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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

Twin Nursery Design Tips with Kathy Kuo Home

Twin Nursery Design Tips with Kathy Kuo Home

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Last updated on February 28th, 2024 at 02:44 pm

Nat chats with interior design Kathy Kuo about twin nursery design tips for expecting and new parents of twins. Kathy is the founder and CEO of Kathy Kuo Home, an online home furnishings retailer and interior design company where you can find some of the best baby and kids’ brands on the market, as well as book top-tier interior designers to help you love where you live. 

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Featured image (above) courtesy of Kathy Kuo Home; photo by Halli MaKennah

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Twin Nursery Design Tips with Kathy Kuo Home
Twin Nursery Design Tips with Kathy Kuo Home
Twin Nursery Design Tips with Kathy Kuo Home

Twin Nursery Design Tips with Kathy Kuo Home

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Kathy Kuo is the founder and CEO of Kathy Kuo Home, a recognized TV personality, and a celebrated interior designer. Published in the press as an international guru within the home and lifestyle space, Kathy has an unmatched eye for curating, sourcing, and designing luxury furniture and homewares. Today, she continues to develop the fastest growing online platform in the home and design industry. Kathy has 20+ years of experience in the home industry and now serves as a speaker and activist for female entrepreneurs. It is her mission to support women to intentionally grow and scale value-focused teams. She is also a mother-of-two who enjoys traveling, cooking, playing piano, and spending time with loved ones in her free time. Visit or follow them on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

Check out this hanging growth chart for your twin nursery that can be moved around. Hanging Growth Chart for Kids Bedroom

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Do Twins Need Two Cribs?

We will always defer to your twins’ pediatrician when deciding if your twins can share a crib. Sometimes that is just necessary due to space. If that is the case and the doctor okays it, we recommend that you put your twins to sleep with their heads close together and their feet away from one another.

Twin parents often put their babies in separate cribs when they begin to roll over so they do not interrupt each others’ sleep.

Should Twins Share a Nursery?

Whether or not your twins share a nursery is entirely up to you. Some families prefer their babies have their own space while other cherish the convenience of having them in the same place at night for midnight feedings.

How Do You Set up a Nursery for Twins?

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Decide on furniture first
  3. Accessorize the room
  4. Make a comfortable space for feeding and rocking
  5. Organize small items like clothing and shoes

When Should You Start Doing the Nursery?

It is best to plan ahead when you can. When you are pregnant with twins, the last thing you should be doing is putting the crib and glider together in your 8th month. Try to get these things finished as you head into your 3rd trimester.

Are you planning your twins’ nursery? Learn what not to do when designing your twins’ nursery here

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