A Day in The Life Of A Twin Mom

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It’s 6:19 am. I hear faint whining coming from one of the twin’s rooms. I listen for a moment. If the whining is Arielle she will play and hang out for a while, there’s no rush to get to her. If the whining is Theo I have to hit the floor running.

It’s Theo and he’s getting louder “bun bun (his stuffed bunny), deedee (soothie)”, he likes to throw them on the floor when he wakes up. I hop out of bed, my legs aren’t even awake yet. I bang into the door frame on my way out and bolt into Theo’s room. I make it just in time. He didn’t get to his epic level scream, phew!

I hear Arielle chatting in her room. Theo woke her up but she’s content this morning, which is good since Theo needs contact for an undetermined amount of time in the morning. Snuggles with Theo are wonderful when Arielle doesn’t need them too. If anyone else requires anything, Theo will have nothing to do with it in the morning. It’s all hands on deck for him and only him.

Christine Johnson's boy/girl twins

I manage to put Theo down so I can pee. He tries to reach into the toilet, thankfully I have big thighs and his tiny hands can’t get past them. “Up up up.” I’m standing up now, so that means Theo needs to be in my arms.

I ask Theo if we can go get Arielle. His response is “unh unh”, yes Theo, you have to share me, we are getting her. Arielle is smiling and giggling. She’s a happy morning person and is always ready to take on the world.

I shift Theo to my right hip and pick Arielle up with my left arm. I need to work out, they’re too heavy for this now. Theo drops bun bun, sorry bud I can’t bend over to get it with both of you in my arms. I make it down the stairs and put them both on the couch, Theo unwillingly. I bolt upstairs to get bun bun before Theo reaches full volume.

I change two diapers and we have a few chill moments before Evie (our four year old) comes down the stairs. And now the day really begins.

– Pour milk x 3 – check
– Pour cereal x 2 – check
– Get yogurt for Evie – check
– Put the twins in their chairs – check
– Pour water x 4 (I need some too) – check
– Feed the dog – check
– Let the dog out – check
– Chug my water – check

fraternal twins

“More more more more….” apparently I didn’t get their cereal to them fast enough, get it together Christine. At breakfast Arielle and Theo act like they’ve never eaten before, they pack it back like hungry football players after the big game. If I don’t keep up the screaming starts and only gets louder. There are two of them so they are in a competition to see who can scream the loudest. It’s 730am and I’ve already yelled, “stop screaming!” more than once, oh the irony. I manage to wolf down some toast while they throw their cereal and spoons on the floor and start a chorus of “All done, down”. Time to get. them cleaned up and ready for the day. They’re done and the whole neighborhood probably knows with all the noise they are making. It’s too hot to go out today and Chris (my husband) took the van to work. It’s going to be a long one.

It’s 9:30 am and I’m already in tears. I’m pretty sure Evie has said “mom” about a hundred times. I’ve yelled at her, I hate yelling at her. Theo won’t let me put him down so I had to pry him off of me just so I could get Arielle out of her chair. I ran upstairs for diapers and had to listen to Theo cry like I had left him forever. I didn’t realize there was still such attachment at this age, it’s so hard when you can’t dedicate the time to the one that needs it.

The screaming and crying, shouldn’t this be better by now? They’re 18 months old, I thought the first twelve months were supposed to be the hardest? The fighting, oh the fighting over every single toy or random item. I swear everyone else has twins that get along, at least that’s what they make me believe on Facebook. I have to hold tight to the sweet moments where they kiss, hug or snuggle because some days, like today, those moments are few and far between.

I had a mommy win this morning, I actually managed to clip all thirty finger and toe nails with no fighting, crying or screaming.

3 toddlers drawing with chalk outisde on sidewalk

We made it to nap time and I definitely had a win with that too. Theo only took 15 minutes to go down, sometimes he can take over an hour. Some days Theo doesn’t even nap because I get too drained and my arm falls asleep rocking him. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Theo is a screamer. If I put him down too quickly and try to leave he goes from eyes closed calm to full out ear drum rupturing scream. Today, I only had to put him down once and he was out, that warrants a celebration.

Evie and I get a snack and some relaxation time together while the twins nap. It could be ten minutes or an hour, Theo likes to keep us guessing. I’m not quite sure who traded another toddler for Theo today but he napped for over two hours. I know what you are all thinking, that’s a huge win. Not with Theo it’s not. This means it will be a fight getting him to sleep at bedtime, can’t win with Theo and sleep. I guess I should warn Chris about Theo’s long nap since he’s on boy bedtime duty tonight.

This afternoon we actually managed to get out. I got everyone dressed, slathered with sunscreen and loaded the twins into the stroller to go to a friend’s backyard down the street. Everyone was actually well behaved and I didn’t have to do too much chasing and there was no fighting or screaming. It was a different story when we got home. When I opened the door it was like I had set a bunch of wild animals free.

Chris is working longer hours this week, so I made dinner while my crazy, tiny humans destroyed the place and did everything they aren’t supposed to do. Arielle was in full on meltdown waiting for dinner when Chris walked in the door. The great thing about Chris is when he gets home from work he walks in, changes and turns daddy mode on right away. In a couple of days Chris leaves on another two week exercise, so I won’t have my daddy distraction, the insanity will be all mine.A Day In The Life OfA Twin MomTonight bath time was done by Chris while I had some time to myself doing the dinner dishes. It sure feels odd saying that doing dishes is my quiet time, my wild younger years have been replaced by wild children.

Today ended on a wonderful note, everyone was happy and silly. All three kids were giggling, dancing and rolling around. The stresses of the day melt away when it ends so beautifully. Arielle and Evie went to bed easily, Theo was another story. But I’m ending this day on a positive note, so we won’t talk about that.

I cry a lot. I yell far more than I ever want to. I even want to run away some days, but I could never leave this crazy life. Every day can be filled with so much screaming and so many tears or tons of giggles and loads of kisses. At the end of each day when all the children are in bed and I sit back and breathe, I know that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

Untitled design (98)Christine Johnson is a military wife and stay at home mom to a threenager and one year old twins. Before becoming a mom, Christine was employed in the auto industry and had a passion for anything automotive related.


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