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Contours Curve Stroller

Contours Curve Stroller

Contours Curve

Last updated on August 24th, 2023 at 07:14 pm

Nat took the Contours Curve tandem stroller for a test drive through the streets of NYC. Check out all the features of this great new stroller from our friends at Contours!

Hey, guys, it’s Nat from Twiniversity. I am here in New York City and I’m here with my best friend Melissa.  So we are going to go on an adventure today through New York City. Melissa is behind the curtain so she’s going to be reading the comments to us as we go through. But we are celebrating not only the fact that the weather is outstanding but we’re celebrating the launch of this great double stroller called the Contours Curve.

The first thing that we are going to do is we are going to have you guys choose our adventure today. Are you ready? So do you want to go to Chinatown in New York City or do you want to go to Soho? Right now we are in in the lower Manhattan area. And you guys are going to choose where we are going next. So we’re going to talk about the features of the Contours Curve and if you notice we have our bunnies with us today. And because it’s sunny we’re going to put the little shades down. Not only because it’s sunny but because everybody is looking at us like we’re super weird. So let’s go to the corner and let’s go that way while you guys are taking your chance to vote on which direction we are going to go. Chinatown or Soho?

One of the best features of this is that this is one of the only six-wheel strollers. It’s a sixth wheel stroller and when I initially heard about it I was really concerned. I want to know do you guys want to go to Starbucks or do you guys want to go to the drugstore? That’s the first thing. Let me talk about these awnings for a second. So we were talking before how since we have these bunnies everybody’s looking at us like we’re totally nuts but these are fully expandable awnings that have SPF50 baked on into them so you don’t have to worry. I do love that, okay but when I first got this stroller sometimes there’s like a piece here, there’s a zipper here that not only extends the canopy but gives you this breathability and a little space here. But now look when I’m back here I still can’t see the babies. So what they have here is a magnetic peekaboo window so that I could see what’s going on. But wait there’s more. So yes this is a magnetic window but what’s even cooler is that if you want to keep it open so that you could see the kids it has a little clasp here so that I can keep this up and I could see the twinnies the whole time. So this is my first awesome feature.

contours curve

Now notice if you guys are familiar that Contours has an Options Elite. The Contours Options Elite is our number one tandem stroller at Twiniversity. This is their new feature – the Contours Curve. Already you have noticed that the huge difference is the fabric. This is a very high-end luxury fabric with leather-like trim. Looks like hand stitching. Is it hand stitching? I don’t know but honestly it looks like it but considering that this stroller I believe is $699, I’m going to say it’s not hand stitching because then we’re looking at like a $3,000 stroller. But just like if you buy you know a shirt from a designer versus a shirt from a discount store, that doesn’t mean that they look much different. But it does mean that they were made with impeccable detail. This is that impeccable detail.  This little leather light trim.

It is pushing remarkably well for a stroller that is this long. I could already feel the difference but we’re going to do a real test when we go up and down the curbs. So a lot of people think that a side-by-side stroller is the only way to go but then of course there’s the whole second school that says you need a tandem stroller is the only way to go. There is no right stroller. The right stroller is the one that’s made for you and your family. We should hail a taxi and try to put it in a trunk. So now here are the things to note about a tandem stroller. Well you do have the length of the Contours Curve. If you notice it’s a shorter frame and you’re not losing any space. Because of the way that the frame is curved it is going to be a lot shorter. We actually brought a tape measure with us today so that we could show you just how long and wide it is. Does it a fold with both seats? A hundred percent. I would probably not be showing you a stroller that folds with both seats. Let’s see how this handles the curb because I’m concerned about it with the third wheel.

So we’re heading towards Soho in New York City and you’re going to see that it’s actually a quick short walk. So let’s go inside Starbucks. It’s handling pretty great on the different terrains. Wait we might have our own test track and we don’t even know it. I kind of wanted to have to make it through this. So we made it through. That was a big step.

