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Congratulations! You’re pregnant with twins! And Twiniversity is here to help. We’ve posted all of our top articles for expecting twins below in a quick and easy guide to get you prepared for a twin pregnancy, twins baby showers, delivery day, and all the ins and outs of preparing to bring home twin newborns, and beyond!

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The Best of Twiniversity

The Best of Twiniversity

We've compiled a list of all the best twin pregnancy content on Twiniversity, just for YOU!

Your twin pregnancy concerns and solutions

The Only Twin Pregnancy Guide You’ll Ever Need

Need help with your twin pregnancy?

If you just heard that second heartbeat for the first time, or you know it’s been two for a while, you need to read our twin pregnancy week by week timeline to help you learn what happens week by week with twins. You’ll learn if your twin pregnancy symptoms are normal, about twin pregnancy complications that may have arisen, all about your twin pregnancy first trimester to-do list, details on your twin pregnancy development, dozens of twin pregnancy week by week pictures of belly, photos of twin ultrasounds, and SO much more!  Click here to learn more…

Twin Pregnancy Concerns & Solutions

Our top articles on twin pregnancy concerns. TIP: There are so many more articles that you'll find within these featured articles!

Your Twins Home and Nursery Prep

The Only Twin Pregnancy Guide You’ll Ever Need

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Our new digital twin pregnancy journal is up for sale on the Twiniversity Etsy store! This is the first and only digital journal exclusively for twin pregnancy. It’s the perfect way to record your precious twin pregnancy memories to cherish for years to come.  Click here to learn more…

Your Twins Home and Nursery Prep

The top 5 articles on twins home and nursery prep. TIP: There are so many more articles that you'll find within these featured articles!

Twins Baby Showers

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Pregnant with twins and planning to breastfeed?

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What To Do When You’re Breastfeeding Two is an on-demand online breastfeeding twins class made just for YOU! This course was created by Twiniversity in partnership with Judy Teibloom-Mishkin, IBCLC. Click here to learn more…

Twins Baby Showers

The top 5 articles on twins baby showers. TIP: There are so many more articles that you'll find within these featured articles!

Twins Baby Registry

The Only Twin Pregnancy Guide You’ll Ever Need

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Twins Baby Registry

The top 5 articles on your twins baby registry. TIP: There are so many more articles that you'll find within these featured articles!

Your Twins Delivery Day

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Need a plan for the first week home with twins?

Expecting moms and dads, listen up! Twiniversity is now offering a 60-minute twins post-delivery strategy session on a video call with Lauren Oak, Twin Expert and Certified Postpartum Doula (and mom of twins!), to create a customized game plan for you and your twins when they come home. Lauren will help you with whatever is most on your mind: feedings, scheduling, partner issues, postpartum challenges, whatever will be most beneficial to you! Click here to learn more…

Your Twins Delivery Day

The top 5 articles on your twins delivery day. TIP: There are so many more articles that you'll find within these featured articles!

New Twin Life

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New Twin Life

The top 5 articles on new twin life. TIP: There are so many more articles that you'll find within these featured articles!

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What are the symptoms of twins in early pregnancy?

The symptoms in a twin pregnancy are the same as in a singleton pregnancy except they are typically stronger. If you would have nausea with a singleton pregnancy, you’ll feel EXTRA nauseous when you’re pregnant with twins. Your hCG levels will also be a lot higher than with a singleton pregnancy but you would only be able to know that with a blood test (which is typically done with reproductive assistance) but even then there’s no magic number to indicate twins. The only way to truly know if you’re having twins is to have a sonogram at your doctor’s office.

first year with twins

Stressing out with your infant twins? Let us help!

So your twins have finally made their grand entrance into the world!  Congratulations and welcome to the twin parenting club! Now what? Learn what to expect in the first year with twins, including tips, tricks, and advice from real twin parents who have been there. Click here to learn more…

How is twin pregnancy different?

Twin pregnancy is typically a lot more difficult to manage than a singleton pregnancy. You may experience typical pregnancy symptoms in a more extreme manner, such as more nausea, more shortness of breath, more high blood pressure. But if this is your first pregnancy you probably will not know the difference — you may feel like this is how pregnancy is supposed to feel! On the converse, just because you’re pregnant with twins doesn’t mean that your symptoms will be hard to manage. A lot of twin moms report that they had typical pregnancy symptoms that can be compared to symptoms of a singleton pregnancy.

However, once you are getting around 32 weeks or later, you will really start to notice how difficult and painful a twin pregnancy can be. Around 32 weeks, your belly will measure about the size of a full-term singleton pregnancy and you’ll start to wonder how you’re possibly going to make it all the way to 38 weeks! Just hang in there and take it one day at a time.

What to expect pregnant with twins?

When you’re pregnant with twins, expect the unexpected. Educate yourself on the warning signs of preterm labor, the warning signs of preeclampsia, and read up as much as you can on what to do to prepare. Our expecting twins class (offered in NYC, Chicago, Houston, and online) is a great way to learn all you need to know to prepare for your twin delivery and bringing home your babies (we also offer an online breastfeeding twins class!)

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Need a double stroller for your twins?

Are you looking for the best double stroller for twins? Not sure if you should go for a tandem stroller or a side-by-side stroller? And what about a Snap N’ Go? We’ve got all the details for you in our double stroller resource. Click here to learn more…

Are twins high risk pregnancies?

Many twin pregnancies are considered high risk, but not all (some are considered “medium risk” if all is going well). Your doctor will advise if you need to see a high-risk doctor, often found in the Maternal Fetal Medicine unit of your best local hospital.

What causes twins in pregnancy?

Twins occur at random, by reproductive technology, or by conditions that are genetic, such as hyper-ovulation. Learn more here.

Which parent carries the gene for twins?

The mother would be the parent that carries the gene for twins. The gene versions that increase the chance of hyperovulation can be passed down through the mother’s side of the family. Hyperovulation would cause fraternal twins, as multiple eggs are being fertilized at once.

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