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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

Twin Moms: The Best Delivery Day Confessions

Twin Moms: The Best Delivery Day Confessions

Last updated on September 28th, 2021 at 01:25 pm

Are you curious about a twins’ delivery? Check out these twin moms’ real-life delivery day confessions, from the hilarious to the unimaginable.

We all have these little bits from our twin delivery day that we would rather not recall or little bits that just make us laugh every time we think of them. These moments might be unusual, embarrassing, or downright hilarious.

We asked our community for their own Delivery day confession and as you can imagine, we were not disappointed.

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Pregnant woman holding her belly delivery day confessions
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Wait, did my water just break, or did I pee a little?

Don’t laugh. OK, you can laugh a little. But, it happens. Apparently, it happens A LOT! Check out what some of our awesome twin moms shared about water-breaking delivery day confessions.

“I didn’t feel my water break. I thought I peed myself ? “- Kimmy B.

“I had been at the hospital for like 2 hours and they asked if my water broke and I was like ?‍♀️?‍♀️ I don’t know. It felt like I peed a little every time I had a contraction??” Stephanie H.

“Water broke at 2 am -thought I peed myself. Didn’t feel any contractions till I got to the hospital and I was laughing. Did some stuff around the house before going to the hospital cause I felt fine. My husband was rushing me to get in the car, then a while later had 2 babies.” Heather B.

“My water broke…I put on a Depends, went back to bed. Delivered twin A in the bathroom 3 hours later. ?” Jennifer K.

“When my water broke I thought maybe I peed myself. I actually googled how to tell the difference and the biggest result was the smell, so I got on my hands and knees in the bathroom at midnight and smelled it ?” Hannah B.

Is it naptime yet?

I remember my mother telling me of her glorious naps during her labor with my younger brother. Foolishly, I assumed it was a one-off and not something people actually do. I mean, who’s taking a nap at a time like this? Many people, it seems.

This is definitely one of the most surprising delivery day confessions that actually turned out to be more common than you might have thought.

“I dozed off the 9 minutes between deliveries.?” Lizzie

“I got an epidural and then took a nap. Had to be woken up to give birth.” Megan C.

“I got an epidural and literally slept until it was time to push .” Lauren C.

“I went into labor at midnight and was so tired I slept between contractions until it was time to go to the hospital.” Lisa R.

a woman rubbing a pregnant womans shoulders

No pain no gain……or is it?

I know I was surprised how many twin mamas never felt a single contraction. Although, I didn’t either. I suppose I assumed my situation was a little less common than it actually is. This seems to be common among delivery day confessions.

“Water broke- I was 8cm dilated and feeling fine otherwise.” Christine P.

“I have never felt a contraction. The morning I had them I was 5 cm dilated. I had a c-sec 3 weeks early due to preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome.” Haley O.

“I had contractions but nothing that hurt – pretty sure the humongous belly absorbed them all and kept them from hurting. I also wound up with high blood pressure AFTER I delivered and had to stay at the hospital several days which meant my girls did too even though they were perfectly healthy.” Tiffany M.

“Apparently I was having contractions the morning I came in for my scheduled c-section at 37w2days (both breech and over 7lbs each). The nurses looked at me funny when I told them I felt nothing. ?‍♀️” Jessie B.

“I had contractions regularly for 13 weeks and never felt them.” Aileen D.

a woman holding newborn twins

“I was contracting for a week but never felt them. Only felt like I couldn’t breathe. Thank goodness I went in. I was in preterm labor. Had the kids at 26 weeks. I was terrified.” Lacy R.

“Had a c-section at 39 and a half weeks. Never felt contractions either even though they said I was having them at an earlier check-up.” Heidi H.

“Two sets of twins and no contractions!” Kim M.

“I had a c section but they asked if I had been feeling contractions and I said no not having any. They said “yes you are”.” Lisa G.

I never even had a contraction

I don’t think many pregnant women realize that often, when you have a C-section, especially an emergent or urgent C-section, you may never even have a contraction at all.

