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What’s the Grossest Thing Your Twins Have Put in Their Mouth?

What’s the Grossest Thing Your Twins Have Put in Their Mouth?

The grossest thing your twins have put in their mouth

Last updated on March 7th, 2024 at 07:35 am

We’ve all seen the funny twin-parent shirt that says, “You can’t scare me, I have twins.” Although that is usually the truth, in honor of Halloween, here at Twiniversity, we’ve decided to put fear in ALL twin parents. Hold your screams until the end, and check out the grossest thing your twins have put in their mouth!

Let’s talk about the dark side of twin parenting! The things our twins put in their mouth is definitely one of the grossest things kids do and parents have to witness. Look, there is no judgment here. We’ve all been there, especially when we are keeping an eye on two curious children! We recently asked our Twiniversity community, “What is the grossest thing your twins have put in their mouth?”

The answers do not disappoint! Just be prepared to laugh a lot and be completely grossed out a little!

The Grossest Thing Your Twins Have Put in Their Mouth


Poop is a magnet for all children. They seem to be able to find it, touch it, smear it, and play with it. And if you are really lucky, they might even put it in their mouths 🤢!

  • The other twins poop -wordsbyadrian
  • Bird poop at the park 🙃 – peanutbutter_n_jules
  • His poop -rebeccaeatsvt
  • Chicken poop 😩🤢 -stephhep6
  • The other twins poop. -ellietysklind
  • Bird poop 🤢 -laineybrockmann
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  • Poop. When they were babies, one grabbed her sister’s poop and put it in her mouth. That was the first of many, many many calls to poison control! -Ashley Thompson
  • Goat shit -sarandib_inks
  • The other twins poopy nappy 🤢😵 -mand_0885

Bugs (And Bug-Ish Things) 🐛

It’s all just protein anyway, right?

  • An entire Miller moth – sarah_dee13
  • A dead spider. -garnbinne
  • Living starfish at the ocean. -selby.mckinnon
  • A LIVE spider 🤢 -kstemen
  • One of my twin granddaughters chewed a wasp. First trip to ER. -Lois Wagner Sensibaugh
Bugs are one of the grossest things your twins have put in their mouth.
  • Cockroach -me_plus_three_2730
  • A slug!! -thetomlinsonmonkeys

Everything Associated With a Toilet

The toilet is a fascinating object! And to a child (especially a small child), the best way to discover new things is with your mouth!

  • Toilet brush -arentyoumaddi
  • Licked the top of the toilet seat -kbonnnn
  • Toilet bowl brush -alid24
  • The handle of the toilet at Walmart. -Candace Ashcraft

Water From Different Places

Water is water, right? Even if it is brown, right?

  • Probably not the worst, but most recent was my daughter who climbed up on a toddler chair to reach the kitchen sink, took apart the bottle-drying rack, and lapped the drained dish water out of the bottom while saying “yum yum yum”. 🤢😂 -jungblut.twins
  • Lapping water from the dog bowl, and he peed into his own mouth before mommy could catch it! -eliz.scott15
  • Drank puddle water -mznamaste
  • Definitely bath water. 😭 -Nothando Nomusa Mbatha
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Bodily Fluids

  • When we brought them home that first day I had them laying next to each other facing each other for the first time. Baby A spit up right into Baby B’s open mouth. -paigemartinek
  • One twin wee’d in the others mouth in the bath! 😱😳 -mummy_t_of_3
  • Boogers! 😂😂😂😂 -_sinece
  • Their nose pick. -nyldzr
Boogers are one of the grossest thing your twins have put in their mouth.
  • One twin drank her pee from the potty when we started potty training at 18 months. The other ate a black banana he had hidden under the couch for days (with no peel). -Vilma Šeibutienė

Random Items

  • One of them picked up a deflated balloon off the parking lot of Starbucks and tried to blow it up. 🤦🏻‍♀️ -carlykathleen78
  • The dog’s toothbrush. -the_real_mcmama
  • A handful of debris found on the side of the road. -Jennifer Byrd
  • Hair😢 -twin_babies_mom
  • A skittle off of the ER waiting room floor -cassieloe359
  • Cat vomit -miranda.yam85
  • Eats his toenails 😳 -paola.andrea.ortiz
  • Ate spaghetti out of the trash. -ameelin14
  • Eats his nails. -phuong7581
  • One of them bit my toe 🤮 -amy_fam

Parenting has some gross moments, read all about them here:
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The Grossest Thing Your Twins Have Licked

  • THE BOTTOM OF THEIR SHOES ONCE 🤢 -minditrimblementoring
  • My niece licked the subway pole in NYC on the subway. My daughter (baby b) drank water from a puddle at Disney she was 4. -torontotwina
  • I caught one of my twins sucking on the business end of a Bumco baby bum brush. It was his sister’s. 🍑. -francekarra
The grossest thing your twins have licked
  • Their first time on the subway in NYC as toddlers, i jumped out at a stop to take a pic of them inside and 1 of them licked the window! -Jill Titus
  • Mine licked the handrail in line at Disney…. -clnoel88
  • my twin girls have given each other licked or chew food. 🤢 -twinstrmom
  • It’s not my twin but my oldest child licked a wall in a public toilet 🤮 and my husband had nightmares because of that! 😭 -nattilich
  • Licking the elevator buttons inside a hotel elevator 🤢 -lauraellingson
  • My sons like to stick their mouths on the shopping cart. -Raie Lewis
  • Her brothers bum while they were in the bath. -yasminamasi20
  • The armrest on an airplane. The exterior of my car.….. -hei_hales
  • I constantly have to tell one of my twins to not lick that persons car. To not lick the asphalt. To not lick the shopping cart-you get the idea. -Amy Olsen Krull


This is not a competition (mostly because none of us are winning with this, right😝). But, if there was a winner, I think this might be it….

  • Got y’all beat. While using public bathroom reached into the feminine garbage can and popped a used tampon applicator in his mouth. -twinstarbabycarrier

What is the grossest thing your twins have put in their mouth? Don’t be embarrassed to share, and don’t beat yourself up. Obviously, we’ve been there and lived to tell about it!

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