So what do we want to see? The seats are very comfy. It’s very heavily padded it’s very thick cushioning and it grows with the child. Okay, do we notice anything special? It comes with a cup holder. I will tell you one of my pet peeves that people do is that many people buy the stroller because of the width of the stroller. Because it’s so much narrower, however, when you put the cup holder on the side you just made my stroller wider. I would have loved if a cup holder would have been up here. Just saying. Come on let’s go.

contours curve

So right now the seats are in their most upright position but there’s a handle. Come look now. So there’s a little handle here and you just pull it up and the seats recline. If you haven’t noticed the seats aren’t the best recline for when everybody is in this position. So typically the babies should come out. Let’s do this. You push in these two little buttons here and oh wow that’s super easy to turn. Okay. We could recline everybody. Okay so now everybody has plenty of space and the canopies are large enough to actually provide sun cover for these little puppies. Oh my gosh. I love this so much. So did you notice that I moved the foot well? The foot well that’s right there. It has two little buttons on the side. The foot wells right there and so you just push
the buttons on the side to adjust the foot. Well I’m going to do it again so you guys would see. But look of course in this position we have much more limitations. But this not only has a foot well it also has a ledge here for the kids to put their feet later on in life.

All right let’s go. So we purposely went and got this coffee so I could show you how easy it pushes with one hand. Oh we are approaching Soho and I think it’s time for our first prize. So the first prize that we’re going to give away is another great option from Contours. It’s called the Contours Twist. The Contours Twist is a seat I have a great video of it on YouTube. You probably want to check it out. So the first thing we’re going to give away is the Contours Twist. Let’s say let’s twist again. In case you don’t know, at Twiniversity the way that we do prizes is not everybody wants to win the prize right? If your kids are too big or your kids are too small you may be like I don’t want to win this prize. But today if you just say let’s twist again then you will be entered to win the twist seat from Contours. So Julie has the information. She is literally hiding in the phone while Mel is behind the phone. So all you have to say is let’s twist again for an opportunity to win the twist seat.

The City Select is not a twin stroller. The City Select is a one plus one stroller. Any strollers that you buy in a box that you have to buy a second seat attachment – guess what kids? That’s not a twin stroller. And so the things that you’re giving up are number one not every plus one stroller is what I’m going to call twin strollers like the City Select. Not every stroller has the option to have the same weight in both seats. So I’m pretty sure Julie could double-check this for me that this stroller could hold up to 40 pounds in each seat.

Notice my stroller is not running away. And that’s because there’s this little brake at the bottom. Please note that it’s that easy. So green means go, red is stop and I’m totally locked in place.  So we’re going to go down and up the curb.  See the wheels just adjust. It did it, you guys. See that. That’s for you.

Where are we going Duane Reade or Walgreens? Please vote now. We told you it was a choose our own adventure.  The wheels on the back have a different consistency. So I am going to tell you they do make a different sound. Where do we go now?  Bloomindales, let’s go.  It turns on a dime. Now if you’re going like if you’re really planning a day out you should know the places that you could go up and down the steps.

contours curve

Now clearly this stroller is a little bit easier to push because there are no babies in it. But look at how I got to restock my basket mount. The stroller weighs forty pounds and each seat holds forty pounds.  This would be a lot to pick up. I mean you cannot pick up your toddler’s and the stroller but because of the third set of wheels you have no problem going up and down the curb at the zoo, a crazy city like this or wherever this is. When I found out that I was having twins I was like super, super devastated because I kept thinking my god I’m not going to fit anywhere. And then you get to a point when you’re like, you know what forget you and the voices in your head. This city is made for you. It is actually a very family-friendly city. I should have tried to change the seat configuration. At the light we’re going to have a challenge. The next time we’re at a red light we’re going to try to see if we could change the entire seat configuration.

We’re headed to Bloomie’s right around this corner. Okay now you ready to see how it folds? So all we have to do we put the brake on and then there’s two little knobby things over here on the side see? We have to pull both of them up.  We step down here that’s it. It folds into itself.  And here I’m gonna give you a tip. The things that I have learned is that this seems a little wide right? If you store it against the wall it’s narrow. If I store it in the middle of like the garage I feel like it’s a little wide. That’s how wide it is.  Notice that it locks right there.  To unfold it I unclasp it and that’s it.  Done.  Can they count how long it would take me to change the configurations of these seats?  You count.  13 seconds. I’ll take it. Let’s put the bunnies back and put the babies because it looks weird. While we’re putting the bunnies back in let’s talk about this five-point harness.  Do you guys notice that it has a five-point harness? So it has besides this it also comes with covers automatically. So there will be no chafing on your kid’s skin because it’s covered in this really really thick and lush fabric. But look if you’re like wait…we need them to be longer. Underneath here is where the extenders are so they’ll always be covered so that that part is never on your baby’s skin.

