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A MoM recently asked:

I have twin boys who will be 3 months old next week. We struggle with overnight gas. Both get trapped burps and on the other end! It wakes them up constantly! We have tried gripe water, gas drops, bicycle kicks, etc. Nothing seems to make an improvement. So recently my pediatrician suggested we try a probiotic. We’re on day 3 of Gerber Soothe probiotic drops and I feel like things have gotten worse! Wondering if any other parents are experiencing a similar situation.

Here’s what our Twiniversity fans had to say:

– Some of this gets better on its own as their bodies develop. But, of course, who wants to wait it out when the babies are uncomfortable and not sleeping well? It was a lot of trial and error for us, as well as trying to understand that some of this is normal for developing infants. Probiotics do seem to work for us, we use Mommy’s Bliss brand. It’s hard to know for sure because babies grow and change so fast. We did try to stop giving them once around 6 months old and suffered through a few nights of very fussy and uncomfortable babies. So, we started them back up and haven’t tried stopping again. We like Nuk Simply Natural bottles, they work best for us. ∼ SG

– If you are bottle feeding they might be taking in too much air while eating. Try a vented bottle or one with a liner that collapses as they eat. If you are breastfeeding, make sure baby is latching correctly, and have them checked for ties! Lip and tongue ties can cause that gassiness. ∼ KAC


– Yes, those probiotic drops made my twins worst. I had to change bottles and it has gotten better. My twin boy uses Dr. Brown’s bottles and my twin girl uses Avent bottles∼ EEG

– We were in the same boat and the pediatrician acknowledged that the probiotics can make things worse in the short-term, maybe for two weeks or so. Our twins are on their second bottle of the Gerber Soothe probiotics and things seem to be getting better. We are using less of the gas drops and gripe water. I don’t know if the probiotics helped or if they’re growing out of the gassiness or some combination but I can at least say if you stick with the daily doses, things should get better or at least return to how things were before you started. I wish I could say something worked with 100% certainty but there are just too many variables to know for sure. ∼ AGM

– The only thing we’ve found to help our twins is gas drops and the Similac Alimentum ready to feed formula. It’s EXPENSIVE but my babies are miserable on anything else. ∼ AJ

– Are you breastfeeding or using formula? My babies were not happy with my breast milk at all. I didn’t have the desire to completely change my diet to figure out what was hurting them. So we put them on formula. We put them on the Similac Alimentum because that’s what they had in the hospital to supplement until my milk came in. We’ve tried putting them on the powder but they can’t handle that it’s makes their gas horrible. So we have to use the ready to feed. ∼ AJ

– Our boys got much better AFTER stopping all gas drops and gripe water. Also, we had to put one on Similac Pro-Sensitive formula and the other on hypoallergenic Similac Alimentum formula. Other things like a lip or tongue tie could increase the amount of air the baby is taking in while eating. If bottle feeding, Dr. Browns bottles are a lifesaver! ∼ RG

– We had the exact same situation. Dr. Brown’s bottles, probiotics (after about 2 weeks of being in their systems), and elevated sleep in rock and plays for gas and reflux significantly improved things for both of them. My girl still ended up on reflux meds, which continued to help. ∼ RS


– My boys had bad colic and gas when they were little. I started mixing formula the night before, enough for the whole next day, and kept it in a big mixing pitcher in the fridge. Mixing it ahead of time allowed all the trapped air bubbles to dissipate before I fed them. It really helped. When I was feeding right after mixing they had horrible spit up and gas. ∼ KBG

– Stay with what you’re doing but try about elevating one side (head side) of the mattress. Try using a pillow between the mattress and springs or whatever you have. You may have to get creative with what you put under it to get the right angle. ∼ JM

– It takes about 3 weeks for the probiotic to work. Gut issues take a while to heal. Stick with the probiotic, it will get better. Also, try an elimination diet of no dairy, sou, gluten if you’re breastfeeding and see if that helps. It takes about 3 weeks for dairy to leave your body. Then slowly reintroduce it. ∼ AA

– If you’re breastfeeding, you may have an imbalance. Ask your doctor if you can give them a little bit of chamomile tea, that worked for my twins. ∼ HJ

– One of my twins has terrible gas/heartburn issues. Our doctor suggested Mylanta. We give it to him before every other bottle throughout the whole day and seems to be working great so far. ∼ JCR


– We use Culturelle with Vitamin D. It’s made a huge difference. We also supplement with formula and switched to Similac Pro-Sensitive. It’s helped a lot! ∼ MC

– Try feeding in a more upright position and moving their legs around after eating to relieve some of that gas. ∼ BM

Bio Gaia probiotic drops were a life saver for one of my twins! I found it got worse before it got better but it was definitely worth it! ∼ RC

– The Chiropractor worked wonders for my gassy twins. ∼ RBC

– We switched out twins to soy formula and all of their gas issues went away the next day. ∼ KC

– The Fridababy Windi the Gaspasser helps my twins. ∼ NN

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