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Baby Boy Nursery Ideas: New and Fresh Design Inspiration

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas: New and Fresh Design Inspiration

You’re looking for baby boy nursery ideas after finding out you’re about to have two beautiful bouncing boys. Never fear, Twiniversity is here to give you all the design inspo you could ask for. See below for our suggestions on the best baby boy nursery ideas.

So, you just found out you are pregnant with twin boys! Congratulations. Bring on the nesting. There is so much to prepare: you need to pick names and buy car seats, but the biggest undertaking might just be the nursery. Thanks to Pinterest, you are inundated with baby boy nursery ideas, inspiration, and themes. But how do you create a space that is relaxing, comfortable, and adorable for two little boys?

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Baby Boy Nursery Ideas: New and Fresh Design Inspiration

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Start With Neutrals and Add Pops of Color

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a dreamy environment for your little ones. The easiest and cheapest decor item to make a statement? Paint!

When painting your nursery, almost anything goes; bright colors, patterns, and even murals. Kids’ rooms have a license to be fun. However, sleep studies have shown that pale colors tend to be more relaxing and soothing, for both child and parent. 

Baby boy nursery with large blue and green triangles on the wall to look like mountains. Perfect boy nursery idea.
Bright colors in a nursery will draw your infants attention and can actually stimulate their brains.

But that doesn’t mean you should paint the room beige and call it done. Add pops of color, with an accent wall, wallpaper, or vinyl wall clings. These pops of bright colors will draw your baby’s attention and are good for infant brain stimulation. Additionally, these can be added to a room with framed prints or paintings, curtains, mobiles, books, and toys. Of course, nurseries are the perfect place to have a little extra fun with your painting choices, just don’t go overboard with too many bright pigments or patterns.

Don’t forget to look up. As your babies lie down, they will inevitably spend a lot of time looking at the ceiling. Consider making it interesting for them. Ceilings in nurseries are a great way of adding another layer of interest and making a space feel cozier yet stimulating.

Theme or No Theme for Your Boys’ Nursery?

We asked our community of twin moms if they created a themed nursery for their twins. Of those polled, 99% answered YES.

Having a theme for the nursery makes sense and helps create a coherent look in what is usually a smaller space. Similarly, it can make accessorizing easy and fun!

Need some baby boy nursey ideas? We also asked our MoM community what theme they used in their twin boy nursery, here is what they had to say:

Space Theme -@a2hl3ynicole

Alphabet -@rebeccam67

Can’t have one without the Otter one! (Otter Themed) -@jess_brock19

Stars -@stergianna

Outdoorsy -@franckinik

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Whales and Anchors -@amy_ames923

Woodland -@scherbatsky42

Dinosaurs -@melissaherahanks

Forest themed -@racheltheginger

Safari -@Allisonhhanson

Hot Air Balloons -@caitlinbaulch

Education is the theme! One wall is the periodic table, one is a world map (kid style with fun colors and animals), one is ocean life and one is split between numbers, the alphabet with animals. There are planets and stars with a few constellations on the ceiling (glow in the dark) and a rug with a map, showing what each state is known for. -Beth Reske

White wicker bassinet with white sheets for baby boy nursery ideas
Having a theme for the nursery helps create a coherent look.

Toy Story -Maureen Evans-Tricase

Take Flight (Airplanes) -Pooja Suri


Boho seems to always come back around every few years, and has managed to have some staying power when it comes to nurseries! Traditionally, Boho incorporates rattan decor and furniture, natural wood, and greenery. Typically, these nurseries are done in warm, neutral colors, with plenty of browns, whites, and coral shades with statement accent walls incorporated.

Toddler room with a boho theme as option for baby boy nursery decor
Boho incorporates rattan decor and furniture and natural wood.


Rustic baby boy nurseries take DIY to the next level. With accent walls constructed out of refurbished pallets or barn wood with a mix of vintage street signs and metal cars, this nursery design screams BOY ROOM, but in a good way.


