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Diaper Bags for Twins: Packing the Essentials

Diaper Bags for Twins: Packing the Essentials

10 essentials to pack a diaper bag for twins

Last updated on March 1st, 2024 at 09:04 am

Learn how to pack a diaper bag for twins, including must-have items, tips for fitting it all in, and which diaper bags is best for twins.

Nat recorded a Facebook live video to share her best tips and tricks for packing diaper bags for twins, thanks to our friends at Dr. Brown’s, creators of the fantastic Options+ bottles.

Hi guys, it’s Natalie Diaz with Twiniversity, and today we are talking about packing a diaper bag for twins. So, we figured we’d ask Dr. Brown’s to come play with us, because of course one thing most of us need in our diaper bags for twins are bottles.

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Dr. Brown’s Options+ Bottles

We want to help you create the best diaper bags for twins, and one way to do that is to include Dr. Brown’s products. Dr. Brown’s changed their bottles in the past few years, updating them for the better. Their newest model is called Options Plus.

Quick Tip: make sure that you’re staying consistent with all the bottles that you’re buying so all the pieces are interchangeable. If you are new to Dr. Brown’s, start with the Dr. Brown’s Options Plus. In my opinion these are far superior to any other bottle out there. The nipple more closely resembles the breast so it makes for an easier transition from breast to bottle.

One of the things that I personally love about Dr. Brown’s bottles is their venting system. This venting system is clinically proven to reduce colic, decrease spit-up, burping and gas. It is also shown to preserve better nutrients in breast milk and formula and aids in digestion for a good night’s sleep and offers a flow rate that supports breastfeeding twins.

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What to Pack in Your Diaper Bags for Twins

We are going to be talking about what needs to go into your diaper bag for twins and we’re going to go piece by piece, step by step, and I’m not just going to outline items that you need for baby but also for mama. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Which Diaper Bags for Twins Do You Choose?

Am I the only one that’s ridiculously overwhelmed with the selection of diaper bags? Do you buy yourself a bag that you just like the look of? Do you want a backpack? Do you want a cross-body bag? Do you want a bag that goes over your shoulder? Do you want a bag for yourself and a bag for your partner? The options go on and on!

Today we are going to use a backpack. I think the backpack diaper bag is your best option because at some point you will need to be 100% hands-free so you can hold a hand (or two) and the backpack diaper bag for twins will allow this.

A feature that you should have on your diaper bag is straps that allow for the bag to be attached to the stroller. Another thing that I really love is a flap on a diaper bag. I like a flap because then I don’t have to worry about stuff falling out.

A quick access pocket is also very important for cell phones, credit cards, and cash. I personally do not like, and do not use, the travel changing pad that comes with most diaper bags because they are not absorbent. If your baby starts peeing it just trickles right off the side of the pad.

Instead, I suggest using a Chux, which is a disposable under-pad with an absorbent top sheet and a plastic-like back sheet to help prevent leaks. Simply use and toss.

What Essentials Should Go in My Diaper Bags for Twins?

Now that we have our diaper bag, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about what we are going to put in this diaper bag for twins. Number one, DIAPERS. Yes, clearly in a diaper bag you do actually need diapers.

Quick tip: do not just throw the diapers in the bag. This is a big mistake that a lot of parents make because if anything should spill inside of the diaper bag, it is going to get all over the diapers. Instead of just throwing everything into the diaper bag, lets start with a gallon Ziploc bag and talk about what you’re actually going to need when changing a diaper.

A Trick for Quick Diaper Changes

First, using a sandwich-size Ziploc bag, take 7-8 wipes out of the big wipe container and put them in the small Ziploc. The key to this step is to roll the Ziploc to remove all the air and zip shut. Next, put the small wipes Ziploc into the large Ziploc, add two diapers (just in case one diaper has a tab get pulled off or one gets wet), a change of clothes, a Chux and diaper rash cream.

Now zip the bag 90% closed and compress the bag by rolling, allowing all the air to escape, and then seal completely. Now you have a vacuum-packed quick change bag. Of course, if you are a twin parent, you will want a quick-change bag for each baby.

This takes the mess out of diaper changes on the go. No more fumbling through the diaper bag looking for diaper rash cream, in fact you no longer need to bring the big bulky diaper bag to the bathroom. Just grab your quick change bag and head to the changing station. You can also use this Ziplock bag as a wet bag if and when baby has a blow-out!

