Twingaroo Twin Carrier Review


I received a Twingaroo twin carrier to test out with my 12 month old twin boys. I was excited to try it to give me more options besides the double stroller. It’s always good to have options when you have twins.

You can tell the quality of the Twingaroo right as you take it out of the box. With its thick piping around all of the seams, the heavy, soft canvas material, and the diaper bag in the back carrier, if you are a babywearer with twins this is the carrier for you! Even if you have kids of different ages you can wear them both at the same time. I am pretty boring as I decided black was the color for me, but it comes in a variety of colors that can fit any family’s preference. I really appreciate that this carrier has structure but still has the comfort and movement of a wrap. It is actually a tandem carrier than can convert to two single carriers. It’s a good idea to purchase the conversion kit so that two different people can wear them as single carriers. I felt very secure in knowing that each side of the carrier had its own waist belt for security and it was not just one giant loop around.


Once you have the Twingaroo on it is surprisingly comfortable. I did not feel weighed down and my back was not aching at the end of my experience. People asked about the carrier as I wandered by with the twinnies on my front and back, and my boys were happily looking around and playing. Of course there are a few things I did not really like about the carrier but for the most part it was wonderful!  It was freeing to be able to break away from my giant stroller, allowing us to explore places we usually would have to avoid.


  • Well made and sturdy
  • Can carry 2 kids from 10 – 35 lbs each (mine are 20 lbs a piece at 12 months old)
  • Can be converted to serve as 2 individual single carriers
  • It’s balanced
  • Nice sized diaper bag on outside of the back carrier, which includes two insulated bottle holders and two separate compartments to hold baby items
  • It is a “Hip Healthy” baby carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • It has won lots of awards for innovation
  • It is designed by a twin mama who knows what we need to succeed!


  • The directions that come in the package are not so great; make YouTube your friend or on the Stuff 4 Multiples website they have someone doing a demo
  • I wish that I could face the front twin outwards
  • There is a learning curve to getting both babies in and out alone.  Did I say the directions were difficult?
  • Not for use with infants under 10 lbs and no infant insert is available


I really enjoyed the Twingaroo twin carrier and I recommend it highly for twin parents. If you are expecting twins (or your 2nd baby) then go out and get a Twingaroo! You will not be disappointed.

Jenifer Roth is a busy busy mom to 1 year old identical twin boys Jase and Evan, full time High School driver ed teacher, and full-time finder of random information to help others! When not running around from work to home to errands she enjoys attempting to get her blog going, making piles of stuff and just hanging with her family! Trying to find the work life balance has been a journey of its own but push on she must! 


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