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Stupid Things People Told Me When I Was Pregnant With Twins

Stupid Things People Told Me When I Was Pregnant With Twins

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Last updated on October 30th, 2023 at 05:35 pm

What is it about being pregnant with twins that just makes people feel like they can make the most idiotic and ridiculous comments? We asked our Twiniversity community about some of the stupid things people said to them while they were pregnant with twins and BOY did they “deliver”!

Stupid things people have said to our community

I was told, “I hope they are small so you don’t get too uncomfortable.” I don’t want small babies! I want big healthy babies! Even if that means a while of being uncomfortable!

People always seem very concerned that I am going to give birth the moment they spot me. Like my twins are just going to fall out onto the floor simply because I am standing there. No, I promise I’m not going to have my babies in your store. Calm down.

“Omg you’re enormous! Are you having triplets?”
“Looks like you’re about to burst!”
“Are they natural?”
All of these comments are from the same person, by a stranger in my OB’s office!!

I couldn’t BELIEVE how many people asked if they were “natural”, if twins ran in my family, etc.


“So you’re done now, right?” This is not the worst thing, but an annoying question that I was always asked.

“Well, it’s only really like one baby, because twins are always so small…” Uh, nope. Its really like two regular sized babies, but thanks for playing!

When we bought our van, while we were waiting on some of the paperwork and processing, the salesman started telling us a story. “My oldest boy was suppose to be a twin but we lost one. Now we joke around with my son and tell him he ate his brother and that’s why he’s an only child.” And then starts laughing like it’s the funniest joke ever. If we hadn’t already signed all the paperwork, I would have gone elsewhere.

I got the, “My son was 10 pounds at birth, so that was like having twins.” Yea, because he had two heads, two heart beats, two placentas… Yep just like twins.


Yeah, love the random horror stories… Not like we aren’t paranoid about everything developing as it should already… Please tell me how others didn’t work out… Wonderful… Have a nice day.

My husband’s cousin was my hairstylist and when I went in for my first appointment with her after we found out we were expecting triplets, she said, “Did God bless you with those babies or did you use fertility drugs?” Last time I ever went to her for my hair! I told her we tried for 3 years and used fertility meds but all babies are God’s blessings no matter how they were conceived!

When I was pregnant with twins, a friend who had previously had a singleton lectured me to exercise every day and not eat too much, so as not to have excess weight postpartum. Meanwhile, my doctor had put me on bed rest and was encouraging me to eat daily hamburgers to get my babies the precious protein they needed to develop. She had NO CLUE how much protein, calories, water, nutrients, and rest it takes to grow two healthy human beings at the same time. I’m so glad I listened to my doctor instead of being concerned about vanity pounds. My kids came out healthy at 38 weeks and never needed the NICU. And my postpartum weight was just fine.

Early in my pregnancy I had someone tell me not to get my hopes up, that chances are I would lose a twin, if not both, before the end of my first trimester. It was a disgusting comment and it sent me into weeks of worry.


I unexpectedly got pregnant with our twin girls and we already had 3 boys, ages 13, 11, and 5. Probably not the worst thing, but I got soooo tired of hearing, “Better you than me,” and, “Don’t you know what causes that!” Also, I’m 43 and someone said, “You will be on Medicare before they are grown!” Yes, thank you for pointing that out!!!

People will say to a friend/partner when they see our girls, “See, it could be worse.” Umm, no my kids are amazing. You should be saying, “Could be better.”

The worst thing someone said to me was “You’re not big enough to be having twins. They’re going to be born small and unhealthy.” I was about 21 weeks pregnant at the time.

Since 18 weeks, I have gotten the comment, “You must be ready to pop! That baby is coming any day now, right?!” ….wrong….

I hated everyone constantly saying, “How will you cope? How will you manage?” Its like walking up to me and saying, “You can’t do this.” I know it’s not what people meant, but i took it as a challenge.

Are people saying these stupid things to you? Send them this list or this post here about stupid things they shouldn’t say to you while pregnant.


My now ex-partner came home from work laughing so hard one day while I was pregnant with our twins. It took me 10 minutes to get out of him that one of the guys he worked with came up and seriously asked him if he had to have sex twice to get twins.

