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The Benefits of Having Twins

The Benefits of Having Twins

The Benefits of Having Twins

Last updated on October 15th, 2023 at 07:00 pm

Apart from the most obvious efficiency factor (one pregnancy, one birth) there are many advantages of having twins!

What are the benefits for the twins?

Their buddy is always there. They’ve known each other since they can remember and that is very comforting.

Their relationship is very special. They always have a friend the same age to play with, go places, and share experiences. The very first beach visit, petting zoo, fireworks show, etc. is way more exciting when you’re sharing it with your best friend who is also experiencing it for the first time! benefits of having twins

Just think how well they will sleep through the night (when they finally DO sleep through the night!) and how much calmer they will be in their bedroom because they are together and they feel safe. benefits of having twins

They are also a little more social than the average child since they are used to being with another kid since the beginning.

They get used to sharing early on so once they are with other kids in a school or play setting it’s not that big of an adjustment.

And what about the advantages of having twins for the parents?

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You don’t need to sign up for a gym, since carrying 2 babies is enough of a workout.

Mothers of twins live longer on average (don’t ask me about the quality of those longs lives – LOL)

You find you are able to do things you’d never thought you would be able to do.

People without twins think you are a hero! benefits of having twins

Double the hugs and kisses! Double the love coming at you all at once. There’s nothing like it.

Two new babies = two new tax deductions!

You are also an expert on babies because one of them has colic and the other one has something blocking his tears so that his eye is all clogged for months. One of them has diarrhea and the other one constipation. One of them gets his fingers caught in the door and the other one jumps out of the swing so that it hits his nose on the way back… And the pediatrician always says it’s normal, so you get used to not worrying much about anything.

Having twins has actually done me so good. I used to get really upset if I arrived somewhere a minute too late and I was always stressing out about having everything perfect. Pffftt! When you have twins you know for a fact that it is physically and mathematically impossible to be perfect, so you learn not to stress about it so much! I’m a much more relaxed and happy person now. benefits of having twins

There’s a good chance they’ll have a similar timing on the development milestones because they motivate one another. And if you are lucky enough, they might have the same school and sports/activities schedule so that the logistics are easier than having to bring one child to soccer practice and the other one to piano lessons.

With a singleton, you might not follow a schedule from day 1 and be always uncertain of what your baby’s routine is. But most twin parents follow a strict schedule from the start (in order to get some rest and survive!) so that you can know for certain what the daily schedule can and can’t handle. Why yes, we’d love to have a play date from 9 am – 11 am! Then quickly pack them up just in time for a quick lunch and the afternoon nap…

You get to pick 2 names and in case of argument one parent can pick one and the other partner can pick the other one.


If you only ever wanted to have 2 kids, that’s it, you are done! But even if you have a singleton afterward it will be easier to carry, deliver, and care for one baby because you’ve been there, done that x2. benefits of having twins

Cooking for 2 is more fun and it’s worth it, not only from the economical point of view. At a restaurant, you don’t have to order off the children’s menu, since they can share an adult’s dish and split it, saving some money, and they can try out new things.

There will come the day when they start entertaining each other (hurray!) That will give you chunks of time to get things done around the house. And it’s really cool to watch them connecting and doing sweet things for each other, like swapping snack cups and bringing each other pacifiers. It’s really too cute!

Having twins is anything but boring; every day there is something new from both of them. And you get into small talk with strangers (due to your celebrity status) and find out fun things about other twins. You also truly and fully appreciate the silence when they are finally sleeping… and you get to sit on the couch for the first time today. Ahhh…. 🙂 benefits of having twins

Marta Tolosa

Marta Tolosa is a native of Spain and has been living in Germany for the last 12 years, where she met her American husband and raises her twin 22-month-old boys (who have 3 nationalities!) She studied computer science and works in IT. She likes to watch romantic comedies and walk back home from the movie theater.

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The Benefits of Having Twins

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