Talking to Kids About Feelings: Meet the Mood Crew

talking to kids about feelings mood crew dbsa

Nat chats with Hannah Zeller, the Programs Manager at the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, about the importance of talking to your kids about their feelings. DBSA’s new program, the Mood Crew, a fun, free program for kids ages 4 – 10 to help them better understand their emotions through engaging activities, games, and a parent guidebook. These tools help kids and their grownups recognize, identify, and process their feelings and emotions in a fun and safe setting. 

DBSA provides hope, help, support, and education for millions of people who live with mood disorders. DBSA reaches an estimated 4 million people each year with education, advocacy, resources, and support offered through DBSA’s Website, DBSA supports individuals with over 500 support groups and 150 chapters across the country.

Today’s episode is sponsored by DBSA Mood Crew

talking to kids about feelings mood crew dbsa

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Talking to Kids About Feelings: Meet the Mood Crew
Talking to Kids About Feelings: Meet the Mood Crew
Talking to Kids About Feelings: Meet the Mood Crew

Talking to Kids About Feelings: Meet the Mood Crew

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Hannah Zeller, MSW, is the Programs Manager at the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (national office). Hannah obtained her Master of Social Work in 2018 and has been with DBSA since 2016. At DBSA, Hannah manages the Supporting Youth Mental Health initiative as well as other programmatic efforts related to education and wellness. Hannah’s clinical background allowed her to work with underserved youth and adults in the Chicagoland area living with mental health conditions. Hannah has past professional and academic experience in community leadership, nonprofit development, theatrical direction, and art history.

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Talking to kids about feelings

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