Nature themes are on the rise for nursery decor (Covid-19 Quarantine might be to blame). Of course, that means trees, mountains, and even city-scapes are showing up more and more in baby boy nursery designs. And with good reason, they are cute, easy to find and apply, and can be used in a wide variety of themes.


Plaid, mainly Buffalo Plaid, is showing up everywhere. Wallpaper, curtains, crib sheets, rugs, wall prints…EVERYWHERE. For me, nothing says BOY more than plaid. Plus, it just creates a very cozy space for babies and parents.

A dark teal wall behind a white wood crib can be great for a boy's nursery theme
Black accents are the accessory of the season.

Pops of Black

Black accents are the accessory of the season. From dresser handles to shelving, black is the new black. Plus, young babies usually enjoy books or other prints that feature contrasting black-and-white images (because babies can tell the difference between light and dark when they’re in the womb).

Once you have decided on a theme (or not), now what? We have a few guidelines to help you create a space that your babies will love, but so will you!

Baby Boy Nursery Design Guidelines

Soft Seating

This may sound selfish, but first and foremost, find a comfortable, soft seat for YOUR behind to call home! Don’t settle for kind of comfortable, you will be spending more time in this room than you may realize (feeding, burping, diaper changes), and take it from a MoM that has been there, and your time spent in this chair actually increases as the twins get older!

Simplistic designs are also good for baby boy nurseries
You will be spending alot of time in this room, invest in a comfortable seat for yourself!

Consider seating pieces that can be used by both you and your kids throughout different stages. Think comfort and don’t forget that you will be holding, rocking, and reading to TWO children in this chair, so consider the chair size as well. In addition, recliners and chair and ottoman pairing can be styled with pillows and throws to become cohesive with the theme and space design you are creating.

Room to Grow

We are not talking about the physical size of the nursery! Our babies will not be babies forever, and with each new phase comes a new favorite. Although you want to design a nursery that reflects your babies, the truth is, if you’re designing around your child’s age, you will be redesigning every year. Creating a space that will grow with your child goes for both the style and the practicality of your furniture pieces.

Create a space that will grow with your child. Choose essential pieces as your base design, and then layer in age-appropriate accents. You can always add colors and patterns as your accent pieces that can be easily swapped out as your child grows. This will also save you time and money, as you won’t have to repaint the room every few years as their interests change. Remember, bold accents and patterns can completely change the feel of the room.

Patterns and Textures

Patterns and textures bring dimension to a design. Whether you’re going bold with wallpaper or layering in patterned textiles, don’t be afraid to mix and match for a playful look. We have seen some of the most amazing rooms that have centered around a mural, or even just a pattern on a wall. These kinds of choices can pull your boy nursery together nicely. A soft sherpa blanket with a pattern on one side and soft sherpa on the other draped softly over the rocking chair is a perfect piece for a nursery (useful too).

Go minimalistic for your twin boys' nursery with all white and monochrome
Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and textures when designing a baby nursery

Add Personality

Although baskets and cubes are a must for hiding diaper essentials, toys, and books, it is okay to display a few favorites as decorations to add personality to the nursery.

Although you will be putting the most precious little babies in this room, it is not the place for all of your most precious belongings. Remember, growing infants are living in this space, things will get touched, tossed, and broken. This might not be the best place to put your great-grandmother’s ceramic music box on display (unless you are looking for a reason to get rid of it).

Consider a pop of color for an accent wall in your boys' nursery decorations
Build layers of light in a nursery with floor and table lamps.

Soft Ambient Lighting for Your Baby Boys’ Nursery

Good lighting is important in a nursery. Soft, ambient bedroom lighting creates a feeling of coziness, which is essential to inducing sleep. Build layers of light with floor and table lamps (bonus if they are dimmable!), so you don’t have to turn on overhead lighting in the middle of the night. Choose pieces that represent the theme of the nursery.

With so many choices, there is no right or wrong way to plan your twins’ boy nursery. I mean, go bold, go neutral, use tons of accessories to decorate, or just keep a minimalist vibe. Whatever you do, make sure your baby boy nursery ideas work for you and your boys. That’s all that really matters, after all.

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Written by: Amanda Hadley
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