Dining Out with Infant Twins

Dining Out with Infant Twins

A MoM recently asked:

Hello, I am wondering if there are any tips on how to take twin infants to restaurants. They are too young for seats or high chairs but their stroller is too big and blocks the walkway.

Here’s what our Twiniversity fans had to say:

  • We have always gone out with the twins since they were infants (they are 8 now). Honestly, it’s the easiest time because they stay in one spot and are usually sleeping! Go during nap time and keep them in their infant seats. I know we like to bring EVERYTHING, but I actually took a smaller bag with only immediate items- a couple bottles, a couple diapers- and kept the bulk in the car. This really kept all the “baby items” at a minimum at the table. It’s all about mentally preparing yourself and building extra time in everything. The more you do it, the easier it gets AND your kids will learn how to behave in a restaurant 🥰 –pamilya
  • We often would hold ours! But ultimately we decided that during that period of time, to avoid dining out as much as possible. It always came with challenges and we’d rarely get to enjoy a hot meal. LOL Once they were a little bigger, we took our own travel high chairs that would attach to restaurant chairs. Game changer! –crystalzehnle
  • We only went to family-centered (usually mom and pop owned) restaurants where the stroller was able to be used. We used the Jovie and Bumbleride without any issues at those restaurants and we usually went during nap time. We never changed our lifestyle just because we had twins (maybe because we already had two kids so adding 2 more wasn’t that big of a deal). When we were in the city we would just wear them. Don’t let having kids limit you. Just adjust your expectations and seek out family-friendly establishments. –therealchristinamarie
Dining Out with Infant Twins
  • My tip? Don’t do it. Jk but also serious. There was no way in HELL I was doing that until they were 6 months and could sit in our laps or someone else’s. But even then, the level of enjoyability was a big fat zero. Sorry to be a Debbie downer but as a first-time mom, this was one of those things when I was pregnant that I pictured doing and in my head, I was like, “They’ll just lay in my or my husband’s arms or a family member’s and coo their way through dinner while I sip a martini and enjoy every little bite of my 4-course meal” 😂 I learned reality QUICK. But all the more power to those who succeed at it!!! –sannibuns
  • It depends on the restaurant! I’m in San Francisco where all of the restaurants are small and narrow and the tables are packed in. We have used all of the above suggestions at various times! I prefer to keep the stroller next to the table if at all possible. You are not the first parents to take a stroller in and you won’t be the last. The servers will be able to help! –kamanda_panda
  • Don’t sit in a doorway if it can be avoided, and ask the server to put your full food order in at the same time and not “pace” the food. Everyone’s kids are different but we love going out to eat as a family. The twins are a lot to handle sometimes, but most times they make friends we’re pleasantly surprised. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for taking up space at a restaurant with your beautiful family ❤️ – anonymous
  • We asked the servers if there was a good spot for the stroller within eyesight and held the babies. –ambrassy
  • My husband and I choose the corner table and place the stroller on the side closest to the wall. Our boys sleep through our lunches. They love their car seats. We will occasionally take a peak or two. If they wake up and won’t calm down we ask for to-go boxes. It’s all a learning process but it’s temporary. Do what’s best and comfortable for your family ❤️ –delgb_
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  • Just go! People are saying don’t, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. Find your routine, and don’t get disappointed if it doesn’t work out. –benton_mckay
  • Flip the high chair upside down and put the car seats on the high chair. Many restaurants also have special things they call “slings” that hold the car seats. You can also just put them in the booth or on an extra chair. So many options. No reason to limit (obviously safely) what you want to do because you have babies/kids. Taking them out and being the example of how to be respectful in public just helps them grow up into well-behaved kids. If we shelter them and keep them in all the time for the sole reason of being scared to do it, they aren’t going to learn how to be part of the community in healthy ways. –mparker_cincyhandmade
  • It’s only scary the first couple of times, but ultimately teaching your kids (and yourselves) how to act in public is so important! Give yourselves grace too. We’ve only had to leave a restaurant once with food in bags 🤪 but in 4 years, I’d say that’s a win! –jolenehamz
  • I found it easiest to bring the stroller. We found a couple of restaurants around us that had more space and rotated those. You may not be able to go just anywhere anymore but you make it work how you can! 🙌🏽 –alyssantejeda
  • My double stroller would slide up/under the table so it was mostly out of the way. And I never got pushback bringing it in. It gives the twins freedom to move, play and interact with everyone vs a car seat they got and fussy. My stroller also reclines so if they fell asleep you can lay it back and pull the sun shade over. Music toys and snacks made it doable for us! And big brother was only 1.5 yr older than the twins so carrying 2 car seats into a restaurant plus him wasn’t easy. –jess_lynn_long
Dining Out with Infant Twins
  • If booths are available, we would line their car seats up side by side and mom and dad would sit side by side. If no booths, the upside-down high hair stand for the car seat sometimes worked, or we’d bring other adults to pass babies around lol –juliannachamba
