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Diaper Dilemmas: When to Size Up

Diaper Dilemmas: When to Size Up

Navigating the world of diaper sizes can be a daunting task, especially when you’re managing the needs of two little ones. For parents of twins, knowing when to size up can make a big difference in their comfort and your sanity. Learn the signs that it might be time for a diaper size change to keep your twins happy and leak-free.

Diaper duty is in full swing, and you’re navigating the world of explosive surprises and adorably tiny bums. Hold onto your baby wipes; we’ve got the answers to all your questions, plus some cheeky tips to keep those messy mishaps at bay.

When to change diaper size

The Perfect Fit

How should a diaper fit?

Your baby’s diaper should snugly embrace their waist and thighs without being too tight. It should form a gentle seal around their legs to prevent leaks. Remember, a well-fitting diaper should feel like a cozy hug, not a straitjacket.

When is it time to switch from newborn to size 1?

Weight is one of the simplest ways to let you know it’s time to size up. Newborn diapers are designed for babies up to 10 pounds, so if your babies are bulking up and pushing that limit, it’s time to level up. Be sure to consult with your diaper brand of choice, too. Most provide recommended parameters for each size.

Fit is the best sign of when it is time to change diaper size.

Other than weight, there are a few ways to know if the diaper is too small: 

  • The leg openings of the diaper are getting a bit snug or leaving red marks. It’s a sure sign your babies need more wiggle room.
  • You’re dealing with frequent leaks. Your diaper might say, “Hey, I’m getting a bit cramped in here!”
  • Those diaper tabs are stretching to the max and barely holding on for dear life.
  • Your little one’s diaper is starting to feel overly squishy and not absorb as much as it used to.
Diaper Dilemmas: When to Size Up

Leaks, Blowouts, Oh My!

What even is a blowout?

A diaper blowout is a situation where the contents of a baby’s diaper (most often poop) bursts out of the diaper, often reaching the baby’s clothing and beyond. It’s quite a messy situation and dreaded nonetheless.

Blow-outs are a sign it is time to size up

Do blowouts mean the diaper is too small?

While it’s true that a diaper that’s too small can contribute to blowouts, don’t place all the blame just yet. Blowouts can also occur if the diaper isn’t properly secured or if your little one is in a particularly explosive mood (which can be often, if we’re honest). So, when in doubt, size up. It can help you avoid both diaper disasters and wardrobe malfunctions.

How do you prevent blowouts?

Preventing diaper blowouts is a bit of a dance. It’s all about sizing correctly and securing the diaper snugly. You can also dress your baby in onesies or outfits that provide an extra, tighter layer of protection and hold the diaper in place. We’ve found this especially helpful in preemies.

Do diapers leak when they’re too small?

Yes, diapers can leak when they’re too small. An ill-fitting diaper won’t contain your baby’s mess effectively, leading to leaks and potential blowouts.

Why does the diaper leak out the back specifically?

If your baby’s diaper is leaking out the back, it’s usually because the diaper is too small and can’t adequately cover your baby’s bottom. It’s time to switch to a larger size to prevent those backside mishaps.

Leaks and blow-outs indicate a need in diaper size.

How do I stop diapers from leaking?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—to stop diaper leaks, ensure you’re using the correct diaper size, fasten the tabs securely, and make sure the diaper fits snugly around the legs and waist. Additionally, consider using overnight or extra-absorbent diapers for extended wear.

Diaper Dilemmas: When to Size Up

How to tell if the diaper is too big

If the tabs easily meet or overlap in the middle, the diaper might be too large. If you see excessive gapping at the legs and waist, the diaper may be too big for your baby. Wait for your baby to gain another couple of pounds, then try again.

Check out more info on choosing the right diaper size from our friends at Hello Bello. If you are considering a Hello Bello subscription, check out our Hello Bello Review here.

Hello Bello diaper size chart

From sizing up to dodging blowouts, you’re now armed with “diaper size” wisdom that would make any baby’s bottom proud. Keep those little ones comfy, clean, and cute, one well-fitted diaper at a time.

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