Bottle Washing Tips for Parents of Multiples

dr brown's bottles


We asked our Twiniversity members…

“What are your top tips for washing bottles?”

Use the dishwasher. It gets hot enough to sterilize and saves a lot of elbow grease. By the time my 3rd and 4th came along (twins), it was more than sufficient.” – Michele S.

“I used the Dr. Brown’s baskets made for the dishwasher and put all of my Dr. Brown’s pieces in and the bottles on the top rack. I didn’t wash anything on the bottom that had a lot of food left on it (spaghetti sauce will turn the bottles orange).” – Amanda F.

Drop in liners! Only have to sterilize/wash nipples and rings.”  – Mary A. [NOTE: Drop-in liners don’t work with all brands of bottles…]

“Use a bottle brush, hot water, and Palmolive dish soap. I use Dr. Brown’s bottles…. So lots of parts. I wash all the same parts at one time.” – Angel A.

Wash them right after they are used. No matter how tired you are. It’s always easier to wash two than to wash 10. Or forget about them and have to soak them forever.” – Jessica C.

“I’d always rinse right away and the wash on the dish washer on top rack. Sometimes I’d soak in hot soapy water (Palmolive) and rinse too. I used Palmolive because it was gentle on the nipples. The NICU advised to use that for all my breast pump supplies too.” – Julie W.

“If you can’t wash right away, at least rinse!!” – Megan I.

“I used a microwave sterilizer after washing bottles by hand with plain old dishwashing liquid. Used a small brush on the nipples when washing. Sterilized to 6 months old.” – Colleen E.

“I loved the Medela steam bags for small items for quick sterilization and the Munchkin bottle sterilizer for big loads of bottles. I loved that I just popped both in the microwave and in a matter of minutes I knew they were sterile!” – Melissa M.

“I used pink duct tape on my girl’s bottles, that way I wouldn’t mix them up with my boy’s bottles when feeding.” – Angel O.

“One word: Husband. I tell him when he learns how to breast feed then I’ll take care of the bottles. I’m a witch, I know. LOL!” – Wendy E.

What are your tips for bottle washing? Share with us in the comments below!