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Top 7 Twin Pregnancy Belly Bands

Top 7 Twin Pregnancy Belly Bands

Looking for twin pregnancy belly bands? We’ve curated the list of the top 7 belly bands for twin pregnancy. Read on below to find out which ones you should get.

How do you relieve twin pregnancy back, hip, pelvis, and neck pain? As a twin mom, I’d say, “Don’t get pregnant with twins.” Of course, if you’re here reading this post, you’re likely already pregnant with twins. In that case, you may already be dealing with some back or hip pain. So don’t worry, there’s another option for relief: twin pregnancy belly bands.

What is a pregnancy belly band?

Occasionally called a pregnancy belt, or maternity support belt, a belly band is a compression band designed to provide belly support and relieve back pain.

A pregnant woman, grasping her belly and lower back, in need of a belly band
A pregnancy belly band is designed to provide belly support and relieve back pain

Why would you need a twin pregnancy belly band?

Lower back pain and pelvic pain are part of the pregnancy process, especially if you are carrying multiples. Moreover, as your babies grow, your body’s center of gravity shifts to accommodate your growing belly.

Twin pregnancy belly bands help support your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips, and pelvic floor, helping alleviate aches and pains that come with it. Belly bands also improve circulation, by lifting the extra weight off of the blood vessels that flow to your lower extremities. This is especially helpful in the second and third trimesters, with reducing swelling and fatigue in your legs and feet.

Top 7 Twin Pregnancy Belly Bands

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A pregnancy support band will also help with your posture. For example, by supporting your lower back and torso, belly bands encourage correct posture. Maintaining good posture will also help your babies settle into an optimal position for birth, potentially helping to create a better birthing experience.

Can I go without a support band during my twin pregnancy?

There is no pregnancy rule saying that you must buy all the stuff. I opted out of buying a belly band during my twin pregnancy and luckily I worked behind a counter that was the perfect height to rest my twin bump on. So unless you have to-go support shelves or you are a mermaid (buoyancy takes the pressure off your baby bump and lower back too), I’d spring for the belly band.

Twin pregnancy belly bands help you get through the day

Rest is a great solution to your pregnancy aches and pains, however, few of us pregnant moms can press pause on our daily lives. Additionally, between running a household, older children to take care of, and work duties there is hardly any time for rest. Thankfully, wearing a pregnancy support band during daily movements will help to stabilize your core and reinforce your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.

Twin pregnancy belly bands can help alleviate back pain
A pregnancy belly band may be just want you need to ease some of those pregnancy pains

Maybe your OBGYN has suggested a twin pregnancy belly band to help ease some of your pregnancy aches and pains. Of course, you’re probably wondering: which one is best for you? Therefore, you can follow these tips for choosing a twin pregnancy belly band:

What to look for in a Twin Pregnancy Belly Band

When choosing a pregnancy belly band, you want to consider the material it is made of, the quality, sizing, and of course the type of support of the belly band.


A belly band is designed to ease pressure on your pelvis and back. Because of this, you want a thicker fabric for this. Thin fabric belly bands might work at first, but ultimately, they will lose their compress and shape quickly.

Quality of

Obviously, pregnancy belly bands are made to be put on and taken off frequently. Therefore, you want something with reinforced hooks and strong Velcro. Think strong and durable.


Adjustable is the word you are looking for. It’s important to realize that adjustable implies that the pregnancy belt fits a wide range of sizes and will continue to fit with your growing belly. Of course, if you feel pain in your stomach, excess pressure on your pelvic floor, or it’s restricting your breathing, the support brace is too tight.

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When you’re trying to decide on which belly band will work best for you, think about where your pain is. For example, if your pain is mainly in your lower abdomen, a belly band that goes over your lower belly might be best. Additionally, if your pain is concentrated in your back, then a belly band with suspenders might work best.

Our list of the 7 best Twin Pregnancy Belly Bands:

Neotech Care Maternity Belt

Double strap twin pregnancy belly band
Photo credit:

The NeoTech Care maternity belt is highly breathable, and comfortable and also provides the elasticity needed to hug your body’s shape perfectly and give proper support for your lower back. Thankfully, this maternity belt wraps around your belly and waist, lessening the burden of pregnancy weight.