  • Set the car seats on chairs! Or you can take the standard wooden high chairs and flip them upside down and the car seat should sit snug on it. Time your outing during sleep time, bring bottles or little toys just in case they wake up. It’s not scary once you’ve done it a couple of times! –jolenehamz
  • We used to keep them in their bucket car seats. If we were in a booth we actually could turn their car seat to face the table so they basically were “sitting” with us at the table and it held their attention very well. We could eat a meal with no issues especially if it was bottle time too. Easiest to do if you have another adult w you to carry one bucket in but still doable with just one adult. Loved going to restaurants with my twins! –maria.melas.stoddart
  • We have parked the double stroller alongside our table or put their car seats on chairs/booth benches next to us.-tiffanygarrigan
  • Go during a less crowded time and ask the host about a larger space or secluded room. –maria.alana.comitalo
  • What about tandem stroller like mockingbirds? Mine are 1 year apart from each other and that is what saved us! –meirludmila
  • We always took our twins in their car seats. They could sleep if they wanted to. Just sit in the car seats in the booth next to us or on the floor next to the table if it’s a small and casual restaurant. It’s a challenge, but that was the best way for us and we are out all the time. –amandaburkettpaintings
  • We bought 2 small foldable strollers when our twins were little and the double buggy was too big for where we were going. They were really handy for family trips out. –amber.eliz_
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  • I would just bring in the car seats and set them in a chair or on the floor on in the booth! –brennan_custodio
  • We would ask for a table of 4 and sit in their car seats on the extra chairs. If they sat us at a booth and don’t fit on the bench, we would put them on the table. –mrs_bclem
  • We had seats that went on top of normal chairs so they sat at the table with us. They were amazing like a travel chair with proper restraints like a high chair. –aliowen67
  • I always just put them on a chair in their car seat or the floor. It wasn’t pretty but everyone at some point of their life as a lot going on. And it was fine, if people have a problem they don’t have to sit next to my family. –aubparker16
  • One time they sat us in a booth and we put the car seats on the booth seat. –sarahkubacki
  • We took ours in the car seat and stroller. Bring some toys they like or go during nap time with portable sound machines. We made sure we went at non-busy times and at first, we ate at outside tables with lots of room so if it went sideways we could make a quick exit. –haleyannes
  • I use to put their infant carriers onto chairs. And then when about 6 months I always took clamp on high chairs as it was rare for a restaurant to have two high chairs that one wasn’t broken. Took no space to bring along. Also worth checking out in local mum groups which places are buggy friendly. Someone mentioned to me a local cafe had double doors that opened and lots of space – and I counted at least ten sets of twins when we were there 😂😂 –yrfk
  • Carriers – wooden high chairs upside down fit. Some restaurants have infant carrier slings. If it’s just my husband and I going out we get a booth and each have a carrier on our side. We’ve gone out a lot and this has always worked for us 🙂 we’re just starting to use the seats that attach to the table! –jamibrett
Dining Out with Infant Twins
  • Keep them in the car seats. Either put them on the extra chairs. Or if u flip the highchairs over the car seats almost clip in them. Most hostesses know this if u ask.-agreggy10
  • I was a huge fan of the Weego twin carrier. I have triplets so I wore two and my mom or husband wore the other one. I may or may not have scooped guac off of a baby head with a chip tho 😂 –garberpartyof6
  •  Wagon! We used to bring it to restaurants (esp outdoors) and family parties for eating! –lbuhr8@veergear
  • I really needed out of the house when my twins were infants, so I understand this! As an alternative, we would get takeout from our favorite place and eat at a nearby park. Or we would limit ourselves to places with lots of room for a stroller, typically breweries or outdoor seating. –amanda.abbate
  • The only way this worked for me was I only visited places I could push the stroller right up to the table. Typically patios, or breweries, since they’re more spacious. And it makes for a nice quick exit as well! Just need to scope out your location before you go. –miichellemell
  • We just ask for a table for four and use the chair to put their car seat in. Simple and we take them out all the time. –thepalmerspartyof4
  • Carrier or bring the car seat in and request a booth. We would put the car seats inside. They sleep in their car seat and take out periodically if they are up and want to hang out –mrsflofeliz
  • Go to restaurants with lots of space and before rush hour. When they start walking you will not manage to go 🤣🤣🤣 –gmussie
  • We used to wear them in the carrier to sit and eat. Or find a restaurant that can fit the stroller –karengetsgemuetlich
  • Put their carriers in the high chairs. If you enjoy eating out, keep going and taking them. Keep stocked with their favorite snacks in the diaper bag. Mine are 2.5 and are for the most part well behaved bc I prep before we go. Doesn’t change the annoying random ppl coming to your table asking questions about “are they identical, blah blah” but still not a terrible experience if you’re prepared and personally enjoy eating out every once in a while.-marcy_seidel
Dining Out with Infant Twins