I went to a formal dance in my small town. A drunk lady came up and literally poked my belly with her finger while telling her husband, “Look at that! There’s a baby there (still poking).” I politely smiled and told her there were two in there…..”Two?!? Ohmygah, honey there are two in there! How many more months?” I told her 3. She says “3?!? Wow! You. Are. Going. To. Get. HUGE!!!” People don’t know any better…hubs and I just laughed about it the whole way home.

My house keeper gasped, put her hand to her mouth and said “that’s awful” when I told her I was expecting twins. Safe to say she was fired.

“So I hear you’re having twins!” To which I reply “yup!” She goes on to say, “Well are they yours?” Staring down at my enormously beautiful belly I reply, “Looks that way!” The idiot proceeds to say, “Well you know nowadays people grow their babies in a dish and not the old fashioned way.” Mind you I am a hairstylist and was holding scissors cutting a client’s hair and had to refrain from cutting her tongue out!!! I was so speechless that I then pretended she was no longer there and ignored her because I would have gone off on her!!!

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One of the worst was when I got in the elevator to head up to a prenatal appointment. One other woman was on the elevator with me, and started out asking when I was due. I slipped, mentioning “they” were due in a month or so, smiling… She got serious, looked at me and said, “You won’t be smiling when they’re both crying.”

One lady felt inspired to compare me to her pregnant dog. Another asked if she could pop me and went on to talk about how I looked like I would burst like a balloon if she poked me with a pen.

“Better you than me!” I replied, “With that attitude, so am I. Only special people are blessed with multiples.”

A stranger in the maternity store said, “Aren’t you scared?” “I wasn’t until now,” was my reply! Ha! My twins are 7 and we are super blessed!

That having a c-section will hurt twice as much with two babies and I should really have a vaginal delivery. It came from someone who never had a c-section or twins.


Someone told me I must have done something terrible in a former life. I was speechless. And then cried. I so regret not saying something to him.

I got “You look great, for twins!” Seriously?! So if it was one, then I’d look…?? That was a back handed compliment if I ever heard one.

The stupid things people say don’t stop just because you had your twins. Check out silly questions people love to ask here!

My worst was a lady who asked if I’d considered selective reduction. There were two and everyone was healthy!

Someone looked me up and down with a disgusted look on their face and said, “What, do you got three in there?” Nope, just two, but thanks for making me feel even fatter than I already do!! That was my actual response to him too!!

Someone said at a birthing class (I was 27 weeks, so not as huge as I would be at 38 weeks), “When we first got pregnant I was really hoping for twins, but now looking at you, I’m really happy we’re not having twins.”

“Are they natural?” I’m not pregnant with robots. And why not just ask if we had sex to conceive!???

While waiting in line toward the end of my pregnancy I had one lady turn around and say “OMG, what happened to you?”

One woman at playgroup said “my condolences”…

“You know ones going to be sterile right?! (Umm excuse me!?) Because that’s what happens with cows. Ones sterile ones not. Won’t know till they’re older I guess…” What!? What the actual f***!? That is in no way true!

Don’t say stupid things like these. Just don’t

I get a lot of positive comments actually but at work a customer pointed his finger at me and laughed hysterically. When it seemed he was done laughing he would just start laughing again!

“If that belly gets much bigger you’re going to need to put wheels under that thing!” I was about 5 1/2 months.

My husband and I live in a foreign country where having a maid or a nanny is very common. I was told many times that I’d need someone to help me, a live-in nanny, as I would not be able to “do it” on my own. When I would reply with, “No, I’m not getting help,” I would be looked at like a crazy person! Over 4 months of being a multiples mum and I can’t be more proud. It’s not always easy and I have nothing against mums who have help. You do what you got to survive! Oh, and the “sleep while you can” remark. I still get it! Or when someone says that I look tired when I’m actually quite fresh and feeling good. All that said, I was given many compliments and beautiful things were said to me during my pregnancy, and now still! People aren’t being rude intentionally. They find multiple mums fascinating and want to understand our “world”.

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