Why Won’t My Twins Stop Crying? Tips for Soothing Infant Twins

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You can easily tell when your twins are irritable, just by looking at their facial expressions or if they just seem fussy. They’ll give you cues and sometimes you may feel like you can’t settle them down. If you’re sure they’ve got a clean diaper and they aren’t hungry, try these tips to avoid meltdowns before they start.

Move them with you. Get them to where they can keep an eye on you. If you’re washing dishes, put them in the kitchen with you. They’ll love the change of scenery and they’ll get to feel the comfort of having their parent close to them.

Swaddle me! If you just can’t hold them at the moment (a common problem with twins), a great way to calm your babies would be to swaddle them. The snug feeling gives them the comfort that they had in-utero. Be sure to swaddle safely!

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Where’s my twin? Can your twins see each other? If your babies are only weeks old, they probably won’t be able to see each other in their own separate seats for a while but what you can do is get them together on the floor. Put a soft blanket down and let your babies hang out together. It’s really amazing to watch when they’re comforted by one another’s presence; often just the distraction of another baby is enough to calm them down.

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Change up background noise. Loud TV shows or noisy toys can be overwhelming and over stimulating for your twins. Turn down lights and TVs to create a calming environment for your babies. On the other hand, some babies need a bit of background noise. Turn on a white noise machine or play the radio on a low volume. A fan always works great for white noise; anything that will create a low hum.


Siblings are noisy! To help your babies calm down without taking away play from their older siblings, start a “quiet time” for your older children with quiet play such as coloring, painting, or reading.

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Swing time! Lots of babies love the gentle sway of an infant swing. It is a very good way to soothe fussy babies. My twins loved their swings; a must-have! Opt for a swing that can swing front-to-back and side-to-side to offer plenty of variety.

Check the room temperature. Just like you and me, our moods can vary greatly if we are too hot or too cold. If you feel a chill, your baby probably needs a light blanket. If you’re in shorts and a tank, make sure your babes are dressed accordingly.

Play a song. You can find some really enjoyable albums made for babies that include classical music or nature scenes. It can be relaxing for both you and your babies to listen to!

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Sing, talk, or shush. Sometimes hearing a lullaby from mama is all that it takes. Just to feel your closeness and love! You don’t have to sing, either. Talk to your babies, look at them directly, have a little conversation with them. Just showing that you can communicate with them can be calming just the same as a sweet song! A repeated “shhhhh” sound can also help to calm them, as it replicates the sound of being inside the womb.

Offer a pacifier. For newborns, using a pacifier might take some getting used to. Pacifiers are an excellent way to soothe because newborns have a natural need to suckle for comfort.

Sometimes the answer to what’s bugging your babies is in the little things. Trust me when I say that with two babies and two different preferences, that can be a daunting thing to figure out. It does get easier, so hang in there!

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