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Your Crib or Mine?

Your Crib or Mine?

Last updated on July 27th, 2023 at 01:32 pm

One of the most asked questions I get about twinnies from expectant parents is:

“Do twins sleep in one crib or two?”

The answer is simple, one crib at first, then the rest is up to them.

Starting off with one crib for your multiples will make it easier for you and nicer for them. Think about it. When your multi’s are in utero they are about as close as humans can get, no? Sometimes parents think, “Well I’m having two/three babies, they need their own room?” Nope, quite the opposite, your kiddos will really enjoy the closeness to their siblings more than you can understand. It’s part of the multiple bond.

FACT: Did you know that your multiples will regulate their heartbeat and body temperature off of each other? Yup.

So keeping them in one crib is doing them a huge favor. They are comforted by each others sound, smell and touch so go ahead and leave them in one crib as long as they allow it.

Your Crib or Mine?

Once their crib resembles a Wrestlemania match, you may want to split them into their own cribs, but please keep their cribs as close together as possible. I can almost guarantee you that even if you put their cribs at different ends of the room, they will end up sleeping as close to the edge of the crib that is closest to their multiple as possible. It’s like their multiple is their center of gravity and they will just gravitate towards each other.

Personally my twinnies used to use each other as a pacifier when they shared a crib. It’s one of the highlights of their early days home. Seeing your twinnies or trippies together in close quarters will really help the “HOLY MOLY THERE ARE TWO/THREE” feeling set in.

Tomorrow we are going to talk about which type of crib to buy!

So I ask my peeps…did your twinnies or trippies or quaddies sleep in one crib or more? Shout it out folks!

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