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Father’s Day Gifts for Every Dad

Father’s Day Gifts for Every Dad

Father's Day Gifts for Every Dad

Last updated on June 30th, 2024 at 07:33 am

A good Father’s Day gifts can be hard to find. Most Father’s Day gift guides focus on alcohol or alcohol-related gifts, but there are a lot of great non-alcoholic gifts out there if you know where to look. This year, if you are looking to find the perfect gift for dad, there are several great websites where you can find fun and unique ideas.

Geeky Dads

If your dad or husband loves video games, sci-fi, fantasy, or all things geeky, head to There you’ll find Deadpool Fuzzy Bunny Slippers, Pokemon Ball Waffle Makers, and Justice League Wallets. Not to mention, character clothes socks and underwear.

If your dad or husband is a Star Trek fan, I’d suggest the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter or Command Badge.

star trek pizza cutter father's day gifts

For the Star Wars fan, the Star Wars Empire Panini Press.

star wars panini press father's day gifts

A Marvel Fan may want a Thor Hammer Tool Set.

thor hammer tool set father's day gifts

And for the Game of Thrones Fan, a Stark Costume Hoodie.

game of thrones stark house hoodie father's day gifts

Sports Fan Dads

Uncommon Goods is a great place for all kinds of gifts dad might love, but some of the more fun and unique gifts they have are sports related. In addition to gifts for baseball and football loving dads, there is also gifts for golfers, skateboarders, climbers, boxing aficionados and skiers.

The Hockey loving dad might love the Hockey Stick BBQ Set.

hockey grill set father's day gifts

The Basketball dad might enjoy this tabletop game for his desk.

basketball table game father's day gifts

The baseball or golf-loving dads might like these Sports Fan Pepper Mills.

sport pepper mills father's day gifts

And the Football Lover will love these Playbook Glasses.

playbook glasses father's day gifts

Handy Dads

If you are looking for a gift for the handy dad, the Grommet is the place to go. You’ll find unusual but very useful and practical tools, many of which will fit in his pocket.

The ready for anything dad might want the Spare Me 5-in-1 Rescue Tool.

rescue tool father's day gifts

The dad who needs to take his tools on the go will need a multi-tool from Kelvin Tools or a wallet multitool.

multi-tool father's day gifts

The perfectionist dad will want this picture hanging tool.

frame hanging tool father's day gifts

Foodies and BBQ Dads

For interesting and personalized gifts for dads who love to cook or BBQ, I like going to Etsy. Whether you are looking for snacks, spice mixes or cooking and grilling tools, you can find it all at

The dad who loves to make his mark would want a meat branding iron.

meat branding iron father's day gifts

For the dad who likes it hot, he’ll love a gift set of small-batch hot sauce or a kit to make his own.

small batch hot sauce father's day gifts

For the dad who likes a challenge, he can create a fun meal with Foodie Dice.

foodie dice father's day gifts

And for the dad who has a sense of humor, get these poop emoji chocolates.

poop emoji chocolates father's day gifts

Dads Who Love to Brag About Being a Dad

For T-shirts, mugs, and keychains, Personalization Mall is where you should look. You can also get father/son t-shirts.

Tell your dad how much you love him with this personalized wood postcard for him to display (not actually for mailing!)

wooden postcard for dad father's day gifts

The dad who knows his place in the family will need this t-shirt.

dad t-shirt father's day gifts

The dad who loves being dad and fishing needs a personalized lure.

dad fishing lure father's day gifts

And for the coffee drinker, the personalized Father’s Day mug.

dad mug father's day gifts

Outdoorsy Dads

Visit if you are looking for some new ideas for your dad who loves the outdoors.

The lounging dad will enjoy a Fatboy Lounge Seat.

fatboy lounge seat father's day gifts

The dad who loves games might want to try his hand at B3.

ball game father's day gifts

The dad who likes to eat and drink outside will need this cooler tote with a charcoal grill inside.

cooler and grill father's day gifts

Dapper Dads

Subscription boxes are great ways to show dad you appreciate him year round. And there are several great subscription boxes for dads who take pride in his appearance. 

For the clean-shaven dad, the Dollar Shave Club.

For a well-groomed dad, the Birchbox Man or Men’s Health Box.

For the fashionable dads, classy accessories are included in The Tie Bar and Sprezza Box and clothing can be found at Stitch Fix Men.

The Twin Dad

Chances are that since you’re reading this, you have a twin dad or twin grandpa in your life. Make sure to check out the Twin T-Shirt Company, owned by Joe Rawlinson, a twin dad and Twiniversity writer. Check out this hilarious shirt, an ode to one of the most famous twin dads in a galaxy far, far away.

twin dad shirt father's day gifts

There are many great places to find interesting and unique Father’s Day Gifts. This year, if you are looking for something different and to stay sober, visit any of the sites I’ve referenced and you’ll learn of all kinds of interesting options. And if you find yourself looking for a gift last minute, always remember Amazon. Good luck mama!

Maya Mason

Maya Mason lives in the Twin Cities, MN and works in juvenile corrections. Maya is the mom of boy/girl twins named Theo and Teia who were born at 24 weeks. For personal and professional reasons, Maya is very passionate about dimensional wellness. She trains and writes on several topics related to wellness and also trains on topics around body image, diversity and connecting with youth. Maya loves to spend time with her family, play volleyball and travel. She also is an avid writer, writes for several organizations and is in the process of writing a teen fiction series. You can follow Maya as an author on Facebook.

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Father's Day Gifts for Every Dad

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