If You Could Start Over With Twins, What Would You Do Differently?

start over with twins

We asked our community of twin parents the following question: If you could start over with twins, what would you do differently?

Here’s what they said…

If You Could Start Over With Twins, What Would You Do Differently?

I would have stopped pumping earlier. I am glad I got to provide them with the majority of breast milk for 7 months but it consumed my thoughts and my time. It was all such a numbers game of how much were they eating and was I producing enough, extra, not enough etc…it was exhausting! Not to mention being hooked up to the pump constantly…if I could do it all again I would have done 3 months and stopped! – Sarah E.

I would’ve definitely swallowed my pride and ASKED for more help. Having 4 under 4 years old at home at the same time is almost a death wish. 😂 The village that said they’d be there to help all the time after the twins were born never showed up. I realized quickly I had to make it a point to ask. I never did, and I feel mentally drained a year later. But, we made it to a year and conquered! ♥️ – Danette W.

More belly pictures even though I felt miserably sick. I wish I had soaked in the care and baby snuggles while in postpartum for 5 days. Also, I would take back the “relaxation” massage I had the night before my scheduled C-section that I swear is what put me into labor at midnight instead… LOL! – Allison M.

I would have quit pumping/trying to breastfeed much earlier. It made me miserable and I would love to go back and snuggle my babies more instead of being attached to that blasted pump! – Brittany B.

start over with twins

I would have hired help. We have no family nearby and my fiance works a lot. Our friends all have families of their own and could only help here and there. My twins are 1 now, and it’s getting easier (haha). But I definitely would have hired help to help keep myself sane. Help with the feedings, help with the housework, let me have some me time (it may sound super selfish, but looking back I needed all of it.) Having a 3 year old and infant twins was the longest, hardest time in my life. It is now starting to be fun! – Erika D.

I wouldn’t have worried so much about breastfeeding or pumping and would have just loved on them while bottle feeding. – Christina B.

I would have taken some belly pictures! I have none. I would have gone on bed rest when the doctor told me to, instead of worrying about being off work starting at 29 weeks – maybe they wouldn’t have been born at 31 weeks. – Alicia B.

Definitely more belly pictures! I wish I would have enjoyed the infant stage more. I had been told that my twins had a serious disorder that could be fatal if they were not on daily medication. After getting a second opinion, I was told the day before they turned 6 months that they were perfectly healthy 😃. I spent the first 6 months with a knot in my stomach and researching as much about the disorder as possible! I also would not have gotten the double stroller I did. I would have saved my money and bought a Snap N Go. – Karen Z.

My babies are 6 months old and I would have taken more belly pictures as well! I told my husband I was going to get one on my last day being pregnant but that didn’t happen. I also might have started daycare a little earlier. I was home 15 weeks and by then I was going stir crazy. I did start them 2 weeks before I went back to work, but instead of preparing for the school year (I am a nursing instructor) I spent my time going to the dentist, getting my hair done, and socializing, LOL! Now all of my free time goes to staying afloat at work when all I want to do in my free time is enjoy my babies. – Taylor M.

More belly pictures, taken it easier (maybe avoid their prematurity), sleep more when they slept, not try to be supermom. – Sophie F.

start over with twins

Nothing! I got this twin thing down pat, til they start teething, LOL!! – Jasmine G.

Definitely more pictures with them and me. I only have pictures of them and just a few of me holding them. Not stress so much about pumping and enjoy my time with them. I wish I would have asked for help instead of waiting for offers. – Maureen N.

Got rockers/ bouncers that move themselves. 🙈😁 – Stacy O.

Bed rest earlier. I wish I would have understood what my body was telling me. – Jenipher B.

I would have requested to see the Maternal Fetal Medicine unit at my hospital and known more about the signs of preeclampsia. – Jen R.

I would’ve written more stuff down, such as cute things they did or when they did it. I can remember certain things, but I’d love to have more details. – Brandi W.

I would have gotten a twin carrier, asked for more help (from family), would have worked on myself a little more. – Melissa H.

I would have left work earlier, I had less than a week to myself before they were here and I’ll never have “me” time again 😭 – Whitney G.

start over with twins

Babymoon with my husband. The girls are now 17 months old and we’ve been able to go to dinner twice. I think a babymoon to enjoy each other would have made a huge difference. – Stephanie S.

I just wish I had more photos of me with them, I was constantly taking photos of them and other people but rarely got any with me. – Ivana K.

I would have paid for a postpartum doula as well as a night nurse. We have lots of family and people wanted to and did help… we were just so sleep deprived and didn’t have the wits about us to really ask for what we needed. With preemies who had to eat every two hours and I had to pump as well as nurse having two professionals here would have been amazing.  – Bonnie L.

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