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  • Infant seats are extremely portable. They fit in the high chair, sling, on the floor, in the seat, in a chair…the possibilities are endless. –rn_twinsplus1
  • A lot of restaurants have slings for the car seats. Just ask when you get there or make the reservation. –prettygloomy
  • Car seats in high chair till one year.. then using high chair –keilamichelle7
  • Ask for a larger table and put the car seats on the extra chairs –robinofspring
  • We would wear them in to the restaurant. My husband would wear one and I would wear the other. That way they were comfy and we had both hands free. We didn’t go to restaurants often but if we had a dinner we really didn’t want to miss this is what we did.-xxfrancescaterwilligerxx

Advice for Dining out with Infant Twins

  • My children are 11 months and I still keep them in our double stroller (donkey duo). Just ask for a table of 4 and remove 2 chairs and roll the stroller up to the table. Worked for me good luck and don’t limit yourself. –beautifulmusic143
  • A lot of the restaurants’ high chairs can be flipped upside down to safely hold a car seat if they don’t have the slings. I have also put their car seats on a chair next to me or on top of the table. –c4rolyng
  • We always asked the waiter to remove one chair and pulled the stroller right up to the table. Was never a problem. –geckogirl5
  • We either went somewhere that would fit our big stroller next to or behind the table. Or we went somewhere with a booth we could slide the car seats in next to us. I recommend breweries or other loud kid-friendly restaurants in case they get fussy. –brittanymahoney
Dining Out with Infant Twins
  • We take ours by either holding them, putting one or both in a carrier & taking in only one car seat! Big booths are great if they are sleeping you can lay them down! Don’t be discouraged, you can do this! –laurjensen
  • All these “Don’t do it” comments. Sound like my spouse. He was so intimidated. But What you can do is “Don’t stop living because you have Twins whom you’ve worked hard to bring into this world!” & My response was always it’s Not Impossible! & Every time with a little patience it was done and People adored our babies and our dining out experience wasn’t so bad as he imagined 😆 Find something that works best for your Family 🫶🏼 We used the restaurant slings & booths. One baby on each side of me or dad. DO IT 💙💙 First time Twin Mom & Dad here 🤚🏽 –hearty81
  • I took the double stroller and asked for a table in the back. –joyhurley_
  • We would always take them snuggled up in one @uppababy bassinet and sit it in the booth with us! 🥰🥰 Those were the days!!! Enjoy!! –thekelseylawson
  • We would have them in their car seats and they had a sling thing to put them in when my twins were infants.-mandywclark
  • We just decided to go to spacious restaurants and not in peak times. –iamtatjana
  • Do it if you can handle taking them in car seats. Some of our most fun memories (and our only “date nights” for the first few years included the babies and it was wonderful. Just see how the twins can handle it and go somewhere low-key where people don’t judge you if you have them 😉) We have a neighborhood restaurant where the servers and owners have watched the kiddos grow up and love them ❤️. –amandaburkettpaintings
  • At first, I was super stressed taking my girls out to restaurants, I think if you go during slow hours and make sure they have high chairs that can fit the car seats you’ll be ok also make sure it’s not close to feeding time! –marjo_585
  • Put them each in a sling/carrier on one of you. –courtnycity
Dining Out with Infant Twins
  • Keep them in the carriers. Bigger table or a table/booth with a bench with a back to pen in the carriers with the table. Or just get to know a roomy local place and they will make room for a dbl stroller. Enjoy this time though.. much easier when they can’t move!! –ktonky
  • It’s honestly not that big of a deal. Just take the car seats in. Either flip the high chair upside down, ask for a sling, or get a booth and put the car seat beside each parent.-sam.knarr6
  • Put car seats beside you in the booth or the extra chairs at the table. The wooden restaurant highchairs can be flipped over to hold the car seat too. –kennedyables
  • We always got a booth and set the car seats on the booth seat. –futuremrtcn
  • I disagree with the “stay home” method! You and they deserve to be out!! We love to use our wraps and carriers to carry them or turn their car seats sideways when in a booth! –malloreyweber
  • Ask for a sling! Waiters can bring them for the car seats and sit you at a 4-stop table! They scoot up to the table like a chair. –ohktwins
  • Call ahead!!!! Let them know the situation and they will put you at a table that has space for stroller or car seats!!! And tip well ❤️ –angela.koenig16
