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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

Life Hacks to Make Caring for Twins Easier

Life Hacks to Make Caring for Twins Easier

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Last updated on September 19th, 2023 at 01:45 am

A MoM recently asked:

I’m looking for some “life hacks” for caring for twins without help. My mom has been so generous to stay with us for the first 3 months and help my husband and me with our boy-girl twins. I know in January she won’t be able to stay, so I am looking for some tips/tricks to make life “easier”. I am also exclusively pumping every 3-3.5 hours

Here’s what our Twiniversity fans had to say:

Take it all day by day. If you have to tap out for the day (dishes and laundry can wait, order take out for dinner, etc) then so be it. Sometimes it’s all just too much and that’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Tomorrow is a new day. 


My favorite tip for caring for twins is to double up mattress pads and sheets on cribs. Middle of the night diaper messes, vomiting and spit up can lead to need a fresh bed. So much easier to take the top layer off and put clean baby back into clean bed without fussing over finding and putting on a new set in the wee hours. 

∼ MS

Stop having your mom help with anything baby related. Let her cook meals/clean. Start doing everything for babies alone now, this way it will prep you for when she leaves. She will still be extra hands if you really struggle, but this will give you a safe way to figure it out. 

∼ JD

Get a hands free pumping bra and a cordless pump if you don’t have one already. 

∼ EE
caring for twins

I had so many things that I loved and wouldn’t have survived without. I loved our play yard for the first year. It kept them contained. Eat while you pump. Pump while you cook. Accept any and all help and meals. Space saver high chairs are great. They can sit up and be easily entertained with a toy. Bonus you can move them around with you or even set them up on living room floor. White noise machines were a life saver, as was having a ceiling fan on. 

∼ JK

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Much of caring for twins is adapting to each new thing on the fly. There are no “rules”. You’ll find your normal and things will get more smooth. 

∼ LP

Get a Twin Z pillow if you don’t have one! Life saver! 

∼ JG

Pump and feed both babies at the same time. I had to do this otherwise it would take an hour and a half to pump and then feed each baby. I would sit on the couch with my pump and put a baby on each side of me in a boppy pillow. Not always the easiest thing, but it sure would save time! 

∼ JD

Just follow your instinct, tell yourself that they are a part of you and you got this. Trust me, your motherly instincts will make everything possible. 

∼ ST

My best advice for caring for twins is to keep a strict schedule the best you can. Feed both babies at the same time. Change them at the same time when you can bathe them one after another at the same time, etc. It becomes so natural everything kind of falls into place. 

∼ BF

Click here to download a printable version of the Twiniversty Twins Daily Log.

I used an inflatable pool in my living room, plenty of room to crawl and play, I put a soft thick rug under it and some blankets. It was a serious life saver from 4-14 months. I also would drag their swings or bouncers in the bathroom when I needed a bath/shower during the day. 

∼ KO

My best tip for caring for twins is to give yourself a break. There will be times when one baby just has to cry while you get the other changed and fed. Also when your husband gets home clock out for an hour EVERY DAY. This is when I take a hot bath (with my doors locked). You need a little time when no one is touching you or needs you. 

∼ RH
caring for twins

My life hacks for caring for twins are the following: Use a crockpot or Instant Pot. Don’t be afraid to go out. Yes, it’s crazy, but its your crazy. Embrace it! Go with the flow! They love you and know you love them. Sometimes you can’t always meet their wants at that exact moment, but it will be ok. Give yourself plenty of grace. Enjoy every day! 


Have your mom help stock your freezer with easy to cook meals and clean your house really well before she leaves. Cooking and cleaning will be the last things on your list of priorities. Master the art of feeding both babies while you pump. I used a Twin Z pillow. Get out of the house every day, with or without babies. A short walk or a trip to Target keeps cabin fever at bay. 


Have a system for everything from washing bottles to meal prepping to bath and bedtime routine. My husband and I have designated chores and duties with the kids. Since I was pumping he would get up at night and feed. It’s really a 50/50 split for all of the work in our house. It’s still hard but it works! 

∼ MG

Some days will be absolute crap, and others will be absolutely amazing when caring for twins. Let some of the cleaning go or at least adjust your standards from what they were before the babies. You need to conserve your energy on certain days. You can do this, and you’ll realize what a rock star you are at the end of the day! 


Stay on a schedule as best you can and make a chart each day. Write down the times they ate, slept and their pee/poop schedules. If not, you won’t be able to remember who did what while you’re sleep deprived. It also helps because your pediatrician will ask you these questions at their check up appointments. It helps tremendously! Also,  we fed ours at the same time in a table for two. It works great. 

∼ SP
caring for twins

The crockpot is your best friend. Order groceries to be delivered. Hire a mommy’s helper to come after school, a middle schooler who can help do dishes, fold laundry, sit with babies while you shower, even just 2 days a week. If you are active in church don’t be afraid to ask for help, meal delivery, etc. I am a NICU RN and twin mom and tell all parents to take help when offered. 


Get out of the house! We would walk 2-3 times a day (to get breakfast, groceries or just out of the house). The days went by so much faster, my twins were happier. It wore them out and they napped better. I kept them on the same schedule; feeding, sleeping, eating, etc. 

∼ AM

I was so worried when my husband went back to work after his 4 months paternity leave. But it was so much in scarier in my head. We all did great with the transition. The first week he went back to work, I scheduled outings for each day to keep me busy. 


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