31 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

31 weeks pregnant with twins

31 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

What can you expect at 31 weeks pregnant with twins? We’ve compiled a list of common symptoms, to-do’s this week, pregnancy tips, pregnancy concerns, questions to ask your doctor, advice from other pregnant moms of twins, and tons of other info below to help you through this week in your twin pregnancy. Enjoy!

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30 Weeks Pregnant with Twins
32 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

twin pregnancy week by week emails

what's going on
What's going on with those twinnies?

Median weight for dichorionic twins: 3lbs, 13oz

Median weight for monochorionic twins: 3lbs, 9oz

Your twinnies are starting to fill out! A protective layer of fat is accumulating under each twin's skin, filling out their arms and legs. Your twins can now turn their heads from side to side.

to do list

31 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Send your baby shower thank you cards. Keep it short and sweet. Thank them for coming. Mention the specific gift they brought and how great it is. And it never hurts to mention that you'd LOVE their help once the babies are here!

Shop for nursing bras. You'll want to get some hands-free pumping bras too (at least 3 if you're pumping often, which most twin moms do even if they are nursing.)

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5 pregnancy tips

5 tips for a better 31st week of your twin pregnancy

Have realistic expectations about what you can get done in a day

Sleep as much as you can

Don’t bend down to pick things up off the floor. Buy a grabber to help, it’s a lifesaver!

Eat smaller meals more often throughout the day to avoid bloating

Drink so much water!

twin pregnancy advice

Advice from other Twiniversity moms when they were 31 weeks pregnant with twins

You have made it this far!!! That is huge! Every day that your multiples are growing and developing in the womb is substantial at this point. Thank God above for helping you this far! – Lindsey S., Inola, OK

Take time for yourself and rest if that’s an option for you. – Daniela, Toronto, Canada

Get your home ready so you don't have added anxiety or stress. – Kim P., Delta, Canada

twin pregnancy concerns

Concerns other Twiniversity moms had when they were 31 weeks pregnant with twins

Getting the car seat bases inspected for accuracy

Not overdoing it and not resting enough

Am I ready if the babies come now?

How long will I still be pregnant?

I am worried about preterm labour

I can feel movement but can't tell which baby it is

Keeping them in long enough.

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doctor questions

Questions Twiniversity moms had for their doctors when they were 31 weeks pregnant with twins

Can you approve of me getting a temporary handicap parking pass?  

What immunizations do my husband and family need before the babies arrive?  

Am I still okay to work?

What’s the best course of action for delivery at this point?

Do I need a breast pump in the hospital?

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31 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

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what to do when you're having two

An excerpt from Twiniversity founder Natalie Diaz's book, “What To Do When You're Having Two

what to do when you're having two

As mothers of twins, most of the time we don't have as much control over our deliveries as singleton mothers.  No, it isn't fair, but it's still a fact. Singleton moms (who don't have other complications) can give birth at home or in an all-natural birthing center.  Sometimes, they can even elect to have a c-section and choose their baby's birthday. We don't have as many choices. A home birth is pretty much out of the question for most of us, as are most birthing centers (though neither are strictly impossible).  Some obstetricians will not consider allowing you to deliver naturally or even vaginally. Of course this all depends on your situation. But the fact that we don't have as many options doesn't mean that we don't have any choices. These are still our bodies and our babies, and we have the right to ask for the type of birth experience that we want.

8 weeks pregnant with twins

REMINDER: Don't forget to take a belly shot!

31 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Belly Shots

Ultrasound Pics

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twin pregnancy week by week emails


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31 weeks pregnant with twins