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Spending One on One Time With Twins

Spending One on One Time With Twins


Last updated on September 30th, 2021 at 10:19 am

Whenever I hear the term “One on One Time” I think of The Bachelor reality show every time. I’m not even sure why since it’s not on my TV watch list (I’m more of a Survivor girl) but when I think of spending time with one child at a time, this is the saying that comes to mind. Who knows better how to spend some “one on one time” with your kids then a parent of twins! Today I want to give you some tips to make sure that you are getting to know each child independently and not just raising the “village” the entire time.

When my twins were small, I can barely remember moments that I had just ONE baby — it was always strolls with the twins, feeding time for the twins, playtime for the twins. I never really thought much about spending time with one kid to be honest. I was just trying to make it from sunrise to sunset in one piece everyday. But as the kids got older and their personalities started to develop I started craving time to explore these little tots on a different level. I started to notice that they were a bit different when the other one wasn’t around. So I made it my business to spend a little “one on one time” with each child daily and this is how I did it.

one on one timeTake Advantage of the Early Riser
From birth one kid just needed less sleep then the other. For a long while I put them in their cribs at the same time and took them out at the same time. The one that slept the shorter time didn’t fuss when he work up, he just cooed and played with his feet more often then not. I decided to take the opportunity to liberate him from his crib and let his sister sleep soundly while the two of us bonded. These little moments are cherished in my heart. As most parents know, when your baby wakes up, they are the happiest and have that fresh baby smell. Ummmmm, delish. I took the opportunity whenever it arose to grab my early riser and enjoy his company without his twin around. We snuggled, read stories, and I would just talk to him. Sure he might not have understood me in the beginning, but by the time he was three, we had our own little club and used these times to connect. Consider this if you have an early riser in your home.

Bath Time = Bonding Time
When your tots are tiny, they don’t need a full bath daily. A little wipe down with a fresh cloth is really all that is needed, but perhaps considering alternating bath days and spending a little more splish splash time with each child.Bathtime can be a daunting task with multiple kids and one parent on duty, so this is another great way to get in that “one on one time.” Just be sure that the baby or babies that aren’t participating in bath time are in a safe spot so you can keep all eyes on the slippery wet child.

one on one timeErrands with a buddy can make the trip more fun
Need to pick up the dry cleaning, grab a container of milk? Run out of stamps or forget that Fido needs a refill of biscuits? Take ONE child with you for that quality “one on one time.” Running errands with your brood can be overwhelming to say the least. A grocery store run can quickly turn from fun times to a scene from the Hunger Games (“I volunteer as tribute” some moms would say just to get away from the chaos!) However taking ONE child can go from boring errands to an adventure and exploration. With one kid, you can manage to discuss the intricacies of the postal service instead of saying “the line will move when it’s ready” one more time.

Pick a Day, Any Day
Declare it “Sarah Day”, “Ian Day” or “Cassie Day” randomly throughout the year. Let that child decide what the plan will be and go on a date with your child. For the younger ones, give them options, but as they get older, they will love this idea and plan their time before you even declare the day.

These are just a few ways that you can grab some “one on one time” with your children and if you haven’t started spending this quality time with them, it’s only too late if you don’t start now. Tomorrow is a new day with new chances to do the things you would like to. This will really give you the chance to get to know your kids on a different level and you’ll find little pieces of you, your spouse, your mom or even your distant relatives in their personalities. Enjoy ever second of them, they will be off to college before you know it and you’ll have to work a little harder to get a date with your kiddo.

Natalie Diaz and her twins

– Natalie Diaz, Founder of Twiniversity

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