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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

Twin Mom Confessions: Our Grossest Moments

Twin Mom Confessions: Our Grossest Moments

Last updated on February 28th, 2024 at 01:05 pm

Think your kids are especially gross? See what real twin moms say are our grossest moments with twins and laugh in solidarity!

If you’ve had your twins for more than 3 days, you probably have an “OMG, EWWWW” moment under your belt. We all have them. Let’s face it, folks, kids are gross.

I’ll be honest here, my twins are almost 17 and I STILL shudder at certain nauseating memories that are buried in the deep in the recesses of my mom-brain.

Check out some of our grossest moments from twin moms just like you!

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Gross Twin Mom Diaper Confessions

Diaper gross twin mom moments seem to be pretty common. If you haven’t been peed or pooped on, you’re probably in for a treat soon.

My son peed right over his head and into the bed during a mid-night diaper change and feeding. I put a towel over it and went back to sleep. I may have slept in pee sheets for a few nights

Nicole M.

Twin baths sometime after they were year old, my daughter decided it was a fantastic time to poop…. her twin brother thought it was a toy floaty…. it was at that moment I knew we weren’t having more kids.

Jessica A.

Baby B shot diarrhea out all over me during a middle of the night diaper change and my shriek woke up baby A. Chaos. Poo covered chaos.

Christina S.

Scooping mushy poop out of the bathtub drain and finding one of my girls with poop on her face after diaper diving.

Danielle M.

Twin B came up to me “take that” and of course I took it. Upon inspection….it was a piece of poop she took out of her diaper.  um, thanks for sharing. Lol.

Valerie O.

I couldn’t abandon the outfit I should have in the target bathroom. There was a massive blowout. Epic, really. But I just couldn’t leave it behind because it was part of a coordinating set. So I bagged it and continued to shop. We definitely smelled terrible walking through the store.

Stephanie F.

Twin A pooped in the middle of me changing her and it was projected all the way up my leg, I was wearing shorts.

Stephanie L.
Twin diaper changes

Twin-Specific Diaper Mishaps

Some of our grossest moments can only happen with twins.

The time we went to the doctor because of diarrhea with our 3-month-olds. The nurse used a rectal thermometer and the first baby had a blowout, even getting on the nurse’s clothing. And she proceeded to use the same method on the second baby. And sure enough, same response. I had a hard time not laughing at that point.

Debbie H.

It was my first time alone with the twins- so they were only a few days old- maybe a week. My oldest daughter at the time was 8. She insisted she could help me change diapers. So we are sitting side by side and the baby I was changing pooped violently and it landed all over my leg, carpet, and changing pad. We were laughing so hard together she forgot to cover the other twin with a clean diaper and he peed all over me! Totally gross but so funny!

Kelsey M.

Twin A didn’t have any poop in her diaper, so twin B graciously lent her poop diaper to her sister so they could both participate in poop wall art. Sharing is caring.

Lexie I.

When I was potty training my twins.. one twin got excited that they had finally made a wee & the other twin got jealous & picked up the potty of wee & threw it on top of the other twin.

Helene K.

The time my boy twin figured out how to unzip his sleeper and took off his diaper. He then smeared poop everywhere. The walls, the carpet, his sister, nothing was safe. But when I had them both in the bath, I found the biggest most disgusting clump of poop worked into his sister’s hair. That was not a fun morning.

Laura F.
stressed out mom holding her head on her hands

More of Our Grossest Moments in Diapers

One of my twins once had the worst little butt rash when she was about.. a year and a half? She had baboon butt for real. So I was letting her air out and we were playing outside in a dress. She sharted, I brought her inside to clean up. While I was trying to gently clean her up and she was squirming because it hurt so bad she shot poo directly into my face and eye. So now she’s screaming and crying, I’m also screaming and crying, and everyone is traumatized. I managed to get her and myself cleaned up and I’ve never been the same since. She did the same exact thing AGAIN. Later that day. Thank the stars I didn’t get pink eye.

Brandi L.

When I brought my little 8 day old babies home from the NICU and I was doing the first home diaper change and my adorable newborn daughter suddenly turned into a mustardy poop shooting cannon and it shot out of her butt and hit me in the face, landed in my hair, narrowly missed my mouth by the slightest bit and slid all down my chest into my bra.  My husband almost peed himself laughing.

Natalie B.
baby spitting up during our grossest moments
Our grossest moments sometimes include spit up

Tummy Troubles

Raise your hand if you little one’s vomiting from reflux or food allergies has made you shower more than twice in a 24 hour period. (Me, me) It seems that many twin moms face the same struggle. Who knew?

Check out these upset tummy gross twin mom confessions.

