15-Month-Old Identical Twin Girls | Twins Tale Podcast with Michelle Piatek

15-Month-Old Identical Twin Girls | Twins Tale Podcast with Michelle Piatek

Nat chats with Michelle Piatek, mom to 15-month-old identical twin girls and a 3-year-old boy. Michelle shares a run-through of her day with her girls, including their sleep routine, meal schedule, and how she makes time for her boy as well. 

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15-Month-Old Identical Twin Girls | Twins Tale Podcast with Michelle Piatek
15-Month-Old Identical Twin Girls | Twins Tale Podcast with Michelle Piatek
15-Month-Old Identical Twin Girls | Twins Tale Podcast with Michelle Piatek
15-Month-Old Identical Twin Girls | Twins Tale Podcast with Michelle Piatek

15-Month-Old Identical Twin Girls | Twin Mom Michelle Piatek

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Michelle Piatek grew up on the south side of Chicago and earned her BS in nursing at Purdue University. She received her graduate degree in nurse anesthesia from Rush University and currently works in her hometown of Munster, IN as a CRNA. While getting her patients off to sleep is no problem, she regularly struggles with getting her 3-year-old son to settle down for some Zs. Michelle and her prom-date-turned-husband Joey both work full time while raising their son and 1-year-old identical twin girls (with a lot of help from family!) Michelle has always loved organization and efficiency (and twins technically are efficient) and is embracing her new lifestyle of “3 under 4 during a pandemic.” Find Michelle on Instagram @mbecka.

15-month-old identical twins girls in dresses sitting on a tree stump for pictures

Top 3 pieces of advice for other parents of twins

1-Accept any and all forms of help – especially during the newborn stage! If someone wants to drop off dinner or offers to fold some laundry…always. say. yes! Now is definitely not the time to do it all. I had and continue to have lots of family help and I’m so thankful for them!

2- Connect with other twin moms! I found myself always reaching out to other twin moms for advice and reassurance. I signed up for a twin mentor through Twiniversity while I was pregnant with my 15-month-old identical twin girls and we still keep in regular touch!

3- Kind of silly…but find a way to be able to identify who is who in early photos so you know when you look back in 20 years.  When my girls were born, I brought “hello my name is…” tags in my hospital bag and wrote their names on them and stuck them to their swaddles. 

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Top 3 things you wish you had done differently

1- While I have no regrets, I do wish I hadn’t worried so much about twin pregnancy. Yes, things may not go exactly according to plan, but maybe they will! At my 6-week follow-up appointment, I told my Dr. that having 2 healthy, vaginally born babies after a short and near-perfect, easy labor was literally the only scenario that didn’t cross my mind over the last year.  Have faith and enjoy the pregnancy!

2-My 15-month-old identical twin girls preferred to lay in the Twin-Z pillow for the first several months. I always kept them on their own specific side for the sake of knowing who was who quickly. However, twin B was always turning to look at her sister and it worsened the flat spot on her head that she developed in the womb. It has since resolved but led to some extra evaluations for plagiocephaly as an infant. 

3- I wouldn’t change a thing about being a twin mama. Twin life is the best life!

15-month-old identical twin girls on a sled in snow with snowsuits, hats, and mittens on.


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