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The Best Ways to Help Out New Parents of Twins

The Best Ways to Help Out New Parents of Twins

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Last updated on September 28th, 2021 at 01:44 pm

We recently asked, “What is the best way someone can help out new parents of twins?”

Here’s what our Twiniversity fans had to say:

Diapers and wipes! NR

– Don’t disappear after the babies are no longer newborns. We still need our friends when they are older! LE

– Plated up food that’s easy to microwave! Even better if it arrived hot enough to eat! VP

The Amazon Echo helps to be hands-free when you need to order things that are needed for the babies. NR

– Light snacks like applesauce cups to keep by the bedside if she had a C-Section. MOT

new parents

– Let them shower and have a nap. EE

– Encouragement, food, no comments on housekeeping and no surprise visits! When visiting take charge and send parents for naps and showers! MG

– Bring fruits or a homemade dessert, something fresh and healthy. MC

– Don’t ask, just do. Just bring dinner over, hold a baby and clean something. VB

– Never be judgmental of new parents of twins. JB

– Be understanding if they request no visits or no baby holding (especially with premature babies). BT

– As a twin mama of 9-month-old twin girls, I think I valued when someone offered to take care of the actual TASKS that mount quickly with two, like rinsing/washing bottles, laundry, or general cleaning. Or if you’re on the breastfeed/pump/try to sleep rotation- just to cook or bring food and make sure your water is nearby. LG

– Food & conversation. It can be lonely when friends who say they can’t wait to help with the babies scatter. LW

– Offer to watch the babies while mom showers and naps! EB

– Offer to grocery shop for the new parents. MD

new parents

– If they have a dog, offer to walk it. AB

– Moral support, food, a quick nap and paper products, toilet paper, paper towels and paper plates. KM

– Be there to listen and let us cry, be emotional support. Keep an eye on the twins so mom can have a shower or a nap. Amazing what a difference that makes! Or FOOD because we don’t have time to even think about what we need anymore! SH

– Do any household cleaning/making or prepping meals. That way momma can 100% enjoy the time with her babies and not running around doing other things. IHB

– Call ahead of visiting! Drop-ins throw everyone off. MJ

– Get a cooler to have on the front doorstep so people can leave food in it and not bother the new parents. SC

– Just come round and see the new parents of twins, along with her twins! Having adult company does help you not go insane! VK

– Give gift cards to restaurants for delivery. SW

new parents

– Load the dishwasher/wash a sink load of dishes. Run a load of laundry. Bonus points if you fold it. Distract the older siblings, if there are any. Bring over dinner or a frozen meal for later. Let the new parents take a nap! CC

– Offer to pick up groceries or odds and ends from Target/drugstore/etc. It’s a pain to drag out the twins only to find the double stroller with the car seats doesn’t fit through a door! AG

– Give cash for a night nanny or postpartum doula! JBN

– Hire a cleaning service for new parents of twins. TK

– Don’t assume when we say we’d like some help it means new parents of twins are looking for someone to watch the babies. The most important thing we could possibly do is spend time with our babies and learn who they are and they need to learn who we are. When we say we need help it might mean we would appreciate some food, cleaning, laundry, and some to run errands. SK

– Come visit and do the things that need to be done. Anybody can hold your babies but it takes a special person to wash your dishes, wipe your counters, wash a load of clothes, or give you a break for some SLEEP. CC

– Give a diaper subscriptions! NA

– Helping to bathe, change diapers or clothes of one baby while I do the other. It seems so simple but that can be much needed. Doing everything times two can be overwhelming at times fro new parents of twins! MA

– Washing bottles, making frozen dinners and sometimes just holding/entertaining babies are great ways to help new parents of twins. RT

new parents

– Never make them feel less of a parent. No matter how tired they look or how sticky their floors are or how tired they look or how much the may need a shower. BB

– Premade frozen dinners. Do what needs to be done anywhere – empty dishwasher, wash bottles, laundry, clean a toilet. Do without asking, just look around and see what needs to be tended to. SS

– Help with older siblings. JN

– Bring them coffee and offer to watch twins so parents can take a walk. BH

– Offer to clean bottles. BO

– Let them get some time alone with their significant other! TM

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