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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

Potty Training Regression: You Need to See This Moms Hilarious Diary

Potty Training Regression: You Need to See This Moms Hilarious Diary

Last updated on February 5th, 2024 at 05:00 pm

Have your twins entered the dreaded potty training regression? Read one twin mom’s hilarious account of her potty training journey with twins here!

I am in potty training hell! I have been “training” twins  (can you really call it potty training if no one is going in the potty???) for 106 days; in twin math, 212 days. I’ve spent countless hours sitting on the bathroom floor waiting for toddlers to go pee, and I have wiped pee off of every surface in my house at one time or another.

I went into potty training my twins very hopeful and optimistic (quite out of character for me) and we’ve had some successes. But we’ve also had potty training regression (by both parents and toddlers).

potty training regression boy/girl twins watching tv while sitting on potty seats

Potty Training Day 1

August 2019 

Pull-ups are on, the potty seat is on the toilet, bag of skittles waiting in the wings as a positive affirmation. Let’s do this!

We had some successes today: both kids sat on the potty multiple times. No wee-wee or poop-poop were made while on the potty, but they sat!

Day 5 Potty Training Regression

Still nothing! We are now moving backward (can I call it potty training regression after only 5 days???) Twin A is no longer interested in using the potty and cries hysterically if put on the potty. Twin B is still willing to sit on the potty but demands the iPad (made that mistake when I was sure he would poop if I could just get him to sit longer) and skittles. 

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potty training regression two colorful potty seats on a floor, next to one another

Day 6 Potty Training Regression

I broke down today and purchased two portable toddler potties. Potty training twins is hard no matter what. But it’s even harder when there are two hallways and thirteen stairs separating the two toilets. Why do twins always need to pee at the exact same time?

I also purchased toddler underwear. Pull-ups were great at first, but now the twins are treating them just like diapers. Undies here we come! The twins seem excited, and I’m hoping this is the end of our potty training regression.

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Day 13 Potty Training Regression

Note to self: when making the decision to purchase two portable potties, purchase the exact same two potties. The twins are currently fighting over who gets to sit on The Paw Patrol potty. (Buy a Paw Patrol potty here) To be clear, they just want to sit, they don’t actually want to pee in it.

Day 14 Potty Training Regression

Aaarg…….I’m putting this whole toilet training thing on hold! I shall refer to this time in my life as “MoM’s Potty Training Regression”…..I am reverting back to when life made sense and my house didn’t smell like urine! 

Take two month potty training sabbatical.

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potty training regression black and white toilet with potty seat on top and a stool in front of it

Day 1 (Potty Training Round Two)

Dusted off the portable potties today. Rearranged the furniture to accommodate two bare-bummed toddlers and their view of the television. I’m taking the term “open concept” living to a new level! Welcome to my dining/living room with an open-air bathroom! 

We had some successes today!!! We officially peed in the potty!!! Did the break cure our potty training regression?? We had equally as many accidents as we had successes, but we did it! 

Day 3 of Potty Training Regression

Peeing in the potty is going well! We are still using Pull-ups at nap and nighttime but undies when awake.

Twin B is really getting the hang of this. He has had very few accidents and pooped on the potty for the first time today. Twin A is my strong-willed child. If using the potty is her idea, then she’ll do it. Otherwise, an accident is in my near future. 

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potty training regression notepad and pen with a picture of a toilet drawn on it

Day 35 of Potty Training Regression

We have been transitioning the twins to the big potty with potty seats for about a week now. This seems to have caused some potty training regression. Twin B is more than willing to pee on the potty, as long as it is at home. Twin A will pee on the potty if wearing underwear, but openly admits she would rather have a diaper. Neither is pooping in the potty, even if offered a special toy, treat, or the use of the Paw Patrol potty. 

Day 67 of Potty Training Regression

An executive decision was made this evening. The twins will now lose a bedtime snuggly if they wait to go poop in their bedtime diaper. After three months of potty training and my twins have figured out that they get a diaper for bedtime. Both prefer pooping in a diaper. Therefore, all they have to do is wait for bedtime, and they will get what they want. We have tried to stay positive. We’ve tried to be potty cheerleaders and reward potty training efforts but it is not working. We are tired, we are sore, and we are losing our minds one poopy diaper at a time. Time for plan B when dealing with potty training regression: consequences. 

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Day 92 of Potty Training Regression

While sitting in the bathroom with Twin B tonight, he informed me that I could take his snuggly because he wanted to be done (it had been 35 seconds since he sat on the potty). He has pooped on the potty four times in 92 days. Twin A has done it ZERO times. I have spent night after night reading about potty training regression, specifically articles about not pooping in the potty. We are now taking the advice of allowing the twins to ask for a diaper when needing to poop, as long as they stand in the bathroom to complete their business. 

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Potty Training Regression: You Need to See This Moms Hilarious Diary

Day 106 of Potty Training Regression

Twin A is asking for a pooping diaper but refuses to go into the bathroom to poop in it. Twin B continues to poop in the potty occasionally and otherwise poops in his bedtime diaper. I am defeated. The only bright side, while awake they almost always pee in the potty. 

I’ve read all the potty training tips and tricks. I’ve tried each and every one of them with my twins. Nothing seems to be slowing this potty training regression. The only piece of advice I can actually use is, “It doesn’t matter if you are ready, it only matters if they are ready!”  I’ve also heard, multiple times, “You never see a kindergartener wearing diapers.” Well, I’m here to tell you, I’m putting this to the test! Stay tuned……..

twins again

Amanda Hadley is a part-time photographer and full-time dishwasher, cook, maid and financial assistant to her 5-year-old daughter, one-year-old twins, and husband of 8 years. She loves to travel, take naps and Atlanta Braves baseball. Most days you will find her at home sifting through the massive piles of laundry and dishes, and getting as many cuddles as possible before the kiddos are too cool to hang out with mom.

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