I would usually change both of them at the same time, assembly-line style. I put them both on my bed and started changing one of them, which was a poopy diaper, and as I was wiping that baby up the other baby decided to throw up and I caught it, so poop in one hand and puke in the other. thankfully they are 4 now and don’t do that anymore.

Emily W.

My daughter had reflux. I once just sat in a giant puddle of watery milk vomit while she just kept going. It felt like an eternity, just this constant stream of spit-up.

Delores B.

I was home alone with my 1 yo twins and 3 yo daughter and everyone started getting sick at once. I was helping my daughter while my boy puked on the carpet. Turned around to see his bother eating the vomit.

Shauna T.

Pink projectile vomit that went inside my pajamas, front and back all the way to the floor when my preemies were on theophylline.

Debbie H.
baby spitting up

More Pukey Moments

When they were infants, they were napping in the cosleeper while my husband showered and I was pumping. He came out of the bathroom to check on them, when he turned to go back in, he heard this incredible burping sound. He went back and my son had spit up (it was so much it was more like he puked) all over my daughter’s face. I learned it is possible to pump and bathe a child in the sink, at the same time, that day”

Liisa M.

I was holding my son above my head and he puked into my mouth.

Kymber L.

A memorable event was when my 3-month old daughter (when both were in the hospital for RSV) threw up down the inside of my shirt right after I had gotten dressed after a challenging shower in the hospital staff shower (so I really didn’t want to repeat the process all over again!)

Kristen C.

It started when I picked my twins up from daycare. Her teacher noted that she wasn’t acting like she felt well. By the time I got her to the car and attempted to get her in her seat she threw up all in my face and it was hanging out of my hair. Gross. But that was only the beginning. Within an hour or so of getting home, both kids started throwing up. Mind you I am alone with 2-year-old twins. We spent the entire night in bed. I was holding both of them as they took turns throwing up–into the bed. At some point, it dawned on me to get some bowls or Tupperware that they could throw up into but the damage had already been done. It was a lot to manage alone and the best I could do was to put clean towels over the areas where the throw-up was. Yes, we slept in it. And they were better than the next day, but I was not.

Tima D.
toddler in a pink hat with messy face and hand

What the Heck Are They Eating Now?

Kids are gross. They eat the grossest things. Have your kids ever eaten Cheerios from the floor? Well, some of our grossest moments confessions might go just a tad further than that.

Just the other week I was walking from the kitchen to our living room. My hands were full of 2 bottles, a sippy cup for a toddler, and my coffee. As I’m walking I stepped in something mushy…looked down saw cat puke. Of course, both 10-month old twins are right there. I panicked, I knew exactly what was gonna go down and I was helpless. I walked as fast as I could to put everything down while telling my toddler to grab her brothers away from the puke. She is yelling, I don’t know how!!! Meanwhile, Twin A shoved cat puke in his mouth…chewed on it, gagged, kept chewing, gagged, kept chewing, and swallowed. I about died…

Nichole R.

While I had my arms full with his crying sister whom he pushed down, my 14-month-old, peeled smooshed banana( which he threw on the floor I stepped while trying to get to said crying sister) off the bottom of my foot and ate it.

Jacquie B.

When they were around 2 or 3, (and I was so ready for a nap) one of them said, “Share, momma.”, and put something in my mouth. I thought they were sharing a bite of their snack. It was a booger.

Angela J.

Was emptying my two-year-old boys’ lunch box from daycare. Got to the thermos and see he didn’t eat very much of his nuggets. He watched me throw them out. I turned my head for 1 second to grab the second lunch box and here he is snacking on a nugget he pulled from the trash.

Jamie M.
toddlers arm covered in dirt and mud

More Random Moments With Twins

There’s always the one-off gross twin mom confessions that bring about some serious giggles. Can you relate to these?

Finding them both elbow deep in the toilet then extracting their arms and sucking the water out of their shirts. I was sure they were going to die.

Sarah S.

Age five? Left them alone with friends playing on the beach. Took a walk with my cousin. Upon returning, my cousin (bless her heart) asks if it’s normal for a kid to poop in the sand. Mind you, we were far enough from the event to be watching like a performance piece. I never ran so quickly. Once I arrived, I didn’t know what to do. He was still pooping into the sand. Other kids just playing in the same area. I never buried poop in the sand before, but I became an expert that afternoon.

Michelle M.

My boys had just learned to give kisses (the baby way where they basically just lick your face). Well, they were eating refried beans when one boy locked eyes with me and starting leaning in for a kiss, with refried beans all over his tongue and face, and it was so sweet that I let him, slobbery beans and all right on my lips. My hubby was gagging lol!

Stacey K.

So, what can you add to our grossest moments?

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