  • Fully adjustable 
  • Reinforced hooks and loops 
  • Breathable fabric
  • Designed for walking or standing


  • Must unhook when sitting 
  • Runs small
  • Two strap system can be a pain

To purchase, click here

GABRIALLA MS-99 Twin Pregnancy Support Band

Twins Maternity Support Belt from GABRIALLA MS-99
Photo Credit:

The GABRIALLA MS-99 Twins Maternity Support Belt is created for women pregnant with twins or multiples. To point out, this maternity belt helps provide expecting twin moms with the support they need to stay comfortable, healthy, and active throughout their entire pregnancy. This belly band gently cradles your growing bump, easing pressure on your back and pelvis, and gives extra support during usual daily activities, walking, running, and exercising.


  • No tummy straps 
  • Postpartum use for up to 1 month
  • Adjustable to Fit Your Body
  • Plus size compatible  
  • Made in the USA


  • Hot; Fabric is not breathable
  • Uncomfortable when sitting
  • Does not accommodate a short torso
  • Hand wash only

To purchase, click here

Belly Bandit Upsie Belly Band

Belly Bandit twin pregnancy belly band
Photo Credit:

The Belly Bandit Upsie Belly Band is designed to provide extra support during pregnancy by gently lifting and redistributing the weight of your growing belly. This extra lift helps bring much-needed relief to aching back muscles, while the secure fit around your hips can reduce pelvic pain by limiting the mobility of your pelvic joints. It also includes a hot/cold gel pack to help soothe the strained muscles in your back.


  • Rear Sleeve for hot/cold pack (included)
  • Adjustable 
  • Luxurious soft  
  • Made from soft viscose from bamboo             
  • May be covered by insurance


  • Hand wash only
  • Uncomfortable when sitting
  • Runs small
  • Expensive

To purchase, click here

Kindred Bravely Soothing Maternity Belly & Back Support Band

maternity support band for back and belly
Photo Credit:

The Kindred Bravely Soothing Maternity Belly and Back Support Band redistributes weight to help relieve muscle strains. It’s particularly good at soothing your lower back pain with cool or warm therapy from the built-in gel pack pocket. The Kindred Bravely Soothing belly band also features no-dig velcro and ultra soft fabric for extra comfort.


  • Easy, Velcro closure 
  • Back pocket for cool/warm gel pack (included)
  • Great for postpartum use too


  • Hand wash only
  • Newly released

To purchase, click here

Frii Pregnancy Support Band

over the shoulder double strap twin pregnancy belly band
Photo Credit:

The Frii pregnancy belly support band gives you 360 full support to help you alleviate pregnancy pains. For instance, this support belt holds the abdomen from the bottom, with shoulder straps to share the weight of your growing bump.


  • Back Brace design                       
  • Built-in support strips in the waist area             
  • Made of a breathable mesh material            
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap


  • Hand-wash only
  • Runs small
  • Velcro wears quickly
  • Not made for long torsos

To purchase, click here

It’s You Babe Best Cradle Belly Band

Multi-strap maternity support belt
Photo Credit:

The It’s You Babe Best Cradle baby belly band was designed by a medical professional for moms who want to be comfortable and supported during day-to-day activities. Most importantly, the belly band lifts and holds up the womb and pelvic region relieving pain in a natural way. The Best Cradle has adjustable shoulder straps & womb support allowing it to grow during all trimesters of pregnancy.


  • Made in the USA                                
  • Best for twin pregnancies                   
  • Soft                                                 
  • True to size


  • Not for short torsos
  • Thin belt and straps
  • Shoulder straps show through neckline/collar

To purchase, click here

Motif medical Pregnancy Back Brace Band

Pregnancy back brace
Photo Credit:

The Motif is built for a discreet fit and made with breathable fabric. This pregnancy support band redistributes the weight of a growing baby, providing incredible relief and comfort during everyday activities. This pregnancy back brace is recommended for use from three to nine months during pregnancy.


  • Machine Washable
  • Made of soft, breathable fabric
  • May be covered by insurance
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Adjustable tension straps


  • Not very comfortable to wear while sitting
  • Not suitable for postpartum use

To purchase, click here

Final thoughts on twin pregnancy belly bands

Twin pregnancy belly bands can help minimize the aches that come with pregnancy, especially a multiples pregnancy. For example, think of a pregnancy belly band as suspenders for your baby bump. By lifting and redistributing the weight of the baby, twin pregnancy belly bands have shown to reduce pain more effectively than other options. In addition to exercises, gentle massage, and stretching, maternity compression is a safe, all-natural way to relieve pain during pregnancy. So next time your back is aching or you find yourself using the checkout counter to rest your growing bump, consider getting yourself a pregnancy belly band.

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