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When Will My Morning Sickness and Exhaustion Go Away?

When Will My Morning Sickness and Exhaustion Go Away?

11 tips to get through bed rest

Last updated on September 28th, 2021 at 01:58 pm

A MoM-to-be recently asked:

I am just over 15 weeks pregnant with twins, which will be our firsts! I am super excited but this pregnancy has been rough, to say the least. My morning sickness is slightly subsiding but I always seem to feel dysfunctionally exhausted and I’m wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks to get through the exhaustion/help make it a little more tolerable so I’m at least a functional human being? Or is the extended morning sickness and exhaustion all just apart of creating two humans?

Here’s what our Twiniversity fans had to say: 

– It’s hard work growing two humans absolutely no doubt. Rest when you can. Elevate your feet. Lemon warm water in the morning. Epsom salt and lavender bath after a long day.  ∼ CB

– I was EXHAUSTED my entire pregnancy! There were a few times I sat down for a few minute break middle of the day, then woke up an hour (or more!) later with my head thrown back on the couch. I just tried to take advantage of sleep as much as I could while pregnant! Also, I drank a LOT of water. My OB/GYN warned me ahead of time it would help with feeling sick. That, along with eating small amounts frequently throughout the day, really helped me feel as well as I could. Growing two humans at the same time is NOT easy!  ∼ HM

– Frequent high protein snacks might help; think cheese, yogurt, PB, nuts etc. every 2 hours, especially if you’re working. Always have a bottle of water with you and refill it frequently. Smoothies are great too.  ∼ AM

– Maybe your experience will be different but I was sick and bone-deep fatigued to some degree from 6 weeks to delivery. My OB said that this is typical of twin pregnancy. I survived it by doing nothing that wasn’t absolutely necessary and resting as much as I could.  ∼ SB

morning sickness

– Best advice I got was from a nutritionist who specialized in pregnant women. Aim for 100 grams of protein a day. It’s the building block of growth and critical for two growing babies plus you!  ∼ MCS

– Crackers, cheese & Greek yogurt were staples for me when I couldn’t stomach meat (protein is so important!). I also carried Tums at all times, and about 1-2 weeks before delivery when I couldn’t stand the heartburn anymore, over-the-counter heartburn meds were a saving grace!  ∼ SKD

– Try working with your employer to work a different set up if you can. Starting at 5 months I worked split shifts, 4 hours in the morning, came home took a nap, then worked 4 hours in the evening. I wasn’t overly exhausted but I think I would have been on bedrest if I hadn’t changed my schedule.  ∼ SE

– I had the ‘morning’ sickness and vomiting all hours of the day and for the entire pregnancy. Hopefully you won’t but natural ginger tea and the anti-nausea bracelets that press on acupuncture points helped.  ∼ CB

– I was completely exhausted the entire pregnancy! I was also anemic, so that didn’t help. Definitely keep the protein intake up. I drank a protein shake for a snack twice a day. I had to nap at least once a day through the whole pregnancy too.  ∼ TT

– I was exhausted my whole pregnancy; never got the “nesting” feeling some do because I was so tired. My morning sickness was every day no matter what I did. I highly recommend going to your dr and getting medication if it’s not getting better.  ∼ CRR

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– Get a maternity belt early and wear it often. You may think you’re not far along enough yet to need belly support but I just got one at 23 weeks and wish I’d gotten it sooner! It helps a ton with back pain and makes it possible to go for walks.  ∼ APF

– Take nutrition seriously and make sure you plan your meals around protein. You need balanced meals and snacks. High protein low carb and watch out for sugars. Diet will help with feeling exhausted and help avoid vitamin deficiencies.  ∼ JG

– The exhaustion might not go away. I worked on my feet and walked a lot so at the end of the day I was tired but in hindsight, the walking helped. I also napped a lot, which helped. Staying fit and eating healthy should create a tolerable pregnancy.  ∼ JHM

– Make sure you get your iron checked. I lived on ginger tea and rice cakes for my nausea, and I bought a big pillow so I could sleep sitting up by the end of my pregnancy. Try to keep active and get regular exercise, it helps so much.  ∼ AD

– I was not a functional human being. It made me feel ok that I read articles saying the more a mom relaxes during pregnancy the better off the babies are. So cheers, kick your feet up. You’re making lives, that’s enough!  ∼ JT

morning sickness

– I had 24 hour sickness for many weeks and until 37 weeks. I drank a bit of peppermint tea, drank lots of water to stay hydrated, slept on my lunch breaks and took frequent naps!  ∼ RG

Preggie drops for the morning sickness, snoogle pillow for sleeping, naps when you can, gentle exercise, lots of food and water, so much water. The beginning and end are tough, the whole thing is kind of a long haul. Hopefully the middle is pleasant for you. The reward when you’re done is amazing!  ∼ GBK

– My experience was very similar. I think it’s Gods way of preparing you for the future. Get plenty of rest. Best of luck. You’re in for the ride of your life!!  ∼ DDM

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