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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

I’m Having Twins! What Do I Need To Know?

I’m Having Twins! What Do I Need To Know?

i'm having twins what do i need to know

Last updated on May 21st, 2024 at 11:48 am

Are you having twins? Do you feel like you want to run up to every twin mom you see and ask, “I’m having twins! What do I need to know?” Well, we did the asking for you! We posed this question to our community of parents of twins and here’s their best tips, advice, and wisdom for new parents of twins.


Every child and family is different. Do what feels right for you and don’t ruin your family’s schedule for anyone or anything. And don’t let them make you feel bad or guilty. Unless they are coming over to help for the next week to re-fix the schedule.

– Christina R.

Buy diapers and keep them babies on a schedule! It will save your sanity!

– Daniel B.

You don’t need two of everything, do what works best for you and your family, rely on your support system, and get ready to enjoy the best experience of your life!

– Shannon W.

Don’t let anyone guilt you for not breastfeeding.

– Nicole K.

Seriously look into a night nurse or postpartum doula. You don’t think you’ll need one, but after a week or two of a few broken hours of sleep a day, it’ll seem worth it. If you plan ahead, you’ll be able to be more picky.

– Kelly T.

Find a local Parents of Twins Club! You will pick up so many helpful tips and you will make new friends who will be there to support your journey.

– Terri G.
i'm having twins! what do i need to know?

Be prepared for people to constantly ask, “Do twins run in your family?” Or say, “I have kids 1 year apart so I know what you’re going through”. I didn’t realize your one-year-old was waking up every two hours on the opposite hour of your newborn, Susan. Take a seat, it’s not the same!!

– Heather L.

Do everything the best you can. Walk away for 5 minutes if you need to. Ignore the comments from strangers!

– Saydie B.

Do not turn down help from any family and friends.

– Pearl P.

No matter what happens, how the day goes, you will pull through. Some days are hard but most days are fun.

– Herlin J.

Buy earplugs.

– Dy N.

Every family/situation/pregnancy/set of twins is different – so always go with your gut and do what’s best for you and your family. Keep them on the same schedule as best you can. My twins used 5,628 diapers the first year of their life ? Costco/Amazon delivery was a lifesaver. 

– Taylor F.

Don’t compare them. Just because you had them at the same time doesn’t mean they will want or need the same things. And keep them on the same nap schedule, it seems impossible at first but it’s worth it. Get an Amazon dash button for the diapers you want.

– Darian S.

Start setting your alarm for every 30 minutes throughout the night so by the time they’re born you’re used to it.?

– Erin Perez

Make freezer meals in advance. Have the guys do a diaper shower. Have a bag packed early. Get car seats, cribs, rock and plays by 24ish weeks. Take a babymoon even if only a day for yourselves to relax. Have a list of chores for visitors to help with them they come over. Have two people home for at least 5-6 weeks. Utilize home delivery services (Target and Amazon were my go-to.) And fed is best.

– LA K.
i'm having twins! what do i need to know?

Put them on the same schedule, get a Sam’s club or Costco membership, prepare freezer meals, drink more water then you could ever imagine, write down any and all questions you have for your OB (if they don’t know, they will know who to talk to), find a pediatrician who has worked with twins before.

– Melissa H.

Stock up on diapers and wipes…always keep in mind that every child is different, even twins…get as much sleep as you can before they come!

– Jasmine B.


Sign up with Similac and the other companies and they’ll usually send you freebies and a bunch of coupons. Get them on the same schedule, get a Diaper Genie, etc. But no one really mentions the NICU experience, how you may not get to hold your babies for days after they’re born, how they may look so small and sickly and have a multitude of tubes and IVs in them, how NICU nurses can be some of the sweetest people, while others can be so impossibly jaded and toxic, belittle you and make you feel inferior. Some parents will be at the NICU before you get there and will still be there when you leave. Some babies won’t make it. That’s a very trying experience so it’s a must to stay strong and have spiritual fortitude. It’s a wonderful experience but I feel that the darker side of twin pregnancies really isn’t addressed, people go into it thinking it’ll be this wonderful, rainbow-esque experience and that’s not always the case. You’ll make it.

– Pep B.
i'm having twins! what do i need to know?

Baby Brezza. Done.

– Angela D.

You will be fine! Don’t let anyone (especially someone who doesn’t have twins) scare you of what’s to come because every family is different. And to be having twins is a HUGE blessing, even though in the heat of things it may feel stressful. And get ready for your heart to burst with love!

– Sarah W.

Buy used! Facebook marketplace is great for toys/items your kids will use for short periods of time. Put the money you save towards diapers & formula cause God knows you’re gonna need it. 🙂

– Trisha B.

You will survive. Keep them on the same nap schedule at all times. Be very organized. Buy everything you need for the babies, find out what you’re having. It’s very isolating at the beginning.

– Rachelle E.

Over my twin pregnancy, it has been NOTHING like what I’ve been told or read. It’s been my very own specific journey. I received way too much unnecessary information that worried me for no reason.

– SB J.
i'm having twins! what do i need to know?

Unapologetically, do what works best for your family. People will try to guilt you for the choices you make. They’ll act like it should be easier, or harder, or something else than what it is for you, and they have no idea. You know what’s best for your family, so do that. And if you’re trying to figure it out, it’s ok to do that too. Don’t compare yourself to others. Someone might do better with the newborn phase than you, or baby wear both babies, but you could sail through age three while they are tearing their hair out. Just don’t compare because it is different for everyone and it just makes you feel like crap. Sleep now. As often as you can. Because you and your partner won’t sleep for a good long while. In addition to the usual baby things, ask for a maid service, even just once. Or a night nanny. And a meal train. Those things were amazing. Make a list of your chores and how you like them done. When people come over and ask if they can help, tell them to pick one because you would love the help. Try to enjoy the moments you can. Twins are just something else, but those moments you have, especially the twin-specific moments, are pretty incredible. 

– Madeleine H.


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i'm having twins! what do i need to know?

I’m Having Twins! What Do I Need To Know?

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