Secure Furniture to Secure Your Children’s Future

Secure Furniture to Secure Your Children’s Future

Have you ever had a mom, a twin mom at that, give you some good advice only to not take it? Then later realize you should have listened to her?

When my twins were just babies a twin mom gave me this advice: “Anchor furniture to the wall before those boys get adventurous.” I always remembered this advice, but I never did anything about it. Then I read Kimberly’s story. I cried, a lot. What if this had been my child? What if one of my twins were left twin-less? I felt so foolish!

This mom wants to get the word out so that no other mother will ever have to go though what she went though.

Note: This story is long and raw, it will make you cry.

Love, Light, Laughter and chocolate – One Mom’s Journey :: Be with me. Just for Today.

On January 5th, Kimberly added this to her blog in response to the high amount of attention she has received from this post:

“With nearly 830,000 people having read that blog post in the past 2 weeks, I know with your help I can do this.  Tonight, I created a petition at We the People.  In order to get it to be considered by the Obama administration, I need 25,000 signatures before February 3rd.  You can find and sign the petition here Petition to mandate warning labels and anchors for furniture, TV’s and Appliances

I’m asking for a law to require warning labels and appropriate anchors (to hold the weight of the piece fully loaded) be sold with all furniture, TV’s and appliances.”

We want to say to Kimberly that we appreciate you opening up your heart and touching thousands of others hearts in the process.


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