Twiniversity’s Favorite Things: Christmas Gifts for Mom

Twiniversity’s Favorite Things: Christmas Gifts for Mom

favorite thingsRaindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens? Uh… no thanks! Us twin moms know what we want for Christmas and we aren’t afraid to shout it to the world! Whether it be the latest gadget, a new wardrobe, or just some peace and quiet, the Twiniversity M.O.M. Squad and some of our loyal fans give you the scoop on what we REALLY want for Christmas with “Twiniversity’s Favorite Things: Christmas Gifts for Mom!”

moxie shower headNatalie’s list:

And this. (Is that wrong?)

fitbitJulie’s List:

laptopDeanna’s List:

And a few things that our Twiniversity moms are just dying for!

“Cold hard cash and lots of it. These kids make you go broke!” – Jana H.

“A twins birthstone necklace.” – Brandi G.

“A day off.” – Aimee M.

“A massage and a night in a hotel, ALONE!!!!!!!!” – Denise G.

“More money in the bank account and less diapers (aka move onto big boy/girl undies)” – Sheryl P.

“A maid.” – Katie S.

“8 hrs of blissful, Ambien induced sleep! If someone wanted to make me dinner while I slept, they would get MAJOR bonus points. LOL!” – Michele M.

“Rest, rest, rest away so I can read, sleep, exercise and renew my mind and spirit. And someone to clean my nasty house every week!” – Robyn M.

“More hands.” – Soham T.

“A peaceful Christmas.” – Michelle J.

“Alex and Ani bracelets!!” – Alli P.

“A new tattoo!!” – Fern G.

“A date night with the husband.” – Jill H.

“A day off …without the guilt.” – Nancy K.

What are you hoping to find in your Christmas stocking? Or do you have a fabulous product to share that is a must-have for every mom? Let us know in the comments!