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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

10 Delivery Day Items You’re Probably Forgetting

10 Delivery Day Items You’re Probably Forgetting

Delivery day is stressful, and prepping for delivery day can feel impossible. We’ve been through it, and we are here to help. Here is our list of 10 delivery-day items you’re probably forgetting. Plus, enter to win FREE Cord Blood Banking with CBR. Giveaway ends on 04/05/2023

You’ve picked out the coming home outfits for the twins, the car seats are installed, the diaper bag is stocked, and your (and your partner’s) hospital bag is packed. You are ready for delivery day! Or so you think. Here are 10 items you’re probably forgetting when preparing for delivery day.

New mom of twins getting some skin-to-skin time after birth.
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1. Fill up the car.

Filling up the car is an important item to remember for delivery day. When the time comes to jump (or waddle) in the car and head to the hospital, you do not want to stop for gas (snacks, maybe but definitely not gas). Make sure you fill-up the tank before the delivery day comes.

2. Clear your Phone and Make Space for New Photos

Will you be taking pictures and videos with your phone? YES! We can hardly eat dinner without documenting it in photos and posting on social mediaw. But delivery day is not the day you want the “NOT ENOUGH STORAGE” error to pop up on your phone.

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Delete old photos and videos that you no longer need, and make sure to back up any photos you want to keep before deleting them. Make sure you have plenty of space on your phone.

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3. Don’t forget to pack an extension cord with a USB Adapter

One item that is often overlooked is a USB wall plug for your phone cord charger. We never forget the phone charging cord, but for some reason, the USB adapter is left behind. Most hospitals do not have a USB port in the wall plug and they don’t always have an electrical outlet nearby. With all the pictures, videos, and phone calls you are going to make, you will want easy access to a fully-charged phone.

10 Delivery Day Items You’re Probably Forgetting
This power strip is compact and has everything in one little cube. Purchase here

4. Have your birth plan ready

Having a birth plan ready can help ensure your delivery day is as stress-free as possible. Sit down and talk with your partner about your wishes and hopes for delivery day. Plan for different scenarios (natural birth or C-Section) so you have an idea of what you would like to happen in each scenario. Keep your birth plan simple and be flexible!!! Sometimes there are circumstances out of everyone’s control. Keep your expectations realistic. You can’t plan for everything, and if you don’t know that now, the twins will surely teach you soon enough.

A birth plan is one of the 10 Delivery Day item you're probably forgetting
Prepare for your twins’ delivery with a birth plan.

It’s important to make sure your labor and delivery team know exactly what you want ahead of time. Here are some key things to include in your birth plan:

  • Your preferences for pain management: Whether you prefer natural childbirth or would like an epidural, be sure to communicate that with your care team.
  • Who you would like in the delivery room: Having a list of people you would like to have present during delivery can help make the experience more special and less stressful.
  • What if wishes: What do you prefer if you end up having a vaginal delivery, or if a C-section is necessary what you will need to happen for a stress-free delivery.

Don’t know where to start with your birth plan? No problem, we’ve got a handy little worksheet to make the birth plan process easy peasy! Check it out here.

5. Bring your cord blood kit.

If you plan to collect and store cord blood, make sure you bring your cord blood collection kit with you on delivery day. Cord blood can be used to treat a variety of diseases and conditions, so do not forget to pack your kit. Just give it to your doctor when you get to the hospital, and they will take care of the rest.

10 Delivery Day Items You’re Probably Forgetting
Don’t forget your Cord Blood Banking kit!

Cord blood banking is the process of collecting blood from the umbilical cord and storing it for future medical use. Cord blood is retrieved within moments of giving birth. It has immense benefits for you, your babies, and even your other family members. Plus, cord blood stem cells have been saving lives for more than 30 years.

If you decide you want to collect your twins’ cord blood, you should let your doctor and delivery team know ahead of time. And make sure you have your cord blood collection kit before delivery day!

10 Delivery Day Items You’re Probably Forgetting

Cord Blood Registry also offers a Newborn Possibilities Program, which provides free cord blood and tissue processing for families with qualifying medical needs. To learn more about their programs, click here.

Don’t forget to mention the code DUO2 for a twin discount!