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How to Pack Your Bottles

Besides the quick-change bag, the other items that we need to put into our diaper bag are bottles. So let’s genuinely talk about how to pack the bottles in your diaper bag. Even if you are not planning on feeding while out, you should really always make sure that you have your bottles ready to go when you leave the house, just in case.

I am not as worried about the water as I am the powdered formula. Water can be purchased almost anywhere and is relatively cheap. You do not want to be spending $30 on formula every time you leave the house. So to achieve this, you want to make sure that when you are packing your bottles for the day that the formula is already inside. Attach the nipple and protection cap and now you are ready to put them in the bag.

Don’t Forget Bibs

The next thing you need to make sure you have in your diaper bags for twins, especially if you are bottle feeding, are bibs. Grab another Ziploc and let’s put some bibs in it. The size of Ziploc will depend on what feeding stage your baby is in. If they are strict bottle feeders, then a small Ziploc with 2-4 bibs is plenty. If they are starting on solids, a large Ziploc with 6-10 bibs is recommended.

Please remember to keep track of how many bibs are being used each day and how many are coming out each day. Same thing with your bottles. If you are going to pack six bottles, then you need to make sure that those six bottles are accounted for so you’re not leaving them to get super gross and gunky in the bottom of your diaper bag.

Burp Cloths Are Versatile

Another thing that we need is a burp cloth. Let’s talk about the difference between burp cloths and receiving blankets. Clearly receiving blankets are bigger, but in this case, bigger isn’t better. Burp cloths have a liner that goes down the center, just like a traditional cloth diaper, making it more absorbent and best for your diaper bags for twins.

Which leads me to point out that in addition to protecting your clothing from spit up, you could use the burp cloth as a changing pad or even a diaper if need be.

Advanced Diaper Bag Essentials

That was the basic 101 diaper bag; now let’s talk about the advanced level diaper bag.

Baby Spoons

Baby spoons are a must if your babies are eating solids. Finding small feeding spoons when you’re out is hard, so cut yourself some slack and pack a handful in the diaper bag. Restaurant teaspoons are usually too large for babies.

Toys and Books

You should really have some toys in the diaper bag. Use any type of toy that you want, as long as they are age-appropriate. Please make sure that you are stocked up. And, you want to be fair, so if you have one book, maybe you want a book and a stuffed animal.

It really depends on the type of kids that you have and the age range that they are as to whether you want to have two separate items or two of the same items, but you definitely want some kind of toys in there.

Sanitizing Items

I never ever EVER travel without a travel-size Lysol spray. I keep one in my personal travel kit, and one in my car, because in addition to sanitizing whatever surface I need sanitized, sometimes I use it to get rid of a scent in the air. This is something that I always have in my diaper bag.

Next, I always have hand sanitizer. I do prefer a more natural hand sanitizer in case I need to use it on the babies, that’s something to keep in mind when choosing a hand sanitizer.

Sunscreen and Personal Items

Next is sunscreen. You will want sunscreen in your diaper bags for twins for you and for the babies, as long as the babies are at least 6 months old. However, if you have doctor’s orders and your doctor is making recommendations, you do what your doctor says. Which leads to another necessary item: sun hats. A must if baby can’t wear sunscreen, but helpful even if they can!

Lotion is another item I like to keep in my diaper bags for twins, and a maxi pad or two, just in case, because you know no matter how old you get, that thing can just sneak up on you! Deodorant is another item I keep in the diaper bag for myself.

Don’t forget to put a little something for you to eat in the bag as well. Throw in a Clif bar or some other kind of bar. Consider this your “mom” Ziploc, throw in your maxi pad, sunscreen, deodorant, and protein bar, seal it up and now you have your own necessities in the diaper bag as well.

Final Odd and Ends

Let’s talk about a few last odds and ends that you need in the bag: age-appropriate foods, like Happy Family pouches, Dr. Brown’s tooth and gum wipes, plenty of pacifiers, Dr. Brown’s pacifier and bottle wipes, diaper rash cream, and the Mommy Hook for hooking grocery bags to the stroller or attaching toys so they don’t fall.

That’s a wrap on what you really need in your diaper bag for twins! Big thanks to our sponsor Dr. Brown’s and their extraordinary products.

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