“No contractions and not dilated. With my singletons, I was dilated to at least a 2 a week or two before labor. My twins were too comfy in there. lol!!” Theresa M.

“Never got to feel them [contractions]… emergency c-section for severe preeclampsia which gave me pulmonary edema. Delivered at 33 weeks two heathy girls and spent a week in ICU for myself. very grateful ?” Monica S.

“I had a scheduled c section at 37 weeks and our girls were super comfy so I never felt one contraction either. Kinda happy but kinda bummed I missed that little piece of their birth. They’re happy and healthy so in all reality, it’s all good.” Kristin D.

a man holding a woman's hand while she is in labor

Unbelievable delivery day confessions

Every once in a while you hear a story that you might not believe when it comes to delivery day confessions. At Twiniversity, we know better. The unbelievable happens. All the time.

“I was scheduled for induction at 37 weeks 3 days… no contractions no anything. I was given a Cervidil patch and things progressed really fast. The nurse said they were stopping induction as they weren’t properly staffed for the birth until morning. They had me “calm” down by giving me an Ambien to sleep but woke me every hour?. I was kind of ready all night long and all morning- contractions and everything. They were ready for me at noontime lol. It was terrible to wait from 3 pm the previous day-but then they had everything ready. I delivered at 1:09 and 1:33 and no problems. They’ll be 15 this May” Lanie K.

“I was over 37 weeks and my OB said I could come to the hospital over the weekend if I felt contractions because she was on call. I kinda felt something and just went because I was over it. Turns out my cord was coming out first and it was an immediate c-section.” Korina W.

“Urgent, non-emergent c-section. Was inpatient for monitoring for momo twins and one of my girls heart rates was having zero reactivity and I had an ultrasound and they saw scalp edema. Delivered about 30 minutes later.” Sammantha C.

“I had one contraction. There were 14 minutes in between that contraction and both of my twins being born. And my baby A was born butt first.  I was supposed to have a c section.” Jessica M.

More astonishing stories

“3 hours between my water breaking at work and the boys being born. Drove myself to the hospital and really only had about an hour of hard contractions, no epidural (didn’t get labs back in time), and pushed for maybe 20 minutes, total.” Samantha U.

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a woman's hands holding her pregnant belly

“I carried my twins full term without knowing there were two. I found out when I delivered my daughter instead of the placenta. My son was born first and was breech.” Patricia R.

“Never got to feel them [contractions]… emergency c-section for severe preeclampsia which gave me pulmonary edema. Delivered at 33 weeks two healthy girls and spent a week in ICU myself. Very grateful.” Monica S.

“No morning sickness, no cravings, no contractions when my waters broke 6 weeks early, emergency caesarean so no pain other than from the operation. Oh and I lost 2 kgs rather than gained. I mean honestly, who does that? It can be scary but there are good stories as well as not so good.” Peita T.

Outlandish (but true) confessions

“My hospital requires all twin deliveries to occur in the OR and my labor progressed so fast that we barely made it there on time. One push for each and we were holding them! It was a crazy intense whirlwind.” Katrina S.

“I never had contractions my girls were scheduled c section because one of them was breech. Delivered at 38 weeks and 2 days. I feel robbed because I could have went longer.” Camille A.

“My Dr said my twin delivery was the easiest one he ever delivered in 19 years.” Michelle N.

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“I laughed after I pushed first baby out and said, OMG I feel so much lighter and look how small my stomach is! And there’s still a baby in there! Everyone was cracking up.” Jennifer O.

“My OB tried to have me deliver baby B still in her sac. After almost an hour between the two, my water broke and fluid went flying across the delivery room. You could hear it hit the wall. The Dr. was soaked, it was the talk of the delivery floor. ? Baby came out quickly after.” Christy H.

Can you relate?

I’m always surprised how much all of us twin moms have in common. It seems that even if you think you’re alone, chances are another MoM can relate in some way.

How many of these delivery day confessions can you relate to?

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