Question – does it fold smaller if you take the seats out?  You want to try?  You see this sticker? That means that it is JPMA certified which means that this stroller has passed a more rigorous series of tests than others. That sticker means a lot. So when you’re buying any baby products always make sure that you look for that sticker all right? That’s it.  This could be used with car seats.  But you have to buy the car seat adapters.  The car seat adapters will snap on this. We actually just bought some and we have some Britax cars seats that are coming. We’re shooting the official video for this on Saturday so we will have that in the video.

contours curve

Question – is there enough distance between the two seats for toddlers? There is enough distance between the two seats for toddlers. Ideally it depends on the seat configuration. For toddlers they should both be facing each other because that’s when you’re going to have the largest amount of foot space. But in the beginning for babies this is definitely it.

So we’re gonna walk through Bloomie’s and see how it goes. But don’t forget to shout out it’s potty time. Let’s go let’s talk about the stroller a little bit more and then we’re going to set you free for the rest of your day.

Come on we’re going to go to one of my favorite doors. That’s where we’re ending now. Guys I’m pushing this with one hand. Oh our noisy city. So let’s talk about the Curve and then we’ll set you on your way. First of all thank you so much to Contours for allowing us to run through the crazy city that we have. So let’s talk about this basket and let’s talk about a few other things that I want to make sure that you guys see. So this is once again the Contours Curve and notice that the difference between a one plus one is that this basket will be big enough for two. But one of the big problems that I have with a one plus one you tend to put so much stuff in the bottom and you can’t actually get to it. Come and check this out. So what Contours does, not only on the Curve but their other strollers as well, is that there’s a zipper on the side for easy access to the basket. I love that by the way. So what a one plus one stroller is is a stroller that you buy in a single configuration that has a second seat attachment. People say it’s a twin stroller. It’s not a twin stroller because the seats don’t always accommodate the same amount of weight. So if you think about the Uppababy Vista if you think about the Mountain Buggy City Select there’s actually a lot more. Graco has a new one that we were just looking at but it’s a 1+1 stroller.

Just because it can hold two seats doesn’t mean it should hold two seats. Don’t be fooled by that. Most of those strollers were made for you and your one baby. Then I have a second baby and I need to buy the second seat or a twin stroller. Clearly we need all the seats all the time from the beginning of time. The Contours Curve honestly is a really, really, really good option. I’m super diggin it. First of all it’s beautiful. I think it’s a beautiful looking stroller. It has the foot well that’s here easily washable, changeable, fully recline, infant ready. Everybody’s like does it accommodate bassinets? This virtually is your bassinet but no it’s not that. But it’s still in an incline. It could take one bassinet okay. We’re going to wrap it up but we want to know this is the Contours Curve. Super luxurious in comparison to many other strollers on the market. If you look at even the handle. Look at this handle. It has that same leather-like texture with the hand stitch finish. – It’s the Mercedes of Contours. Also notice it has like a microfiber finish as opposed to I don’t know like many other seats on the market have like the little waffle pattern? This is much more microfiber feel which is going to be easier to clean but it’s also more lush. It is it’s definitely a lot more lush than others. And of course we have this crazy canopy with a peekaboo window that I can either have on up or down. It’s magnetic so I don’t have to worry about it flying open in the wind. And guys we have so many different seat configurations it’s absolutely out of control. So for more information of course go visit our friends over at Contours. So Julie put in the information below but this stroller is available right now. It is $699.

Thank you so much for joining us today and thanks to Melissa thanks ma’am. Thank you so much – Mel -Julie – Contours and to all of you for watching. Really, check it out and we just put it through its paces. I have to tell you the truth, at the beginning of this I wasn’t thrilled about these wheels because I thought it was going to be a little bit clunky. So I rolled the dice on it and I was like we’re just going to go out and see what it’s like. I love them. So definite, definite thumbs up from us. So for more information go to See you later alligators. Thanks for watching.

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