6. Pack Non-Perishable Snacks

Don’t forget the snacks! Having something to munch on can be a great way to keep your energy levels up, which you will need for labor and delivery, but also during recovery. Dried fruits and nuts are an excellent option due to their health benefits and their shelf life stability (no refrigeration needed). Don’t forget a treat or two, you just had a baby or two, it’s okay to indulge a bit.

10 Delivery Day Items You’re Probably Forgetting
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When packing snacks, keep your partner’s needs in mind too. Although they will not be doing quite as much labor-intensive work, they still need to keep their energy up too so they can be the best supporter they can be!

Twiniversity Tip: Take the planning out of packing snacks and get yourself a pre-made SnackBox. No shopping, and no packing. Plus there are so many varieties to choose from. Get your’s here.

7. Have a plan for your pets

Don’t forget your fur babies. When you’re preparing for your delivery day, it’s easy to forget about the care and attention your pets need. Be sure you have made arrangements for a pet sitter to come to you, or your pets to go to them. Either way, make sure you have enough food on hand to last through your hospital stay. If taking your pet to a sitter, be sure to bring a pet carrier, leash and collar, and a blanket that your pet can snuggle up with while you’re away. This will make them feel comfortable and secure in your absence.

10 Delivery Day Items You’re Probably Forgetting
Have a plan for your pets while you are in the hospital having babies.

8. Have you taken expecting twins classes and CPR classes?

We attend classes to learn how to drive and obtain medical certifications, trade jobs, and higher education degrees. So, it’s interesting that the first thing expecting parents don’t do is enroll in a birthing/parenting class. Do not skip the birthing class and always sign up for a CPR class before your babies are born. You will not be upset that you know how to perform infant CPR if (heaven forbid) you ever need it. Being overly prepared is not a bad choice.

Did you know that Twiniversity offers both Expecting Twins classes (on-demand or virtual) and A Complete Baby Safety Course? To register, click here.

The Twiniversity Online Twin Birthing Classes/Twin Parenting Classes will give you plenty of tips and tricks on how to adjust after your world gets turned upside-down (in a good way)! Plus, it highlights all the important information you need when preparing for your twins’ arrival, during delivery, postpartum, and the first couple of months after the arrival of your twins.

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9. Take a Hospital Tour.

Don’t skip the hospital tour. When you take a hospital tour, you will learn exactly what to expect during your stay. You will get to see what the delivery rooms and recovery rooms look like, plus you’ll have the opportunity to get all your questions answered. 

Make sure you ask about delivery options (Onsite birth center, labor and delivery room, OR) and what are the circumstances/restrictions for each. Also, ask about what happens after your twins are born; do mama and babies stay in the same room, or are they transferred to another recovery room?

10 Delivery Day Items You’re Probably Forgetting

Twin deliveries are can be a bit trickier to handle, so be sure to ask about the NICU. Ask what level of NICU is onsite. How can parents interact with their babies there and in the event of an unplanned c-section, what is the process if one or both babies need to immediately go to the NICU?

10. Things Not to Bring

Don’t bring anything you don’t want to lose. Leave cash, jewelry, and all unnecessary electronics at home. Also, leave work at the office, delivery day is not the day to get caught up on work duties.

Delivery day is one of those times in life when you hope for the best but plan for the worst. We want to help make it less bad and lots better. Follow our tips so you can make the 10 delivery day items you’re probably forgetting, the 10 items you had in the bag the whole time!

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Written by: Amanda Hadley
Twiniversity Staff Writer

We at Twiniversity are the biggest advocates of storing cord blood. Through the process of cord blood banking, you can save the newborn stem cells found in your babies’ umbilical cords at birth to use if there’s ever a medical need in the future that can be treated with newborn stem cells, such as with certain cancers, blood and immune diseases and some metabolic diseases.

Our trusted partner, CBR has been banking babies’ cord blood for over 20 years and is the largest family newborn stem cell bank in the world! CBR is the #1 choice of OB/GYNs and expecting parents. They partner with research institutions on FDA-regulated clinical trials to help advance newborn stem cell science (we are HUGE fans of science!). Plus, your family may qualify for free banking through CBR’s Newborn Possibilities Program®, where families with a qualifying medical need can receive free cord blood processing and five years of storage for cord blood and cord tissue.

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