benefits of having twins

The Benefits of Having Twins

Apart from the most obvious efficiency factor (one pregnancy, one birth) there are many advantages of having twins! Their buddy is always there. They’ve known...

Twin Baby Shower Themes and Games

Twin baby showers present unique opportunities for fun shower themes.  Having a theme makes everything easier, because you can apply it to everything from...

Having twins? Twiniversity is the ultimate source for parents of twins and higher order multiples around the globe! We offer a new free article every day on subjects relating to expecting twins and parenting twins, such as:

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Twiniversity hosts expecting twins and newborns classes in New York CityChicago, and online! These classes will prepare you for being pregnant with twins and bringing your twinnies home.

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Welcome to Twiniversity. This site was created by parents of twins and multiples FOR parents of twins and multiples. Whether you are expecting twins or have triplets in college, you’ll find support, community and a few laughs along the way. Oh yeah, it doesn’t hurt that we have a ton of giveaways for multiple birth families either, right?

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