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Mockingbird Stroller 2022 Review

Mockingbird Stroller 2022 Review

Last updated on March 30th, 2024 at 04:27 pm

Have you heard about the Mockingbird stroller brand? Check out a breakdown of the features of the Mockingbird single-to-double stroller here!

There has been a Mockingbird Stroller Recall that may have affected a stroller in your home right now. Please read immediately!

One of the most important pieces of baby gear is your double stroller. If you choose wisely, you can use it for several years, and it will make each outing and errand just a little less stressful. Note that the most important part of that statement is that you MUST choose wisely.

For some families, that’s where the Mockingbird stroller comes into the picture. The Mockingbird brand has become desirable due to its marketing and sales strategy. They are a direct-to-consumer company.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, that means that you can’t just run over to Target and grab one on a Tuesday afternoon. They are only sold on their own website. But that also means that you save some serious money on this purchase.

This is one of the most affordable strollers on the market, and it hits many of the must-have points for families. We aren’t sure that there is much not to love about the Mockingbird single to double stroller!

the mockingbird single to double stroller with a second seat
Photo credit: Mockingbird


The Mockingbird single to double stroller is pretty customizable. It has four different canopy choices, two pattern choices for the inner accents, and two frame and trim choices to choose from. Personally, I love the black with the sea-colored canopy. Which one will you get?


Okay, so the price of The Mockingbird single to double stroller is a huge selling point for twin families. We are all used to our gear being so much more expensive than singleton gear. This stroller comes in at just under 500! That’s a bargain for a good double stroller!


This stroller has more than 13 configurations when used as a double. You can use this with a newborn with the bassinet (called a carriage) or a car seat, but the seats also lay flat, so technically, you don’t really need the additional attachments, just the newborn inserts. 

Is the Mockingbird single to double stroller twin-friendly?

The Mockingbird single to double stroller can be twin-friendly, depending on your specific needs and the age of your twins. While it’s designed to accommodate two children with the addition of a second seat, it might not offer the same level of convenience or features as a stroller specifically designed for twins. However, it can be a versatile option if you prefer a single stroller that can later convert to a double as your family grows.

a woman with twins in their Mockingbird stroller seats
Photo credit: Mockingbird

Decent weight limit

Get 45lbs out of each seat. That should buy you at least a few years with this stroller. That definitely makes the Mockingbird single to double stroller a good, long-term investment.

Easy setup

This Mockingbird double stroller is easy to assemble, and swapping out attachments is a breeze. Everything clicks into place quickly and securely. 

Easy fold

Many strollers require you to remove the second seat to fold them, but not the Mockingbird single-to-double stroller. You can fold the Mockingbird single to double stroller one-handed with both seats attached.

How to Fold the Mockingbird Stroller

To fold a Mockingbird stroller, ensure the brakes are engaged, adjust the seat forward and upright, collapse the canopy and footrest, and use the designated button under the handle to fold the stroller. Confirm it’s securely latched in its folded position.

How to open the Mockingbird Stroller

To open a Mockingbird stroller, unlock and release the side latch, securing it in its folded state. Lift or pull the handlebar to unfold the stroller, ensuring it securely locks in the open position. Adjust the seat and canopy to your preference.

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Each seat or bassinet comes with its own canopy, and you get to pick from the four colors independently. Want one blue and one pink? One black and one pink? Cool, no problem here. Each canopy has a peek-a-boo window to keep an eye on your little ones while on the move. They are also each 50+ UPF. 


This large storage basket will hold up to 25 lbs! Shove your diaper bag, purse, and even books in there. We love the storage on this stroller, especially because the setup is great, as the first seat is high enough that you don’t completely lose it when the kiddos need the extra legroom.

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The foot brake is white, making it hard to miss in a pinch. Each seat also features a 5-point harness. We know how important both of these features are for twin parents, who are often outnumbered when they leave the house with their little ones. This Mockingbird stroller also features locking front wheels, making it good for any surface.

Use with 2 singletons

When set up for two, the Mockingbird double stroller can absolutely be used with 2 singletons. You can purchase the single and then the 2nd seat kit to make it a double. Then, once one grows out of it, you can easily take that second seat off and return it to its original single stroller form. That’s great for families with two singletons. However, you might want to consider the fact that when you use the bassinet or car seat for the top seat, the bottom one must be rear-facing. It might not matter much to your child, but it’s absolutely worth noting. Of course, for twins, this won’t matter.

side view of the double stroller
Photo credit: Mockingbird

Included wet bag

Out and about, and your little one leaked through a diaper? It’s happened to almost every parent on Earth. Mockingbird thought about that when they decided to throw in a wet bag with this stroller.

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Compact fold

This stroller folds easily, and we know that. But it also folds compactly. You can store it in your car’s trunk or a hall closet easily.

Adjustable handlebar

This handlebar easily adjusts to accommodate just about any height. And the best part is that it is incredibly easy to switch back and forth for multiple caregivers. 

2 kids in a tandem stroller with a snack tray
photo credit: Mockingbird

Snack tray

The snack tray is an add-on. You will have to purchase it separately, and to be honest, it is unusable when you have a bassinet or car seat in the front seat. Again, for twin families, this won’t matter much.

Mockingbird Stroller 2022 Review
Photo credit: Mockingbird

Riding Board

Check this out, you guys! The Mockingbird now has a riding board for the twins plus one crowd! The riding board holds up to 55 pounds and is recommended for ages 3-5 years. This board attaches to the single and the single-to-double models and is attached to the left-hand side of your stroller so you can walk while your little one rides. Why don’t all stroller companies have something like this? Thanks, Mockingbird stroller!


A cup holder is not included. You have to purchase it separately, but it attaches and comes off easily.

parent organizer on the mockingbird stroller
Photo credit: Mockingbird

Parent organizer

Like most stroller brands, there is a compatible parent organizer you can purchase. It’s comparably priced to other brands at around $20. It includes a zippered pouch to keep track of your phone or keys, too!

Mockingbird Stroller Weather accessories

This stroller has a plethora of accessories available for different weather conditions. Get a rain cover, a mosquito and bug net, a footmuff for your baby, or even a handmuff for the driver! Pretty neat!

We really like this Mockingbird single-to-double stroller —to be honest, we like it more than we thought. But you have to decide what you need for your family. Some of these features are pretty impressive, so you might overlook the few downsides we found to this stroller.

Overall, it’s great for twin families and is within many budgets. In our opinion, the Mockingbird single-to-double stroller is definitely a contender.

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