Top 10 Twin Moments That Melted My Heart (in the first 6 months!)

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Before our twins were born I thought I had experienced all of the precious first moments you get as little “thank yous” with our older two kids. The first eye contact, snuggles, smiles, giggles, and squeals. Preparing for our twins I was so focused on researching tricks on how to double up, be efficient, and survive twins that I didn’t even think about the unique set of special firsts that I would experience with our twins. I have not only survived our first six months with our girls but I have enjoyed witnessing their ever-deepening bond form. Here are my top ten twin moments that have melted my heart in the first six months.

1. Putting their heads together

When our girls were in my tummy they settled into what my OB referred to as the “bunk mate” position. Each girl was transverse with both of their heads side by side. One of the first things I noticed within the first few days of their lives was that no matter what position I would lay them in on the nursing pillow in front of me their heads would find each other like magnets. They would snuggle together with their heads pressed into each other and fall into the most peaceful sleep while comforting each other.

joanna42. Their breathing slows when their bodies are touching

One of the things I noticed on day one was if I placed our girls with their bodies touching their breathing would slow down and they would instantly relax. This is something that I will sometimes forget and when one girl is fussing and can’t quite relax into me, I will place both girls together and you can see them visibly relax and I know that’s exactly what they needed.

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3. Entertaining each other

Our older kids will often shake a toy our babies’ faces, meaning well and just wanting to entertain their little sisters. One day when our twins were 5 months old, Mia decided to pick up a toy and start shaking it in Everly’s face. Although she was quite aggressive and a little too close for Everly’s comfort, this very satisfied expression spread across Mia’s face.

4. First smiles at each other

The first true smiles at each other happened at around eight weeks when we would take one baby and hold her over the other. Their eyes would lock and these smiles would appear on their faces with this knowing look as if to say, “I know you”!


5. Holding hands… all of the time

Mia and Everly love to hold hands and reach out for each other… all of the time. Lying side by side, in their high chairs, in their exersaucers and the list goes on. It’s pretty darn adorable. Even without looking at each other they will blindly start reaching out until they grab hold and won’t let go, continuing on with whatever activity they were doing with their free hand.

6. Wanting to see each other

Mornings in our home can be busy and chaotic while trying to get our older kids to school. One day I was scrambling and looking for my keys while Mia and Everly were moving from whining into crying while waiting for me in their car seats. My five-year-old son decided to move them from the random wall facing position I had placed them in, to face each other. I initially felt frustrated that he still hadn’t put his shoes on when I realized the house had gone very quiet. “Mom, they just wanted to see each other”. What a smart little guy!

joanna7. Their patience when they wait for attention

My oldest child was a miserable and moody baby. Although very affectionate, he was extremely impatient and wanted all of my attention all of the time. This set the bar for me as a mom and I am always amazed by how genuinely patient our twins are. My mother will often comment on how she cannot believe how patient one twin is while she fusses over one and then moves to the next trying to be as equal with her attention as possible.

8. Feeding off of each others’ grunts and squeals

Other than a little babbling, our girls love to communicate with these deep grunts, which they find hilarious. Mia, who has not mastered babbling like Everly has, is the queen of grunts and squeals and although Everly has perfected some “mamas” and “dadas” she will revert right back to grunting when Mia is around as if to say, “don’t worry sister, I still speak your language”.

9. The way they watch each other while they eat

We started solids a couple weeks before our girls turned six months old. I decided to do a mix of baby-led weaning and purees. The most adorable thing happened when I placed our girls in their Bumbo chairs and presented steamed carrots to them. They kept looking over at their sister to see what she was going to do. Then when Mia started to taste the carrot she would glance and Everly after each bite, checking to see if Everly was experiencing the same deliciousness that she was. Even sitting in their high chairs enjoying their pureed peas they will swing their heads around to watch her sister take a bite.

10. Stroking the other’s face to comfort their twin

I think this is my favorite twin moment to date. One day while both girls were lying side by side while Mia was fussing, Everly reached out to Mia and started feeling her hair and ear. I was about to grab Everly’s hand and tell her to be gentle but I stopped and watched. I quickly realized that Everly was naturally being so gentle and trying to soothe her sister! Guess what? Mia calmed right down. Still to this day, one twin will reach out to the other and with an incredibly soft touch, comfort her sister.


Joanna Venditti is an artist, designer, beauty expert and mom of four including… surprise… twins!!! Hailing from a suburb just outside of Toronto, Joanna is now pouring all of her talent and parenting knowledge (especially about multiples) into her blog Although sometimes turning to her blog for therapy or writing humor pieces she is constantly listening to her followers and trying to create detailed and informative articles about pregnancy, childbirth, design and everyday life. Joanna Is very active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Top 10 Twin Moments That Melted My Heart (in the first 6 months!)