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The Chicco Corso Flex Twins Bundle

The Chicco Corso Flex Twins Bundle

There’s a new stroller on the block! Meet the new Corso Flex Twin Bundle Stroller by Chicco. Twin mama Kylee tested it out and gave us her honest opinion! Keep reading to find out if the Corso Flex Twin stroller is the right one for your twin family.

Say hello to the Corso Flex Twins Bundle—a stroller option that feels like a luxury but won’t necessarily break the bank AND will carry you from infancy through toddlerhood (which means you’re technically saving money… mom math!). With its unparalleled versatility, luxurious materials, innovative design, and top-notch safety features, this bundle is a great choice for twins!

Here’s what the bundle comes with:

  • Two KeyFit 35 ClearTex Infant Car Seats 
  • Two Toddler Seats 
  • Corso Flex Convertible Stroller

KeyFit 35 ClearTex Infant Car Seats

The Chicco Corso Flex Twins Bundle

Luxurious Feel

First, I have to talk about these car seats! When I took them out of the box, I was shocked at how luxurious they felt. I truly wasn’t expecting it. They remind me of a better version of a very expensive car seat brand (that will not be named) for half the price. The color scheme plays a factor in this. It comes in three colors, and all of them are so crisp and modern-looking in shades of black and grey. The fabric also feels luxurious; it’s 100% polyester. And the padding is thick and pillow-soft.

Better for Babies

While we’re talking about the fabric, from the textiles to the tags, ClearTex® products meet federal standards without added chemicals. The seat is also GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means it is certified for low chemical emissions. As a mom who tries to limit chemical exposure as much as possible, this is a small win I can feel good about!

Corso Flex Twin Stroller Bundle

Fits Babies for Longer

Chicco says you can use these car seats up to 18 months old. That’s a lot of life for an infant car seat! This is possible because the headrest extends with the harness to easily grow with children up to 32” tall, and the anti-rebound bar adds extended legroom.

Go Base-less

I didn’t think this feature would be as important to me as it is… until my husband went to work with both the bases in his truck or when I flew across the country with the twins. In both these scenarios, the fact that I didn’t need a base for my car seat meant I could still hit the road safely! Bonus: This car seat has a 3-point contact belt (a safety restraint that uses 3 points of contact at the crotch and hips to secure a child) routing for extra security.

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The Corso Flex Convertible Stroller

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room…The stroller is called “Legend” for a reason and definitely lives up to the name. This stroller legitimately shocked me with its versatility, durability, and luxury, and I bet you’ll think the same. Now, this stroller is originally made to accommodate one baby, then you can add the toddler component or standing platform later for two singletons. For the purpose of this review (and my twin-blessed family), I’m going to focus on the features important to twin parents.

Corso Flex Twin Bundle Stroller

What we love about the Chicco Corso Flex:

Grows with you

We love a versatile system that can be used all the way through toddlerhood. That means you won’t be buying multiple strollers (been there)! The compatible car seats that come with the bundle click right in effortlessly, which, trust me, makes a big difference. And when it’s time to say goodbye to the infant car seats, the toddler seats also click right in.

Car Seats Click Right In

In and out of the car to doctors’ appointments, coffee dates, etc. With twins, it’s essential to have a stroller that you can put infant seats in – I can’t emphasize that enough. You will not want to take the babies in and out of the car seat and into a third stroller or try and carry them in. Trust me on this. Car seats that click right into the stroller are so convenient!

THe Corso Flex has an easy one-hand fold

Folds Up and Down EASILY

Not only do the car seats and toddler seats click in like a dream, the whole stroller folds down with just the tug of the carry handle. There was no sweat produced here! You can seriously do it with one hand. Getting it back up is cake, too! Even my husband was mind-blown that it was that easy.

Good wheels

Hear me out.. wheels are something I didn’t think were that important until I had a stroller or two with cheap plastic wheels. These wheels are treaded rubber tires with foam cores and all-wheel suspension plus wheel and swivel bearings for the smoothest stroll. They’re the real deal! And just look at the size of those things! They’re so much sturdier, long-lasting, and won’t send you off the sidewalk when you run over a pebble. While we’re talking wheels, the linked rear brakes secure the stroller with a simple tap. It almost feels like a magnet when you tap them locked and unlocked. When I tell you I’ve FOUGHT with strollers to unlock in the past… this is another game changer!

Luxurious Materials

Get ready to ooo and ahh! As I mentioned with the car seats, this stroller reminds me of a top-of-the-line brand. The handle and handlebars for each seat are leather, thick, and durable. The wheels (mentioned above) are the real deal. The colors scream modern and chic. The fabric and padding are thick and plush. This stroller makes me feel like a rich mom on a hot mom walk!

Room for YOUR Necessities

I’m really sick and tired of stroller cup holders not fitting my Stanley cup and my phone in the cup holders. That is NOT a problem with the Corso Flex! The parent tray has two very nice-sized cup holders and a roomy, covered storage compartment.

Storage is not a problem in the Corso Flex

Storage is not a Problem

When it comes to storage, the Corso Flex does not hold back. You’ve got an extra large bottom basket that is really easy to get to from the back. I don’t have a massive diaper bag, but in almost every stroller out there, I’m tugging and pushing to get my diaper bag in and out of the compartment. It’s kind of a nightmare, so the room and accessibility here are a breath of fresh air! I’ve even taken it shopping before and used it as a cart (because why don’t stores have double baby seats in carts?!), and I had plenty of room for my items. The toddler seats also feature a mesh storage pocket on the back of the seat – great for toys!

What We’d Change

It’s Big… Like Really Big

The Corso Flex is a BIG stroller

With twins, I need something that I can easily lift in and out of my car and something that doesn’t take up a lot of space in my trunk. Even folded down, this stroller is massive. It literally takes up all the trunk space in my car, which is not ideal for long trips with luggage and pets. And it definitely wouldn’t fit if I had my third row up. (For reference, I drive a GMC Acadia.) It was a struggle bus for me to get it in my car with the toddler seats attached; however, when I removed them, it fit much better! But still, no room for the third row to be up. It was super quick to get re-set up with the seats when I needed it.

Kylee Burleigh

Kylee Burleigh lives in Washington State and effortlessly juggles multiple roles while embracing the chaos of a vibrant family life. With a Bachelor’s degree in communications, she’s a wizard at weaving compelling stories. When she’s not busy wrangling words, Kylee is a dedicated wife with fraternal twin girls, adding a delightful twist to her already bustling life. She tackles a full-time communications job, provides stellar marketing services to clients and is a contributing writer to Twiniversity. In her rare moments of respite, Kylee embraces holistic living and immerses herself in thrilling outdoor escapades like hiking, hunting and tearing through the wilderness in her trusty side-by-side.

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