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Third Birthday Party Ideas for Twins

Third Birthday Party Ideas for Twins

third birthday

Last updated on September 10th, 2023 at 10:31 pm

In our house, birthdays are a big deal. Maybe it is my love of planning events. Maybe it is because I want my kids to feel important on their special day. It is a day to celebrate how far my identical twin daughters have come since their 9-week early delivery when they entered this world at 3 ½ lbs each. So, let’s talk about 3rd birthday party ideas!  

The three-year-old birthday is extra “three-rific” because three-year-olds are becoming more independent (potty training, dressing themselves, helping with chores), and it’s when kids finally understand that birthdays are a time when family and friends celebrate them. They will begin remembering their birthdays and look forward to them.   

When planning your twins’ third year of life, there are many 3rd birthday party ideas that can take your party from good to “three-markable”!

third birthday party ideas

Consider a Party Theme

Three theme

Consider the age and use it as a theme. 3rd birthday party ideas that include a “3” theme are adorable! Plus, it highlights that your twins are turning three, while also being unique.  You can pull the theme ideas into everything from the invitations to the decorations and activities at your party.   

  • Easy as One-Two-Three
  • Three Ring Circus
  • Three Cheers for…
  • Buy One, Get One Free, We Are Turning Three
  • Good Things Come in Threes
  • Twin Amigos Turning Tres
  • Three’s a Charm
  • Three Historic Party or Three Rex
  • Young, Wild, and Three

Character or Book Themes

Do your kids have a favorite TV show or movie?  You can use this as a 3rd birthday party theme idea and even combine characters for your party.  For example, if your son is obsessed with Super Mario, but your daughter loves Tea Parties, you could have a “High Tea with Mario and the Gang ” party.  

On another note, books provide a ton of great theme ideas for your 3rd birthday party. For example, if you were to have a Goodnight Moon party, you could give out a red balloon to each child and serve Teddy Graham bears sitting on chairs.  

third birthday party ideas

Keep ‘em Entertained with Activities

Three-year-old children need opportunities to move and to be stimulated.  Therefore, ensure you have plenty of “activities” for children at your 3rd birthday party. It could be as simple as putting out buckets for a ball toss, hiring a balloon maker, or bringing in a petting zoo. Here are a few birthday party activities ideas to entertain your 3-year-olds:

  • Hand out an item for the kids to use or wear at the party (princess wands, Mickey ears, Troll hair, etc.) – Let’s face it, kids love to get stuff!  
  • Create a bubble station – this can include wands, bowls, and buckets so kids can make bubbles of all shapes and sizes (don’t forget smocks!)
  • Set up a photo booth – kids can dress up, and parents can capture cute photos to last a lifetime.
  • Water tables or sand tables will keep kids occupied for hours.
  • A bounce house will help get 3-year-old energy out.
  • Crafts such as coloring, gluing, or using stickers are all age-appropriate.
  • Set up a treasure hunt where the guests have to find hidden objects around the room or yard
  • Dancing Games – think freeze dance, musical chairs, or the Hokey Pokey
third birthday party ideas

WOW Your Guests with Decorations!

To me, nothing quite says, “I’m ready to party,” like decorations.  My go-to decorations are banners, garlands, welcome sign with the birthday kids’ names, and balloons.  Here are a few other ideas on how you can put a smile on your guests’ faces as they arrive, while also complementing your event’s theme:  

  • Create labels for water bottles/juice boxes
  • Tablecloths and centerpieces
  • Cardboard cut-out in the shape of the number 3, with your twins’ pictures adhered to it.
  • Chalkboard signs with details on your children’s favorite things.

Other Ideas to Make Your 3rd Birthday Unforgettable

You’ve already gone above and beyond for your twin’s 3rd birthday, but why stop there?  You could also ask guests to dress up based on the theme of the event. We had a Pinkalicious party and asked the attendees to wear pink. Or, you could suggest kids wear their favorite superhero or princess attire.  

In my house, we obsess over goodie bags. Your 3rd birthday party goodie bags could be “dressed up” to match your theme with the items inside to coordinate, too. For example, if you decide on the Twin Amigos Turning Tres party, you could glue a sombrero cut out on a goodie bag and fill the bag with fiesta items.  

third birthday

One last important note when planning your children’s 3rd birthday party. Keep in mind that multiples have to share the limelight with their siblings. Growing up, I remember boasting about the famous celebrities I share a birthday with – I’m talking about you, Larry Bird! Unlike twins, I’ve never had to share a party with Larry Bird standing next to me. For my daughters’ birthday, I constantly think about how I can make my girls individually feel special and loved on their shared important day. Here are a few 3rd birthday party ideas on how you can make this happen:

  • At the birthday party, sing individual “Happy Birthday” songs for each child – make sure you tell the guests which twin’s song is being sung first.  We alternate which child goes first each year.
  • Celebrate “School Birthdays” on separate days – on their school birthday, my daughters get to pick their own theme and then bring in a treat using this theme for their classmates!
  • Commemorate each child’s NICU coming home day (if they spent time in the NICU) – this could be an individualized time/a day out that each child gets with mommy and daddy.  

Regardless if birthdays are a big deal in your family or not, the fact that you have two birthdays on the same day is a very big deal. Use some of these 3rd birthday party ideas to make your twins’ birthday something to remember!

Third Birthday Party Ideas for Twins

Lori Cavallario and her husband live in northern NJ with their three daughters, 4-year-old identical twins and a 1-year-old singleton.  After her twins were born at 31 weeks, she became a parent/family advisor in the NICU where her daughters spent 6 weeks. Her role includes supporting and comforting families while in the NICU, becoming a parent buddy, and designing programs for NICU families. She has a background in public relations, event planning, and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education.  Now, as a stay-at-home mom, she can be found planning extravagant themed birthday parties – (check out Twinvite Designs), making Pinterest recipes, and teaching her twincesses how to do crafts.  

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