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On Your Mark, Get Set, GO! Tackling the Running Stage

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO! Tackling the Running Stage

Last updated on September 30th, 2021 at 10:15 am

If you are a parent of multiples, you know one of the biggest fears and hurdles to overcome is when your twinnies hit that wonderful stage known as the running stage. Right around the age of two, they found a new sense of freedom when they learned they could run. And I mean, run fast!

On this particular glorious morning, I was trying to get my boys out the door (and the million bags that go along with them) to swim class and, of course, we were already running on twin two-year-old time which is usually five minutes late, due to a last-minute diaper change. My husband had already left for work, we were dressed in our swimsuits and I was carrying all the bags at one time and telling the boys to “walk straight to the car, and ONLY to the car, boys. STRAIGHT to Mommy’s car!”

running2As I am saying those very words, there they go, bolting down the sidewalk with our very protective dog following close behind them, the wind blowing in their hair, giggling like they thought it was the funniest thing in the world. I bolted after them, quickly dropping one piece at a time down the sidewalk so I have space in my arms to scoop them up. I finally catch them about five houses down and grabbed them both up by any extremity I could grasp. I think I had one child upside down and the other child by a leg or an arm and I was yelling at the dog to “Go back home, Jack!” with my strapless swimsuit cover-up down around my waist. With both boys in my arms, I tried to start picking up each piece I had dropped. A diaper bag about four houses down, my purse about three houses down, our pool bag about two houses down, my phone behind my car about halfway in the street. Awesome.

I could feel all the neighbors’ glares and eyes on me as I knew I looked pretty crazy carrying a couple of toddlers and three bags, while herding the dog, in my swimsuit, with my cover-up half on and scolding everyone for running off.

But… who was I trying to impress? No one. I’m not trying to dazzle anyone with my parenting skills (or my jogging skills) – I’m just trying to make sure all my kids make it through the day, fed and happy, and all in one piece.

running1My biggest goal in life at this point in time was to make sure all my ducklings stayed in a row. I dreaded the mornings my husband had to leave earlier than I did because I knew I had to get the boys from the front door to the car without one or both of them hitting the pavement. I wouldn’t even venture to the store alone for the fear of one of them running off.

We finally were all loaded up and the dog put safely in the house and only about 10 minutes late to swim class. Overall, this was a success. However I learned quickly to take one child to the car at a time until they could learn to walk calmly and closely next to Mommy. (That day does come, I promise!) We started going to Target just to practice walking together. It was a store I was familiar with and felt comfortable with. After a lot of practice and maybe sometimes a little bribery of, “You’ll get a little toy if everyone walks with mommy”, my ducks are finally in a row. Occasionally, there is that one duckling that wanders off but I can usually get it resolved quickly.

So how do you keep your twinnies from bolting off? Any good tips for all the new mommies out there that are about to cross this major feat in life?

Looking back, I know that was not an ideal situation but it was one of the many, many experiences and stories I will have to share with them when they get older. Raising multiples sometimes isn’t the easiest job ever but I wouldn’t change it for the world. As long as I can get through that brief moment of time that I feel so scattered, I know I can look back on it and laugh. The hugs and kisses and laughter make up for every single frazzled moment that I’ve had in the past couple years. The boys are my life and I am so lucky to be their Mommy.

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mikenzie1Mikenzie Oldham is a full-time twin mommy, a full-time wife, a full-time employee, a full-time maid, a full-time chef, and a full-time writer. Juggling life as twin mommy in a kid-centric world, she survives all this with a steady intake of caffeine and wine. She has perfected the phrase “don’t hit your brother” and her main expertise is cleaning mud out of someone’s ear, kissing “owies” and finding four shoes. Check out all her boys’ shenanigans at



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