  • Ask for a friend or family member to join you and hold babies while you eat with one hand. –libraoutofwhack
  • Flip the high chairs upside down and place their car seats in them so that the wider part of the chair fits around the seats, you won’t even need to bring the stroller in. –chelseafray
  • Fabric Slings and let them snooze while you eat. –twinmum_abi
  • I would put them both in carriers. I would wear one & my fiancé would wear the other. –chvyshvll
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  • Keep them in car seats and get a booth. One sits in a car seat on each side of the booth with an adult next to them. –lauranc6
  • I’ve asked to be in a corner or they try to get you somewhere less “crowded”. I’ve never had any pushback from a restaurant when they can clearly see your kids are too small for a high chair. –ack007
  • We either pushed the stroller up to the table or brought their car seats in, we get a table for 4 and each of us put a car seat on the floor along the wall. Now that they are 13 months we have the high hairs that strap on the table. Getting out with them helps keep my sanity. You got this! –smilinkk
  • Go to a brewery. That was our go-to where there’s typically lots of space to park the stroller, outdoor space, and easy escape routes if they have a meltdown vs being stuck at a table inside. –bender_lauren
  • You can flip over some wooden high chairs and the infant car seat fits right in it as a holder. Pull it up to the table next to you. –mkkent79
  • Ask for a larger table and high chairs. Flip the high chairs over (so the feet are sticking up)… place the infant carriers in them. Dining with infant twins is much easier than dining with walking twins 😂. –whitneyarnold92
  • I usually let the restaurant know I have a double stroller and would need room for the stroller. Usually, they give me a bigger table or something in the corner where we aren’t in the way. Good luck! –misses_ily
  • We would set their car seats in the wooden booster seats, for some reason, I feel like we flipped them over. –richellealaine
  • In the car seats, flip the high chairs up side down and they fit in there! –v_grauke
  • We’ve taken our babies out to eat lots! A big booth works best then plunk 1 car seat next to mom and the other next to dad. –meredithbella_
  • Get a table in a corner! That’s what we always did. –paoladelcielo_
  • I would do outdoor dining options when mine were this young. –mal2jewel
  • We used to ask for 2 high chairs, flip them upside down and they’re a sturdy base for the baby carriers. Not optimal but it works. –disfuknguy
  • We used to just put their car seats in the booth or on the chair and hold it. Then hold them if they woke up. Make whoever you are out with participate. –tinytablecreations
Dining Out with Infant Twins
  • Go to a restaurant with a big booth and set their car seats in the corner of the booth. –kris27md
  • We had a UPPAbaby and then we switched to the Joovy side-by-side. Both strollers worked in the restaurant. We would always take the stroller. Just go before the lunch or dinner rush. You can check “busy times” for a restaurant on Google. Tell the server beforehand that you need a table to accommodate the stroller. You can also call the restaurant beforehand to see if they can ready a table before you arrive. Sometimes they will just give you a table closer to the entrance, so you don’t have to maneuver the stroller all the way to the back of the restaurant. Honestly, the more you go out, the more you will feel comfortable taking them out. –christiebeimbetova
  • We used to put their car seats under our feet and we would go while they slept lol also our twins were really good when we went out so we were very lucky back then. As they got older we would put them under us watching a movie and with a bottle and they wouldn’t stir…this all stopped by the age of 2 and we did not bring them to restaurants til like the age of 5 after that lol. –oxjilliannxo
  • You and your hubby hold them while you eat. Or wear them if they are that little in the boba wraps. Slings I’ve heard are awesome too. –bluebirdshaven
  • We would hold them or bring in their car seats.-ernie030406
  • Flip the restaurant high chair upside down and rest the car seats on top. –ejbondi
  • We always tried to find a table that would work, removing a chair or two and pulling the stroller up. Too young for high chairs I’m assuming at least under 6-8 months so it’s honestly the easier time to do it. Just have an exit plan ready if the noise gets too much for them. –misstatianac

Still nervous about taking the twins on outings? Start slow and steady. If a restaurant seems too daunting, start with a walk around the neighborhood, or drop into your favorite coffee shop. Don’t let fear guide you, sometimes we need to get out of the house for our own sanity. Plus, the more you do it, the easier it gets!

Question posted on 01/16/23