. I then said there’s only two right no says nope I’m sure….I said well there’s no going back now and I continued to laugh! Here we are 4 yrs later and my boys are the best thing that ever happened in life. –steph82408
  • Shock. Denial. Then the inconsolable tears. And I told the ultrasound tech, “you’re fucking kidding right?!” And then my ob, who was a twin mom herself, literally said, “oh fuck!” When my fiancé and I told her I was having twins. Then we laughed, hysterically on my part, then the deep silence in the car ride home. –jo_jo_618
  • “Hubs, you’re getting a vasectomy” 😂😂😂 –cat_lueckel
  • Holy shit how the hell did this happen. So surreal couldn’t even talk. Then calmed down convinced one would eat the other (which did not happen). –kacikath
  • The ultrasound tech: “there’s baby A and baby B” Me: 😳😭 no you’re kidding, shut up! My fiancé: “like one half of the baby and then the other half?” (The tech and I just look at him, I’m ugly crying at this point. The tech: “uh no like there’s two babies in there, see.” My fiancé in absolute shock because he always wanted twins. –fitbrownbunny_12
  • Had a dream I was having twin girls even before I got pregnant soo wasn’t that surprised.. my husband was the shocked one🤣😄. –karolina_topleva
  • Told the U/S tech to “Shut the f*ck up!” then apologized profusely for swearing at her and said “But what the f*ck!” She was just laughing hysterically. Our twins were our 3rd and 4th, so to say we were surprised was an understatement. I cried on and off for 3 weeks just wrapping my head around it all. They’ll be 1 a week from today and wouldn’t have it any other way now! –jennalows
  • First time meeting this OB, she said congrats twins and I said “SHUT THE FU*K up!! Where?!” And thought to myself where the f* did they come from?! (Twins don’t run in either of our families). –christinene
  • I felt all the emotions that everyone down the hall heard me 😂 i screamed so loud the doctor came in and said “are they twins?!” –_brendacorona
  • Silence, staring at each other and the monitor for a good 5mins followed by no shit and my husband and I laughing at each other 😂 –jloujas
  • “wHaT?!” x10 and my boyfriend just went pale and he just stared at the screen lol –_baillleeeyyy__
  • Shocked! I told the nurse that wasn’t my sonogram on the screen. She left someone’s picture up lol. She goes “no, it’s yours”. 😂😂 –shelliansian
  • I was in the ER (I had been vomiting so much) it was my first pregnancy and I was only 7 weeks so they did an ultrasound to confirm. My hormones levels were very high—the ultrasound tech had only been on the job a few days + my mom and I saw her eyes widen—a few moments later she whispered “I’m not supposed to say this, but there are two heartbeats”— I remember staring at the ceiling + it was as if I already knew in my 🤍. –kristinaleedobrick
  • Me: uncontrollably nervous laughed through the whole ultrasound appt. Husband: shock, then “oh shit, 2 for 1, that’s awesome” 😂. –amyerikson
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  • Husband called it before the appointment. Ultrasound tech asked if we had been trying and taking fertility meds, I said “no, but am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?” And she said well if you’re seeing two that’s correct. Then I freaked out and panicked 😅 husband sat in disbelief that he’d been right and tech said that’s so exciting and I legit said back through tears “no that’s fucking terrifying” 🤦🏻‍♀️ still in disbelief and they are 11 months next week. –schimmperry
  • Stunned silence- it was in the ER at 2am that they told me I’m having twins and we’re at risk of having a “threatened abortion” . I couldn’t be completely happy though I wanted to. –oliviaaraquel
  • I cried and screamed, “no way”. The poor ultrasound tech. We just built a new house and The whole rest of the scan I was crying about this new house and how we were out of room already and didn’t have enough space. –christina1489
  • The tech was like “do twins run in your family” and i was like “yeah my dads a twin but why is that important”, hoping she saw at least one baby and she replied “because I see two babies”. I was shocked and so excited never thought it would be possible. –dr.kbandtwins
  • “Yep, there’s two babies in there!” -the tech after saying absolutely nothing while she zoomed in and out for a few minutes. “You’re joking right?!” – me, stunned 😂 –lady.larock
  • The tech said “babies” and I think we were too much in shock to hear it, so she had to repeat herself “BABIES”. 😢😂 I laughed and cried!! –katasauls
  • Cry cry cry. Right before she placed the scope I said please just tell me there’s one!! 😂😂 –lyrriicmarie
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