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How Can I Bottle Feed My Twins at The Same Time?

How Can I Bottle Feed My Twins at The Same Time?

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Last updated on April 26th, 2024 at 08:05 pm

A Mom Recently Asked:

Does anyone have any tips on how to bottle feed twins at the same time? My girls are 3 months old and have great head control, but when I try to set them on pillows or in chairs to feed them at the same time they tend to look around and it’s hard to keep them on the bottle.

Here’s What Our Twiniversity Fans Had to Say:

Put them in the Twin Z Pillow that’s propped up by a smaller pillow, on the floor, with a bottle in each hand. I always get the pillow and bottles ready first, then bring the babies in. 

∼ SA

I put a pillow up from the couch to my thigh and their heads go up on my thighs and lay their butts on the couch and it works. Sitting in between the bouncers on the floor also worked for me when I would bottle feed my twins.     

∼ SG

For some reason, I’ve never seen my method listed. I sat them on my lap, their backs to my chest, and wrapped my arms around them to hold the bottles to their mouths. A bonus is you can do this position in a comfy chair. I was not about to sit on the floor in the middle of the night. 

∼ MD

My Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow - Enhanced Comfort with Slipcover - Ergonomic Breastfeeding Pillow for Ultimate Support - Adjustable Nursing Pillow with Handy Side Pocket, Dark Grey

I used My Brest Friend Twin Pillow to breastfeed and bottle feed my twins. I used similar feeding positions for each. 

∼ JC

I found it easier to feed one and then the other. They were used to the schedule (most times) so it wasn’t really an issue. 

∼ MR

We used Baby Bjorn bouncer seats to bottle feed our twins at the same time. 

∼ JI

I use 2 Boppy Loungers with a throw pillow under the head part to prop them up a little. 

∼ TS

I used My Brest Friend twin pillow to bottle feed my twins. I would put my feet up on the coffee table in front of me with the pillow on my lap. It allowed me to control the angle and helped with reflux. It has a divot for their bodies so they fit just right. I’d grab one baby with one hand and pull him up to my shoulder to burp. 

∼ EZ
bottle feed

I thought about the Table for Two but was unsure about having to sit in front of them and how comfortable that would be. We bought two Day Dreamers to use just for feeding which worked great because you could put one on either side of you and it is much more comfortable! They used them up until 11 months old! At night if I was feeding them alone I would either use the Twin Z pillow or Podsters! 

∼ LS

Having 2 Boppy pillows saved my life when I would bottle feed my twins. I would have one baby lay on my stomach with the other baby next to me in a Boppy. I could hold each bottle with one hand and each feeding I switched who was sitting on my lap. 

∼ ST
bottle feed

We had the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rockers which worked great for bottle feeding. They are inexpensive, and it’s easy on the parent’s arms and back if you sit between them. 

∼ JK

Place lots of pillows under your arms, then hold both of them with the back of their heads on you. Put your arms around them and hold the bottles in their mouth. Not easy but can be done. 

∼ JT

The Table for 2 was absolutely worth every penny! We used it for a year plus and it was the best. 


Cradled one in each arm with heads toward upper arm. Then bottle in each hand and in the mouth. 

∼ MB
bottle feed

We loved using our Twin Z Pillow to bottle feed our twins. Even now at 20 months old my boys will snuggle in it and drink from their sippy cups. 

∼ MB

I sat on the floor and put them in boppy pillows. Or, sit on the floor, hold one in your lap and put the other in the boppy pillow on the floor next to you. 

∼ KM

I was able to hold one on my lap and one was propped up on the couch. I always held the squirmier one! 

∼ CA

I used 2 infant seats to bottle feed our twins at the same time. I love the Fisher Price Baby’s Bouncer. They are on the smaller side if you need to bring them somewhere they don’t take up too much space. 

∼ CA

I could only bottle feed one baby at a time. 

∼ JO

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