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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

How do you Handle Stress in Twin Pregnancy?

How do you Handle Stress in Twin Pregnancy?

How to handle stress in twin pregnancy

Having two little ones on the way is super exciting, right? But let’s keep it real – it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Twin pregnancy is a rollercoaster of emotions with a whole lot of physical changes. This, mixed with all the other “stuff” in daily life, can cause an overload of stress.

We recently asked our Twiniversity community, “How do you handle stress in twin pregnancy?” Keep reading to learn how other pregnant MoMs handle their twin pregnancy stresses.

How do you handle stress during your twin pregnancy?

Dealing with Stress during a Twin Pregnancy

  • Prenatal yoga and Prenatal water yoga was amazing for me. -Joella Elena-Ruefer Koenig
  • Yoga Nidra is meditation practice (non sleep deep rest aka NSDR) that has enormous restorative qualities, all backed by science. Dr Huberman talks a lot about it, a neuroscientist at Stanford. If you can squeeze in 10-15 minute practices here and there it will be the same as a restorative REM state nap. Practice stress management now, the pregnancy is the least stressful part of twins. -Shauna Thompson
  • Yoga and breath work. -Jade Mason
  • The stress comes after giving birth. During the pregnancy just sleep over pink clouds 🤗. -Петя Йоцова
  • Do your best one day at a time, and for everything else, accept so many things are out of our control. Enjoy the gelato, if you can 😉. -Laura Marie
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  • Naps, yoga & prayer. -Lauren Reeves
  • See a specialist and not just a an OB. A specialist will help you understand multiples and not worry you to death w/ all the crazy testing. -John N Brandy Huffman
  • Sleep 😴 eat repeat ☺️ -Xotchil Allen
  • SLEEP! -Lisa Alden Comeau
  • Praying and faith in the supreme power that you believe in. -Gauri Sankholkar Bavdekar
  • Acupuncture or pregnancy massages. -Anne Fowler-Smith
How do you handle twin pregnancy stress
  • Sleep and eat and sleep!! -Kari Stielow
  • Read. -Brandon N Corie Eubanks
  • Yoga! Meditation/ prayer🧘‍♂️ sleep and pregnancy massage 💆‍♀️ -TereNbrent Robison

Advice for dealing with twin pregnancy stress

  • Baths. So many baths. Also, avoid reading internet things every day. There are helpful tidbits all over, and things that can make you excited, but also soooo much negative. Don’t let that in. Gift yourself all the rest and peace you can give yourself when you can. If you have the go-ahead to eat what you want, go ahead and do it. Those babies are hungry. Don’t be concerned about being ‘the pregnant lady”. State your needs. And accept the opportunities to take care of yourself. -Reba May
  • I cry lol then I usually feel better. -Kaitlen Rachal
How do you handle stress during your twin pregnancy?
  • Journaling 100%. -Bri Leonard
  • Music for me. Actually been having the babies listen to classical and found that it really soothes and calms me too. -Kristina Jones
  • Therapy and massages. -Haley McAlpin
  • Crying and hot baths. -Maddie Burris
  • Reading, for at least an hour in the day. My husband entertains or takes our toddler so I can read without distraction and I usually read before bed and in the morning if I wake up before them. A book and music are the only thing keeping the stress low enough to keep these girls in for at least 3 more weeks! -Jysela Epperson
  • I napped. -Laurie Gilmour

Wait, people actually deal with their stress?

  • I do crafts. -Gem Gem Kemp
  • Cry, scream, eat a tub of ice cream or hot Cheetos, a “homespa” bath , read, and a picnic with the family. – Stephanie Manqueros
delivery day bootcamp
  • Music, baths, a walk (if possible), meditation, calming music and a nap, journaling, card games with hubby, or maybe watching a comedy to give yourself a good laugh 🤪 above all things, have grace with yourself and try not to sweat the small stuff. – Sarah Nicole
  • Cry and call my mom and then cry to her. I’ve been watching hallmark Christmas movies too. – Jessica Batista
  • The only way out is through it. I tried to find little things to look forward to to take my mind off the anxiety. I also went to therapy which helped and really tried to lean on my support ppl. – Megan Fonville
How do you handle twin pregnancy stress?
  • Being active! Walking, swimming -nat._.angel
  • I remind myself that hard is not the same as bad and repeat positive affirmations! -linseydome
  • Rest. -iamkels_c
  • Therapy – veronica_keefg
  • Prenatal counselor – brooke_bells
  • Sleep. -k3ndravianne

If you’re experiencing stress in your twin pregnancy, consider chatting with your doctor, reaching out to other twin moms, and make self-care a priority. Whether you’ve already got some relaxation tricks, getting help from family and friends, or just admitting it’s totally fine not to have all the answers, the deal is to tackle this unique journey with resilience and a positive vibe. Facing stress head-on and building up your support crew isn’t just about a healthier pregnancy—it’s your ticket to an easier ride into the wild and wonderful world that comes with your adorable twosome. You’ve got this!

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